Pulp Music Video Anthology & Live (2 Hours)

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All the music videos are in the order that they were originally released including rare music videos from PULP All music videos are complete and uninterrupted. All music videos are the original conceptual versions and are live only where indicated in the description. This DVD  includes an amazing TWENTY music videos in all along with live performances. TOTALING TWO HOURS LONG!!!


1. Babies (Spoken Word Version Short Film)
2. Titles
3. Babies (Original Version and mix)
4. Razzmatazz
5. Lipgloss
6. Do You Remember The First Time (Promo)
7. Babies (New Version and Mix)
8. Common People
9. Mis-Shapes
10. Sorted For E’s & Wizz
11. Do You Remember The First Time (30 Minute Feature Film)
12. Disco 2000 RARE
13. Something Changed March 1996 MEGARARE
14. Help The Aged October 1997 MEGARARE
15. This Is Hardcore February 23, 1998 (with Dialogue introduction) MEGARARE
16. Like A Friend MEGARARE February 1998
17. A Little Soul MEGARARE May 1998
18. Party Hard August 12, 1998 MEGARARE
19. Bad Cover Version 1/29/2002 RARE
20. The Trees 2002


21. Joyriders Live
22. 59 Lyndhurst Grove (Live)
23. UKTV The Brit Awards 1996 4/96: Sorted For E’s & Wizz (LIVE)
24. UKTV “T” In The Park TV Series 1998: Edinburgh Festival “Party Hard” (LIVE)
25. BBC America Top of The Pops 4/27/02: Bad Cover Version (LIVE)

TOTAL RUNNING TIME is TWO HOURS with basic start up menu options for each section of the DVD. Simply an absolute MUST HAVE for ANY PULP / Jarvis Devotee.


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