PREFAB SPROUT The Music Video Anthology Blu-ray DVD


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All music videos are official and are COMPLETE and UNINTERRUPTED. This Blu-ray features ALL music videos in chronological order to better understand the growth of Prefab Sprout as a band through the 80s. In this Blu-ray collection you’ll find a multi page menu along with chapters selections for EACH AND EVERY MUSIC VIDEO so you can get to your favorite video right away.

This Collection totals just under TWENTY music videos in all totaling under TWO HOURS of music videos! Easily the most complete music video collection from start to finish available! Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not have anywhere near ALL the music videos available in this unique offer.

Track List:

1. Don’t Sing
2. When Love Breaks Down
3. Appetite
4. Johnny Johnny
5. Cars And Girls
6. The King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll
7. Hey Manhattan!
8. The Golden Calf
9. Looking For Atlantis
10. We Let The Stars Go
11. The Sound Of Crying
12. If You Don’t Love Me
13. All The World Loves Lovers
14. I Remember That
15. A Prisoner Of The Past
16. Electric Guitars
17. Carnival 2000
18. The Best Jewel Thief In The World

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