Rick Springfield The Video Archives 1998-2016 Volume IV


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1. Behind The Music (Season 2 Episode 11)
Aired  29th of November 1998 Rick Springfield:
As a teen, Springfield toured Vietnam as part of the Australian band Rock House.  He had his first taste of success with the teen band Zoot.  His early solo albums flopped.  He was confused with Bruce Springsteen.  He starred in a Saturday morning cartoon show for two years.  (Unmentioned in the show are his bit parts in shows such as The Rockford Files, The Six Million Dollar Man, and The Incredible Hulk.)  He dated Linda Blair of The Exorcist fame who is interviewed for this documentary. Stardom seemed to elude popular Aussie rock singer/actor, who was propelled to fame by a stint on a General Hospital. Despite rivalling David Cassidy as a teen idol, (he even had his own cartoon series), his music career just never quite took off, and Rick was in personal despair for most of the ’70’s. Incredibly, he got another chance in early ’80’s, and with hits like ‘Jesse’s Girl’, he became a teen idol all over again. His later solo albums were quite successful.  He starred in the movie Hard to Hold. But despite 4 platinum albums and worldwide recognition, chronic depression stayed with him. “Be careful what you wish for, because it was not what I thought at all”, laments Rick. We hear from his mother and Rick describes how he had to cancel a tour in 1989 following a four wheeler accident, then abandoned his career for a decade, before finally addressing his illness.  He came back in the late 90s, and people still like him.  The producers of BTM try to inject drama (Rick was depressed when his dad died; Rick did not fully enjoy the heights of his success), but more than anything else Springfield comes across as a nice guy who likes spending time with his wife and kids.

2. The Jeff Probst Show 03/27/13: Interview with Rick as he discusses his new documentary “Affair of The Heart. Also interviewed are some of the major fans of Rick’s. Later Rick discusses the meanings behind some of his songs. Along with live performances of “Jessie’s Girl”, “Don’t Talk To Strangers” and his NEW song “Our Ships Sinking” from his new LP “Songs For The End Of The World”.

3. OWN Oprah: Where Are They Now 02/06/14: Interview and profile of Rick Springfield.Rick discusses suffering from depression and also his new novel released in May of 2014.

4. The Talk 08/06/15: Opening, teaser and in-depth interview with Rick regarding his new film with Meryl Streep entitled “Ricki and The Flash” and his new fictional book “Magnificent Vibration”

5. Entertainment Tonight Weekend 08/08/15: Interview on the Press Junket for “Ricki and The Flash”

6. Jimmy Kimmel Live 08/11/15: Opening, then a mock segment about the origins of “Jessie’s Girl” featuring Rick. Later in the show Rick is interviewed regarding his new film with Meryl Streep entitled “Ricki and The Flash” and his new fictional book “Magnificent Vibration”

7. Greatest Hits 1980-1985 06/30/16: Opening, Rick is interviewed and then performs Jessie’ Girl LIVE


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