Richard Marx Music Video Anthology and LIVE 1989-2012 (1 Hr. 30 Mins.)


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All music videos are official and UNINTERRUPTED and nearly all the music videos are in the order that they were originally released. Also included are complete multi page menus with thumbnails and chapter stops for each individual music video or live segment. An incredible TWELVE MUSIC VIDEOS, TWO Live performances and interview totaling WELL OVER ONE HOUR and a half hours long!!!

1. It Don’t Mean Nothing
2. Angelia
3. Hold On To The Night (RARE)
4. Right Here Waiting
5. Satisfied
6. Should’ve Known Better
7. Endless Summer Nights
8. Children Of The Night RARE
9. Hazard (Chapter One) RARE
10. Take This Heart (Short Version 2) RARE
11. Ready To Fly RARE
12. Now & Forever


13. The Hollywood Christmas Parade 112/16/2011: Opening, Richard Marx is featured in the “Christmas Concert” performs LIVE the following songs: “Christmas Spirit” and “O Holy Night” from his November 2011 release “The Christmas EP”

14. New York Live TV 06/19/12: Richard is interviewed regarding his new CD DVD Set “Richard Marx: A Night Out With Friends” a greatest hits collection LIVE CD and Live DVD. This is a light hearted and funny interview with Marx as he fields questions from the two hosts of the program.

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