Prince The Video Archives 2016 Memorial Reel Volume VI (CNN Breaking News Feeds and more)


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1. CNN News, Friday April 22, 2016: coverage of Prince’s death, reporter Brooke Baldwin on his final performance April 14, 2016 in Atlanta with exclusive footage of “Purple Rain,” composer Brent Fischer on his collaboration with Prince and the 2004 Grammys, star tributes and reflections, including statements from La Toya Jackson, Stevie Wonder, actor Gregory Haney on Prince’s interactions with the cast of Broadway show Hamilton and cast dance tribute, Jennifer Hudson and the Broadway cast of the Color Purple perform “Purple Rain,” and Boyz II Men member Nathan Morris thanking Prince for his support and influence. Also includes “7 Songs You Didn’t Know Prince Wrote”

2 .The Lead with Jake Tapper, Friday April 22, 2016: Original breaking news broadcast of News Conference with Sheriff Jim Olson of Carver County, Midwest Medical Examiner Spokesperson Martha Weaver, and Mayor Denny Laufenberger of Chadhassen MN, detailing the ongoing investigation into Prince’s death, including specific protocols, responses, and personal anecdotes of Prince’s community involvement. Includes touching thoughts from Martha Weaver on the importance of Prince to a generation and community. Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta discusses medical history, Cedric the Entertainer and Chuck D of Public Enemy share personal interactions, and footage of international tributes including national and international monuments, and tribute parties.

3. Investigation Room Friday April 22, 2016: Reporter Kyung Lah recaps highlights of the news conference, reporter Tom Foreman discusses top questions of the ongoing investigation, medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta comments on autopsy and medical history, and variance from typical investigation protocol. Entertainment correspondent Nischelle Turner shares thoughts from Prince’s former fiancée Sheila E, former Paisley Park Executive VP Kerry Gordy talks about the compound, unfinished material, and speculation on the legendary Vault. Anchor Don Lemon announces AMC’s tribute theatrical re-release of Purple Rain. Includes international concert footage and clips from Prince’s 2010 appearance on Arsenio Hall.

4. Today Show 04/28/16: Reporting profile of Prince’s passing along with new discoveries about the day he passed “Prince and Prescription Pain Killers”

5. Today Show 05/02/16: Report “Prince Estate Battle Heads to Court” visuals of Prince’s family included in this segment that focuses on the beginning of what is to be a long court battle of Prince’s estate as he reportedly had no last will and testament

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