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Please note each individual “Peter Murphy Video Archives” (if bought separately) range from $10.00 to $14.00 each totaling of $98.00 before shipping. Take advantage of this 8 DVD Set offer and own the entire Video Archive Collection!!

The following Worldwide Video Archives of Peter Murphy includes footage from as early as 1984 all the way to a live concert in 2013. The source of the archives consists of footage from all over the world including but not limited to: USA, Canada, UK, Italy and Japan. THIS SET  REGION FREE playable on ALL DVD PLAYERS WORLDWIDE

Take a trip through the work, progression, diversity and growth of a true genius in his solo years as you witness the “Video Archives” from 1984 to 2013. Nearly all of the Interviews, live performances and documentaries are in the order that they were originally released. Included are rare television appearances from around the world. Incredibly nearly EIGHT HOURS on EIGHT separate DVD’s spanning just under THIRTY years of this legendary artist. Each “Volume” comes complete with artwork, full page menus and chapter selections for each and every “segment”.

The most complete Video Archives on Peter Murphy anywhere in the world as one DVD Set. Even if you own ALL prior DVD collections you still would not have ALL the worldwide segments contained in this one of a kind unique collection.

Peter Murphy The Video Archives 1984-1988 Volume I

1. The Tube 23 November 1984: Peter Murphy and Mick Karn talk to Muriel Grey about Dali’s Car
2. Maxell Audio Cassette Commercial, 1984
3. Maxell Video Tape Commercial, 1984
4. N i g h t F l i g h t 1986: Interview RARE
5. MuchMusic Toronto, 1987: Interview on the release of Should The World Fail to Fall Apart
6. LIVE at Mana Mana Discoteca, Alicante Spain 1988: I’ve Got A Miniature Secret Camera, Blind Sublime, Kick In The Eye, last song Socrates the Python is incomplete
7. Japanese television interview, 1988
8. Canada TV MuchMusic “New Music Show” Toronto, 1988: Interview, featuring live clips and music videos

Peter Murphy The Video Archives 1989-1992 Volume II

9. RockTV Japan Interview 1989
10. 120 Minutes Profile 1990: In-depth look at the new LP DEEP
11. 120 Minutes Cohost 1990: Peter Murphy co-hosts the show with Matt Pinfield
12. 120 Minutes Interview 1992: In-depth interview regarding the new release “Holy Smoke”
13. Request Video April 24 1992: Here is an episode of KDOC’s Request Video, with today’s featured guest and performer Peter Murphy. The show would provide a mix of videos and live performances with the guest and would air on the defunct KDOC, Channel 56 in Southern California from 1988 to 1992 during the late afternoon every weekday. A 1989 Los Angeles times article described this program as the “Not-Ready-for-MTV” hour, and the original host was James Trenton, better known as “Poor Man”. If anybody knows who’s hosting this as I don’t have the intro, please leave her name in the comments.  Holy Smoke (Live), Devil’s Teeth, Peter Murphy is interviewed, Keep Me From Harm (live), Low Room (live), Peter Murphy introduces the band, The Sweetest Drop (live) and closing with Peter Murphy’s Cuts You Up
14. Dennis Miller Show 1992: “Sweetest Drop,” and “Cuts You Up”

Peter Murphy The Video Archives 1992-1995 Volume III

15. Cameo Theater Miami June 22, 1992: single camera I’ve Got a Secret,
The Sweetest Drop, Let Me Love You, Our Secret Garden, Final Solution,
Time Has Got Nothing to Do With It, Cuts You Up, Dragnet Drag, Hit Song and My Last Two Weeks
16. Jon Stewart Show March 26, 1995, “The Scarlet Thing In You”

Peter Murphy The Video Archives 1995 Volume IV

17. Cameo Theater Miami, July 25, 1995: single camera Wild Birds Flock to Me, The Scarlet Thing in You, Mirror to My Woman’s Mind, Subway,
Disappearing, Deep Ocean Vast Sea, I’ll Fall With Your Knife, Mercy Rain,
The Line Between the Devil’s Teeth (And That Which Cannot Be Repeat),
Crystal Wrists, The Sweetest Drop, Hit Song, Cuts You Up, Low Room,
A Strange Kind of Love, Gliding Like a Whale, Wish

Peter Murphy The Video Archives 1998-2006 Volume V

18. MTV2 1998 “Keep Me From Harm,” Live Performance
19. Canada TV Narduar Vs. Peter Murphy 1999: interview
20. Local access broadcast, live in Chicago, March 14, 2000: “Final Solution” and backstage footage
21. Local access broadcast, live in San Diego, April 5, 2000: “Disappearance”
22. Local access broadcast, live in San Diego, April 5, 2000: “Cuts You Up”
23. Local access broadcast, live in Seattle, May 14, 2000: “Marlene Dietrich’s Favorite Poem”
24. MTV2 Subterranean 2006: Interview with Peter Murphy and Gerard Way on “A Life Less Lived: the Gothic Box” release

Peter Murphy The Video Archives 2009-2011 Volume VI

25. Italian TV Sound & Vision Oct 4, 2009: Interview
26. Peter Murphy discusses the design of “Ninth” 2011
27. Record label interview on “Ninth” 2011
28. Behind-the-Scenes for the music video, “I Spit Roses” 2011
29. Behind-the-Scenes for the music video “Seesaw Sway” 2011
30. Amoeba Records event June 16 2011, “The Prince &and Old Lady Shade”
31. Live at Amoeba Records June 16 2011, full set: Velocity Bird,     Seesaw Sway, I Spit Roses, Gaslit, Subway, Memory Go, A Strange Kind of Love, Uneven & Brittle, The Prince & Old Lady Shade,
32. “What’s In My Bag?” 2011: Peter Murphy discusses his favorite albums at Amoeba Records

Peter Murphy The Video Archives 2011-2016 Volume VII

33. FlyTV in the Courtyard, 2011, “The Prince & Old Lady Shade” Acoustic
34. Live on FM 94.9 FTP June 15 2011: “Seesaw Sway” Acoustic,
35. Live on FM 94.9 FTP June 15, 2011 “I’ll Fall With Your Knife” Acoustic36. Live on FM 94.9 FTP June 15, 2011: “Gaslit” Acoustic
37. Live on FM 94.9 FTP June 15, 2011: “The Prince & Old Lady Shade” Acoustic
38. Live on FM WFUV July 2011: “I’ll Fall With Your Knife,” and “A Strange Kind of Love” Acoustic
39. Rolling Stone On-Line April 2012: Interview
40. Live at Club Nokia, Sept 14, 2012 “Indigo Eyes,” with son, Adem Murphy
41. Inner Edge April 2016: Interview regarding new LP “Stripped”

Peter Murphy The Video Archives 2013 Volume VIII

42. Mr. Moonlight Tour, 2013: King Volcano, Kingdom’s Coming, Double Dare, In the Flat Fields, God in an Alcove, Boys,  Silent Hedges, Endless Summer of the Damned, Spy in the Cab, A Strange Kind of Love, Bela Lugosi’s Dead, The Passion of Lovers, Stigmata Martyr, Dark Entries,  Severance, Hollow Hills, Spirit, Telegram Sam, Ziggy Stardust

8 DVD Set – Total Running Time Approximately 7.5 Hours Long

PLEASE READ: Please note this archival footage is considered pre-DVD quality. This is especially pertaining (but not completely) to the years covered from 1984-1995. Pre DVD quality is considered watchable visual footage, some footage being monaural (Mono) sound that has been given a basic up conversion to Dolby 2.0 stereo sound. As the collection progresses in time so does the quality both visually as well as stereo sound that gets an upgrade to Dolby 2.0 stereo sound after this period.

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