R.E.M. The Video Archives 2015-2017 Volume I REM Michael Stipe


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1. Rock Legends Season 3 Episode 9 03/16/15: this in the profile/documentary short follows the van from Medary beginnings two it’s worldwide fame through comments from various professionals within the music industry in addition to clips both the light performances as well as music videos including their music videos for “Losing My Religion” and “Out of Time.”

2. The Big Interview with Dan Rather air date 11/28/17: Dan sits down with R.E.M.’s, Michael Stipe and Mike Mills. They discuss their lives, careers, and the song “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” This Interview reunites two founding members of R.E.M. — singer Michael Stipe and bassist Mike Mills. The two musicians discuss the mark being in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band has made on their lives and chat about the musical bond they developed.
Amongst other subjects Stipe talks about how, as R.E.M.’s frontman, he was able to channel both his shyness and his ego into creating music that had an impact on the group’s fans.

“There’s a self-doubt and insecurity that I carry that I think is really important to the work that I’ve done as an artist…because it keeps the ego kind of tamped down,” Michael explains. “That profound egomaniacal urge to get up and perform and have to make…millions of people happy, to provide them with something that moves them or that gets their attention, is balanced by this profound insecurity. And I think you’ll find that insecurity in most artists.”

Mills, meanwhile, points out that coming into R.E.M. as a trained musician, he was able to help Stipe and guitarist Peter Buck — neither of whom had much music training prior to joining the group — implement their creative ideas. “Peter…learned [by] playing off records, but he hadn’t learned that many at that point, so I had some ideas that maybe showed him certain pathways to get where he wanted to go,” Mike reveals, while adding, “I think we all helped each other, though.”

Also in the show, Stipe discusses how the early punk scene helped inspire him as a teenager while he developed his passion for music and came to terms with his sexuality.

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