Peter Murphy and Dali’s Car The Music Video Anthology 1984-2014 (Bauhaus Love and Rockets Mick Karn)


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This is the most complete music video compilation in the world of the solo works of Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) and the rarely seen Dali’s Car’s music videos. This DVD features a FULL Multi page Menu with Chapter selections for each and every music videos featured on the DVD. This compilation has been mastered in the fastest XP speed to retain and further up grade the existing quality of the original masters. Comes complete with Start-Up Menu and individual chapter stops for the two most rare music videos of Peter Murphy in this collection numbers 10 and 11, The Sweetest Drop and You’re So Close.

Peter Murphy & Dali’s Car The Music Video Collection 1984-2014 


Should The World Fail To Fall Apart 1985

1. “Final Solution” (7” Version) 

Love Hysteria 1988

2. “All Night Long”

Deep 1990

3. “Cuts You Up”

4. “Strange Kind Of Love” 


Holy Smoke 1992

5. “The Sweetest Drop”

6. “You’re So Close”

7. “Hit Song”

Cascade 1995

8. “The Scarlet Thing In You”

Ninth 2011

9. “I Spit Roses” 

10. “Seesaw Sway”

11. “Velocity Bird”

Lion 2014

12. “Hang Up”

13. “I Am My Own Name”


Should The World Fail To Fall Apart 1985 Alternate Version

14. “Final Solution” (12” Extended Version) (Should The World Fail To Fall Apart 1985)

Dali’s Car 1984

15. “The Judgement Is The Mirror”

16. “His Box” (Performance)

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