Peter Murphy The Video Archives 1984-1988 Volume I


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1. The Tube 23 November 1984: Peter Murphy and Mick Karn talk to Muriel Grey about Dali’s Car
2. Maxell Audio Cassette Commercial, 1984
3. Maxell Video Tape Commercial, 1984
4. N i g h t F l i g h t 1986: Interview RARE
5. MuchMusic Toronto, 1987: Interview on the release of Should The World Fail to Fall Apart
6. LIVE at Mana Mana Discoteca, Alicante Spain 1988: I’ve Got A Miniature Secret Camera, Blind Sublime, Kick In The Eye, last song Socrates the Python is incomplete
7. Japanese television interview, 1988
8. Canada TV MuchMusic “New Music Show” Toronto, 1988: Interview, featuring live clips and music videos

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