Prince The Video Archives 2019-2022 Memorial Reel Volume XII


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  1. PRINCE: Kiss The Rain Air Date 04/23/19: Few artists are as prolific as Prince. The king of self-transformation, Prince made his mark on an entire generation. He redefined popular music and reshaped the music industry. But the enigma of Prince held many untold secrets- join us on this in-depth look at his incredible career and get closer to the artist with dramatic reenactments of his life and shocking final moments. Also included in this documentary our scenes from various life performances throughout the duration of his career along with clips from various interviews from various TV shows throughout the years as well. Starring: Roger Buehler (voice over), Prince, Dr. Peter Hughes, Sid Griffin, Dr. Jennifer Otter Bickerdike, Ashley Pearson, Paul Gambaccini Length: 54 min

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