Prince Live on Arsenio Hall Show Appearances and “Prince of Paisley Park” (1992 Documentary RARE)


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Prince’s appearances as musical guest on the Arsenio Hall Show in Los Angeles, CA, originally broadcast in 1991 and 1993, respectively. Running Time is 38 Minutes

The Arsenio Hall Show: 4th of September 1991
1. Diamonds And Pearls (Intro)
2. Let’s Go Crazy
3. Kiss
4. Cream
5. Purple Rain
6. Daddy Pop
7. Call The Law (Outro)

The Arsenio Hall Show: 23rd of February 1993
8. My Name Is Prince
9. The Morning Papers
10. Blue Light
11. The Max

Victor & Valor 19th of July 1991

12. Diamonds And Pearls
13. Let’s Go Crazy (Intro)
14. Baby, I’m A Star
15. Push
16. Peter Gun Theme

The MTV Video Music Awards 5th of September 1991:
17.Prince & The Power Generation: “Get Off”

18. The Prince of Paisley Park (Documentary) 13th of September 1992: Before he became a symbol, a Jehovah’s witness and one of the world’s last anti-download crusaders – the purple genius was briefly the biggest artist in the world. Prince Of Paisley Park, a rarely seen Omnibus documentary of his early career, focuses on the creation of his record label. This was the first time the notoriously secretive singer let cameras into his studio and contains rare and cherished footage behind the scenes, including film of the concert where he first recorded “Purple Rain”. Talking heads include Paisley artists Sheila E and Mavis Staples and a host of music journalists providing an insight into one of the 20th century’s most intriguing rock figures – although as anyone who has heard 20Ten will testify, the claim that Prince could “write a hit in 20 minutes “does date it slightly/The BBC Omnibus documentary Prince Rogers Nelson known in the USA as The Prince Of Paisley Park. It was an hour long documentary (edited down without commercials to 45 minutes) with early concert footage, rehearsal footage, interviews with various purple people (not Prince) shots of Paisley Park etc etc. One of the highlights is footage from a Lovesexy after show in London.

This US version had slightly different footage and interviews from the UK counterpart but essentially the same. This documentary covers the history right up unto “Diamonds and Pearls”.

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