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The following Worldwide Video Archives of Pet Shop Boys includes footage from as early as 1986 to 2004. The source of the archives consists of footage from USA and UK.


1. “Best of Top Of The Pops with The Pet Shop Boys” 1998: Features the following Top of the Pops performances 1985 to 1997: West End Girls,It’s A Sin, You Were Always On My Mind, Heart, Dominoe Dancing, Left To My Own So Hard, Hallo Space Cowboy (with David Bowie) and Red Letter Day 28mins

2. UKTV The Terry Wogan Show Original Air Date 07/31/1989: PSB with Liza Minelli complete show, Liza sings “So Sorry I Said” & “Losing My Mind” with Neil & Chris and includes in-depth interview with all three through out the program

3. BSkyB 2014: Discovering Pet Shop Boys Music critics Camilla Pia, Will Hodgkinson and Michael Bonner examine the 30-year career of synthpop duo Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. They reflect on their hit singles, varied albums, reinventions, erudite and witty lyrics and love for highly theatrical costumes and colourful music videos.


1. The Brit Awards 1996: David Bowie w/Pet Shop Boys Hallo Spaceboy (Live)
2. The Greenwich Millennium Party from The National Maritime Museum 06/08/02: New York City Boy
3. Top of the Pops 4/1/2002: Home and Dry
4. Sunday Today Show 5/26/02: Opening Teaser, Interview with fans, Home and Dry (LIVE), Interview w/PSB and West End Girls (LIVE), closing segment w/PSB
5. Top of the Pops 8/2002: I Get Along
6. Top of the Pops 2004: MIRACLES
7. Logo Pet Shop Boys: Life in Pop (2006) Logo Pet Shop Boys: Life in Pop (2006) After twenty years in the pop business, this is a celebration of the lives, work, and achievements of the Pet Shop Boys. Following Neil’s education and upbringing in Newcastle, and Chris’s in Blackpool, the two head separately to London where they meet and begin writing, ending up with their classic “West End Girls”. Over two decades and ?? albums, they go from strength to strength, revealing their work methods and abetted by comments from musicians Robbie Williams, Jake Shears (“Scissor Sisters”), Brandon Flowers (“The Killers”), amongst others. Their musical variations are discussed including the musical “Closer to Heaven” and writing a new score to accompany Eisenstein’s “Battleship Potemkin”, performed live in London’s Trafalgar Square. (approx 45 Mins.)
TOTAL RUNNING TIME 1 Hour 45 Minutes



Pet Shop Boys It Couldn’t Happen Here 1988 DVD
(Available in either Region 1 or 2)

This film is a incredible journey across England as Pet Shop Boys Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe travel to their most unusual engagement ever. A comic, bizarre film. The scene where Barbara Windsor has a huge plate of fried eggs thrown at her by Chris Lowe is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen! The look of horror and surprise on her egg-strewn face is hilarious.

Joss Ackland (oldish cool actor with diplomatic immunity off the Lethal Weapon film) plays a fantastic part as he sits in the back of a taxi with Neil and Chris in the front and Joss is acting bizzarely, putting on a very strange voice and quoting strange poetry and ramblings, it really is full of various actors/actresses cameo appearances, so much so, it’ll keep you entertained from start to finish.

If you like the Pet Shop Boys a lot and their music, then you’ll love this film. Most of the music in it is from the 80’s which I personally feel was their best recording time as artists. There are some very moving, poignant scenes in the film and matched with the music it will have you alternating between tapping your feet, to crying with laughter to feeling sad. If you’re a very big fan of the PSB’s then you’ll treasure this film and will watch it over and over again, you will see different things each time you watch it!!


1.    1990: Chris and Neil are interviewed regarding the upcoming single So Hard and their new (at the time) third album Behaviour. Included are various clips of PSB music videos.
2.    Request Video (LOCAL Los Angeles TV Show) 10/30/1990: In-Studio In-Depth interview with Chris and Neil. Chris and Neil answer phone calls LIVE from viewers. First caller asks question regarding PSB’s appearance at Dodger Stadium. PSB makes announcement of their first PSB concert in America at the Mayan club the following week with DJ Frankie Knuckles. PSB Discusses censorship in the USA vs. Europe. Also discussion about making the music video Being Boring and the Director Bruce Weber. Next caller asks which city PSB are from and another question about the formation of Electronic. Unique and rare interview   Included are music videos for West End Girls, So Hard, Electronics’ Getting Away With It and Domino Dancing.  VERY RARE ONLY EVER AIRED LOCALLY in Los Angeles, California
3.    Arsenio 1991: PSB performs West End Girls LIVE then later Arsenio introduces PSB again to perform So Hard.
4.    Fuse TV Brit Awards 2/18/2009: The big screen zips through a montage of the Pet Shop Boy’s most outlandish costumes and videos, before Brandon Flowers and a stage full of ballet dancers join them for pumping versions of It’s A Sin and West End Girls. 21:50 Have the PSB’s still got it? Of course they have. Neil Tennant is dressed all in black with the night’s coolest dark glasses. Chris Lowe is wearing a pink Warhol wig. They’re on stage alone with a synthesizer. They deliver a montage that includes Suburbia, You Were Always on Your Mind and a Go West.
5.    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 9/8/09: The duo performed Love Etc. which is the lead single of their recently released 10th studio album, Yes. The new album has guest appearances from string arranger Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy and guitarist Johnny Marr of The Cribs and was produced by Xenomania.
6.    Ovation TV Later with Jools Holland USA Air Date 02/26/10: Pet Shop Boys a short set list consisting of Home & Dry, Being Boring, Love Is a Catastrophe and West End Girls. (Original Air Date in the UK 04/10/2002)

8. Glastonbury 2010: Neil Tennant performs West End Girls and It’s A Sin LIVE


1. BBC 4 The Most Incredible Thing Original Air Date 3rd of July 2011: This TV Special starts off with a profile about the play itself including behind the scenes along with Interviews with Chris, Neil and Javier De Frutos (Director) along with other member of the production team prior to the musical. This full-length dance piece, featuring music specially composed by electronic pop legends the Pet Shop Boys and choreographed and directed by Javier de Frutos, which premiered at Sadler’s Wells in London in early 2011. Based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale of the same name and adapted by acclaimed playwright and director Matthew Dunster, it sees modern dance set in a traditional three-act narrative and features former Royal Ballet star Ivan Putrov alongside principal dancers Clemmie Sveaas and Aaron Sillis. Featuring design, lighting and film content by an impressive creative team including Tony Award-winning designer Katrina Lindsay and BAFTA-winning film animator Tal Rosner, the programme also includes exclusive behind-the-scenes access and interviews with the Pet Shop Boys, Javier de Frutos and others involved in this ambitious production.


1. Discovering: Pet Shop Boys 03/29/14: Music critics including Camilla Pia, Will Hodgkinson and Michael Bonner turn their attention to national treasures the Pet Shop Boys, examining their most influential albums and witty and erudite lyrics.They look back at the birth of Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant’s band and synth-pop sound, in particular Tennant’s unusual transition from assistant editor on Smash Hits magazine to world-famous singer-songwriter. Reflecting on their many hits, varied albums and reincarnations, they examine the ambiguous lyrics of Love Comes Quickly, the critical acclaim of their ‘coming out’ album Very and love for highly theatrical costumes and colourful music videos. As well as exploring their musical Closer to Heaven, they take a look at the political satire in 2006 album Fundamental and their 2013 album Electric which, 30 years into their careers, saw Lowe and Tennant return to their dance roots.

2. The Graham Norton Show 03/25/16: Opening and the band perform “The Pop Kids” along with interview with Chris and Neil regarding their tour in July in the UK especially three night at The Royal Opera House.


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