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1. The Brit Awards 1996: David Bowie w/Pet Shop Boys Hallo Spaceboy (Live)

2. The Greenwich Millennium Party from The National Maritime Museum 06/08/02: New York City Boy

3. Top of the Pops 4/1/2002: Home and Dry

4. Sunday Today Show 5/26/02: Opening Teaser, Interview with fans, Home and Dry (LIVE), Interview w/PSB and West End Girls (LIVE), closing segment w/PSB

5. Top of the Pops 8/2002: I Get Along

6. Top of the Pops 2004: MIRACLES

7. Logo Pet Shop Boys: Life in Pop (2006) After twenty years in the pop business, this is a celebration of the lives, work, and achievements of the Pet Shop Boys. Following Neil’s education and upbringing in Newcastle, and Chris’s in Blackpool, the two head separately to London where they meet and begin writing, ending up with their classic “West End Girls”. Over two decades and ?? albums, they go from strength to strength, revealing their work methods and abetted by comments from musicians Robbie Williams, Jake Shears (“Scissor Sisters”), Brandon Flowers (“The Killers”), amongst others. Their musical variations are discussed including the musical “Closer to Heaven” and writing a new score to accompany Eisenstein’s “Battleship Potemkin”, performed live in London’s Trafalgar Square. (Approx 45 Mins)

TOTAL RUNNING TIME 1 Hour 45 Minutes

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