Rick Springfield The Video Archives 2020-2021 Volume VI (In Progress Unavailable)


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1.The Song: Recorded Live at TGL Farms 01/05/20: When Rick Springfield was writing “Jessie’s Girl” he was just playing around on the guitar when the opening lick just came to him. Initially, he didn’t think it was anything special and more than anything, he needed to figure out a chorus but couldn’t land on lyrics. In the meantime, he was struggling with touring and recording, but not quite hitting the big time with his music. So, needed to do something else to pay the bills and picked up glass staining after a few classes. It was here where he met the notorious “Jessie’s Girl” (who was really “Gary’s Girl”) that inspired ht. Check out his performance of the song and also “Don’t Talk To Strangers” & don’t miss the full story behind this hits plus selections from the rest of his catalog

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