Rick Springfield The Video Archives 1984-2012 Volume II


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This DVD Video Archives has great sound and picture and covers the years 2008 to 2011 including various interviews during this time period. Comes with menu, chapters and thumbnails to get to your favorite segment right away. A unique collection of segments focusing one of the best solo artists of the 80’s and it’s available on here, at MVR.

1. GERMAN TV “Musik Laden” (The Beat Club) 1984: Love Somebody (Performance)
2. CBS The Early Show 7/31/08: Interview with Rick and two songs LIVE
3. Don’t Forget The Lyrics 01/23/09: Rick joins the contestant on stage and later performs Jessie’s Girl
4. NBC’s The Today Show 08/06/09: Interview
5. Ellen 10/30/09: Rick is interviewed on Halloween and appears as Dr. Noah Drake from General Hospital. Later Rick performs Jessie’s Girl on acoustic guitar to the audience.
6. Good Morning America 10/12/10: Visual of fans in the studio and Rick makes a joke before the interview. Later sit-down in depth interview with Rick about his new book “All Night Long”
7. The View 10/13/09: Opening mentioning Rick. Later sit-down in depth interview with Rick about his new book “All Night Long”
8. Shatner’s Raw Nerve 02/07/2011: In-Depth interview with Rick Springfield by William Shatner. Rick Springfield. In this compelling conversation, Springfield tells Shatner about his never ending battle with low self-esteem, his addiction to sex and his attempt at suicide. Springfield gives some insight on what it’s like to be a rock star and speaks about all of the things he did on the road that he now regrets.

9. VH1’s Big Breakfast Buzz 10/12/12: Interview about the new CD and documentary along with live performance. Finally Rick ends with “I Hate Myself” live from his new LP and lastly an acoustic version of “Jessie’s Girl”.


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