R.E.M. The Music Video Anthology 1981 to 2021 4 DVD Set (OVER 100 Videos) REM Michael Stipe


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This is a RARE Retrospective Music Video Collection for Visual Promotion from R.E.M. in the DVD format. This 4 DVD Set is a complete collection of all of the versions of music videos available that are tied in to the record companies at I.R.S, Warner and Capital Records. This listing includes the LARGEST COLLECTION in the world of R.E.M. totaling ONE HUNDRED and FIVE music videos with most featured in very good quality and contains OVER SEVEN HOURS of Music Videos on a 4 DVD Set. The ONLY collection currently available in the DVD format with this, the widest selection music videos ever available on one of the best rock bands to come out in the last 40 years R.E.M. Promotional/Visual Marketing DVD Reels of music videos are sourced from various masters, so quality varies. Please note: this Reel compilation was originally created for demonstration, promotion and/or marketing purposes, thus it is not considered broadcast quality.

All music videos are COMPLETE, UNINTERRUPTED and offered here in chronological order the way they were originally released to better witness the natural progression and evolution of this legendary rock band. Duration is OVER SEVEN SOLID HOURS consisting of ONE HUNDRED and FIVE Music Videos including rare alternate versions, acoustic versions and even the latest lyric versions on Volume IV. In this 4 DVD Set you’ll find beautiful multi page menus that include thumbnail pictures and chapters stops for EACH AND EVERY MUSIC VIDEO so you can get to your favorite videos right away. Easily the most complete music video collection of R.E.M. Even if you own ALL prior music video collections of R.E.M. you still would not have anywhere near ALL the music videos available in this one-of-a-kind unique collection offered here. The most complete music video collection from start to finish in the world of R.E.M. totaling SEVEN HOURS LONG on a 4 DVD Set! Take a journey from the early days of Athens Georgia all the way to the most  recent release in 2021. There’s just nothing else like it.

R.E.M. The Music Video Anthology 1981 to 2021 4 DVD Set TRACK LISTING:

R.E.M. Music Video Anthology 1981-1991 Volume I

1. Wolves, Lower

2. Radio Free Europe (Original Conceptual Long Version 1)

3. Talk About The Passion

4. Radio Free Europe (Re-Edited Short Version 2)

5. Pretty Persuasion (acquired from “Left of Reckoning” film)

6. So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)

7. Old Man Kensey (Excerpt)

8. (Don’t Go Back To) Rockville (Acoustic Version)

9. Time After Time (AnnElise) (Acoustic Version)

10. Driver 8 (Acoustic Version 2)

11. Wendell Gee (Acoustic Version)

12. Left of Reckoning. March 1984: Eager to explore the music video medium, Stipe secured funding for a short film that would accompany music from the first half of Reckoning. Stipe’s concept was to film the project at folk artist R.A. Miller’s Whirlgig Farm, and he recruited Athens filmmaker James Herbert to direct it.

In March 1984 R.E.M. filmed Left of Reckoning at the Whirlgig Farm in Rabbittown, Georgia. The short film draws its title from the fact that it is soundtracked by five songs that appear on the “L” side of the vinyl version of Reckoning: “Harborcoat”, “7 Chinese Bros.”, “So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)”, “Pretty Persuasion”, “Time After Time (AnnElise)”, in addition to “Second Guessing” from the R side.

In contrast to standard music video imagery, the film consists primarily of footage of the band members wandering around the farm, while Herbert utilizes close-ups, silhouettes, and slow-motion footage. While MTV did not air the complete film, the channel’s program The Cutting Edge (funded by I.R.S.) aired the “Time After Time (AnnElise)” segment, and the snippet featuring “Pretty Persuasion” was aired by other music programs. Featuring the songs

1) Harborcoat

2) 7 Chinese Bros.

3) So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)

4) Pretty Persuasion

5) Time After Time (AnnElise)

6) Second Guessing

13. Can’t Get There From Here

14. Driver 8 (Conceptual Version 1)

15. Feeling Gravity’s Pull

16. Life And How To Live It

17. Fall On Me

18. Swan Swan H (Conceptual Acoustic Version)

19. Dream (All I Have To Do) (Everly Brothers Cover) (Conceptual Acoustic Version)

20. The One I Love

21. It’s The End Of The World As we Know It (And I Feel Fine) (Original Conceptual Version 1)

22. Finest Worksong

23. Orange Crush

24. Stand

25. Turn You Inside Out

26. Pop Song ’89 (Original Uncensored Version 1)

27. Get Up

28. Pop Song ’89 (Censored Version 2)

29. Losing My Religion (Original Conceptual Version 1)

30. Shiny Happy People

31. Near Wild Heaven

32. Radio Song (Featuring KRS-One)


R.E.M. Music Video Anthology 1991-1999 Volume II

33. Half A World Away

34. Country Feedback

35. Belong (Conceptual Live Version)

36. Low

37. Love Is All Around (The Troggs Cover-Acoustic Version)

38. Losing My Religion (Acoustic Version 2)

39. Drive (Original Conceptual Version 1)

40. Man On The Moon

41. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite

42. Everybody Hurts

43. Nightswimming (with “Short Film” opening and Original Uncensored Version 1)

44. Find The River

45. Drive (Rock The Vote Short Version 2)

46. Nightswimming (w/o “Short Film” and Censored “British Version” 2)

47. What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?

48. Bang And Blame

49. Strange Currencies

50. Crush With Eyeliner

51. Tongue

52. Star 69

53. E-Bow The Letter Feat. Patti Smith

54. Bittersweet Me

55. Electrolite

56. How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us

57. New Test Leper

58. Daysleeper

59. Lotus

60. At My Most Beautiful

61. Suspicion

62. The Great Beyond (with scenes from the film “Man on the Moon” Original Version 1)


R.E.M. Music Video Anthology 1999-2020 Volume III

63. The Great Beyond (with archive footage of Andy Kaufman Re-edited Version 2)

64. Imitation of Life

65. All The Way To Reno (You’re Gonna Be a Star)

66. I’ll Take The Rain

67. Bad Day

68. Animal

69. Leaving New York

70. Aftermath

71. Electron Blue

72. Supernatural Superserious

73. Hollow Man

74. Man Sized Wreath

75. Until The Day Is Done

76. It Happened Today

77. Mine Smell Like Honey

78. ÜBerlin

79. Oh My Heart

80. Discoverer

81. We All Go Back Where We Belong (Conceptual “Kirsten” Version 1)

82. Alligator_Aviator_Autopilot_Antimatter

83. Walk It Back

84. All The Best

85. Every Day Is Yours To Win

86. Blue

87. We All Go Back Where We Belong (Conceptual “John” Version 2)

88. It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) (Coda Campaign Version 2)


R.E.M. Music Video Anthology Supplementary Reel 2007-2017 Volume  IV

89. Take Away Show #89: September 2007: Doing a ‘Take Away Show’ could be a way for REM to rejuvenate its image. Certainly, there is that, to leave the big arenas, ultra-sophisticated recording studios to start playing in the street, it is in fashion you could say. These are also the doubts that assail when you press REC for the first time – what if that does not work? what if the group were only ridiculous, too worn out, too used to playing their songs so perfectly in front of cameras that we stared at? The vast majority of musicians filmed in the Take Away Show project are young groups who are just starting out, often lending themselves with pleasure and curiosity to playing the acoustic set – a welcome promotion for the most part. So, from a group so old, so familiar with classical media …

Of the 7 songs played that evening, in the space of two hours, it will really be necessary to wait for the third song, ‘Living Well’ piled up in the car so that finally the doubts disappear – in a burst of laughter precisely, that de Stipe who finds sincere pleasure in playing to lend himself to the exercise. After that moment, everything seems to float, a little unreal elements like this ‘Born to be Wild’ chained after ‘Living Well’ but that no one will be able to see here – unfortunately, the big record companies. A night in Athens, which turns (almost) into a trip with friends.

‘On the Fly’ is not on the Accelerate album, a beautiful song heard live but which did not find a place in the end, and which could therefore exist for a long time in this only acoustic version, played in the one of the scattered little houses in the garden of Stipe. The songs that night are only played once, everything goes perfectly without any errors or even the need to repeat – and breaks this strange feeling that takes the witness of a concert with thousands of spectators and the confusing scenography (see the recent live DVD released by REM), which almost equates musicians with puppets pretending to play. Rediscovering this intimate relationship with REM probably stems from the fascination with these few images shot that night of September 21.

The hour is now very late, but Michael insists that one last song, ‘Sing for the Submarine’, be shot in the strange silo next to the swimming pool…

Small smirk, Mr Stipe, glass in hand, leans over and whispered, “I think we did something pretty unique together”.

90. Everybody Hurts: Helping Haiti cover featuring (in order of appearance) Leona Lewis, Rod Stewart, Mariah Carey, Cheryl Cole, Mika, Michael Bublé, Joe McElderry, Miley Cyrus, James Blunt, Gary Barlow (of Take That), Mark Owen (of Take That), Jon Bon Jovi, James Morrison, Alexandra Burke, Jason Orange (of Take That), Susan Boyle, JLS, Mark Feehily (of Westlife), Shane Filan (of Westlife), Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams, Kian Egan (of Westlife), Nicky Byrne (of Westlife). Features the songs:

1) Until The Day Is Done

2) Living Well Is The Best Revenge

3) On The Fly

4) Houston

5) Sing For The Submarine

The following bonus section contains lyric videos from 2008 to 2017. They were released in a random order. They are presented here in the same order that the singles were originally released.

91. Welcome To The Occupation (Lyric Version)

92. Drive (Lyric Version)

93. Man On The Moon (Lyric Version)

94. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite (Lyric Version)

95. Everybody Hurts (Lyric Version)

96. Nightswimming (Lyric Version)

97. Find The River (Lyric Version)

98. Ignoreland (Lyric Version)

99. Let Me In (Remix) (Lyric Version)

100. Supernatural Superserious (Lyric Version)

101. It Happened Today (Lyric Version)

102. Mine Smell Like Honey (Lyric Version)

103. ÜBerlin (Lyric Version)

104. Oh My Heart (Lyric Version)

105. Discoverer (Lyric Version)

This is the most complete music video collection of R.E.M. anywhere worldwide!!! An incredible ONE HUNDRED and FIVE music videos in all TOTALING SEVEN HOURS ON FOUR SEPARATE DVD’s that span over FORTY years of the music of R.E.M. The most complete music video collection from start to finish anywhere ever! This is a natural addition for any avid collector or devotee of the band. You will NOT see this particular type of collectable likely to be offered elsewhere on web.  Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not have anywhere near ALL the music videos available in this unique collection.

Another one of a kind exclusive offer from your staff here at MVR

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