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1. REELZ Autopsy: The Last Hours of Prince 05/20/17: This episode takes viewers inside the
life and final days and hours of the pop superstar. Prince has sold more than 100 million records over a 30 year career and lived a fit, health-conscious lifestyle, one in which he was vehemently anti-drugs. But on April 21st, 2016 Prince’s death from a drug overdose sent shockwaves around the world. Series host and renowned forensic pathologist, Dr. Michael Hunter, will analyze Prince’s medical history and final days to uncover the possible reasons for his untimely death at only 57 years of age. He said that despite there being no medical records showing it, “a member of Prince’s own family claimed that he was a heavy cocaine user”. He added: “Why would Prince, who was so health conscious, so against smoking, drinking and using drugs, die suddenly at only 57 years of age?” Interviews include Prince biographer Mick Wall, former girlfriend Anna Fantastic, musician and friend JD Steele and Paisley Park DJ Michael Holtz. Autopsy looks at the lead-up to his death and the things that may have affected it or helped cause it. They also delve into why someone who was thought to be incredibly health-conscious — and was publicly against things like smoking and drinking — would end up dying the way he did. The show promises to reveal the “shocking truth” about why he died. Did he push himself too much? Was he suffering from addiction? The documentary features recreations of the artist before his death as well as interviews with people familiar with his case.

2. REELZ Prince The Price of Fame 02/25/18: The road to stardom is often paved with amazing and devastating public and private events. In hour-long episodes of The Price of Fame see the heartfelt stories of Shania Twain, Johnny Depp, Carrie Fisher, Patrick Swayze, Prince and Robin Williams. Whether it’s turbulent family drama, harrowing substance abuse, outlandish spending habits or a combination of those and more, these celebrities all paid a hefty price for their fame. Giving viewers an intimate perspective on each story are personal accounts from the celebrity’s family members and friends in addition to entertainment journalists who covered the rise, fall and sometimes rise again of the stars. ALL COMMERCIALS EDITED OUT

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