PLACEBO and Brian Molko (solo) Visual Retrospective Music Video Promotional Reel 1996-2016 4 DVD Set Music Video Anthology


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In-Store Retrospective Promotional Music Video Reel from PLACEBO that includes ALL of the solo efforts and collaborations of lead sing Brian Molko in the DVD format. This 4 DVD Set is a complete collection of all of the versions of music videos available that are tied in to the record companies at Universal, EMI and Virgin along with Astralwerks, Paias and Vagrant Records. The ONLY collection currently available in the DVD Format with this, the widest selection music videos ever available on UK alternative band PLACEBO. Your item will be delivered in frost case as shown in the photos. Visual Marketing/Promotional DVD Reel of music videos are sourced from various masters, so quality varies but only occasionally. Please note: this Reel was originally created for promotion, demonstration and/or marketing purposes, thus it is not considered broadcast HD quality. The auction includes the LARGEST COLLECTION AVAILABLE IN THE WORLD totaling just under SEVEN HOURS containing SIXTY SEVEN music videos on a 4 DVD Set. Comes complete with all music videos in the exact chronological order that are combined with the solo efforts of Brian Molko. The 4 DVD Set features multi page menus and chapter selections for each and every music video. The collection uniquely features ALL of Brian Molko’s music videos from his solo endeavors/collaborations. Includes all the music videos from PLACEBO’s 2014 LP “Loud Like Love” and the LATEST music video from 2016 “Jesus’ Son.

PLACEBO & Brian Molko (solo) Visual Retrospective Promotional Reel 1996-2016 4 DVD Set


Placebo Visual Retrospective Promos  1996-2003 Reel 1 of 4

1. Come Home
2. 36 Degrees
3. Teenage Angst
4. Nancy Boy
5. Bruise Pristine
6. Nancy Boy (Tour Screen Visual Version 2)
7. Pure Morning
8. You Don’t Care About Us
9. 20th Century Boy (Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack)
10. Every You Every Me (Original Conceptual Version – UNAIRED until 2016)
11. Without You I’m Nothing Feat. David Bowie
12. Every You Every Me (Alternate Live Version)
13. Every You Every Me (Cruel Intentions Soundtrack)
14. Dream City Film Club Feat. Brian Molko: Billy Chic
15. Taste In Men
16. Slave to the Wage
17. Special K
18. Black-Eyed
19. Peeping Tom (Tour Screen Visual Version)
20. Alpinestars Feat. Brian Molko: Carbon Kid
21. The Bitter End
22. This Picture
23. Special Needs
24. Trash Palace Feat. Brian Molko: The Metric System

Placebo Visual Retrospective Promos 2004-2012 Reel 2 of 4

25. English Summer Rain (Original Conceptual Version)
26. Protége Moi (Original Banned Version)
27. This Picture (Alternate Censored Version)
28. English Summer Rain (Alternate Live Version)
29. Protége Moi (Alternate Live Version)
30. Twenty Years
31. Timo Maas Feat. Brian Molko: First Day
32. Because I Want You
33. Song To Say Goodbye
34. Infra-Red
35. Meds
36. Running Up That Hill
37. For What It’s Worth
38. The Never-Ending Why
39. Ashtray Heart
40. Bright Lights
41. Trigger Happy Hands (Original Conceptual Short Film Version 1)
42. Trigger Happy Hands (Alternate Conceptual Version 2)
43. Losers Feat. Brian Molko: Summertime Rolls
44. B3 (Original Conceptual Version)
45. B3 (Short Teaser Version)
46. The Separate Feat. Brian Molko: West End Girls

Placebo Visual Retrospective Promos 2014-2014 Reel 3 of 4

47. Timo Maas Feat. Brian Molko: College ‘84
48. Loud Like Love
49. Scene of the Crime
50. Too Many Friends
51. Hold On To Me
52. Rob the Band
53. A Million Little Pieces
54. Exit Wounds
55. Purify
56. Begin The End (Alternate Director’s Cut Version)
57. Bosco
58. Loud Like Love (Lyrics Version)
59. Scene of the Crime (Alternate Director’s Cut Version)
60. Too Many Friends (Lyrics Version)

Placebo Visual Retrospective Promos 2014-2016 Reel 4 of 4

61. Hold On To Me (Alternate Director’s Cut Version)
62. Rob the Bank (Alternate Director’s Cut Version)
63. A Million Little Pieces (Alternate Director’s Cut Version)
64. Exit Wounds (Alternate Director’s Cut Version)
65. Purify (Alternate Director’s Cut Version)
66. Bosco (Alternate Director’s Cut Version)
67. Jesus’ Son
68. Bonus Interview: Care in Community 2004

This is a natural addition for any avid collector or devotee of PLACEBO spanning the years 1996 to 2016. Enjoy two decades of Placebo and watch in chronological order the progression and growth of one of the best bands to com out of the 1990’s. You will NOT see this particular type of collectable offered elsewhere on Ebay. The most complete collection you will find of PLACEBO’s music video discography totaling SIXTY SEVEN music videos in all spanning FOUR DVDs. Please check our other auctions for other Promotional DVD Reels and Singles

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