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Season 1 Episode 1 Original Air Date: July 28th 2021: Ricky Martin chronicles his journey from teen heart throb in Menudo, to leading the Latin new wave. Ricky reveals how he finally was able to share his truth with the world and come out. Ricky Martin—an extremely worthy subject who was originally profiled by the show in 2000 and then saw his episode updated 11 years later, not long after he came out as gay. The premiere features a clip from that 2011 version in which Martin looks back on his youth in Latin-pop boy band MENUDO and muses: “When you’re 12 years old and you’re in front of 200,000 people, and people are telling you ‘Yeah, man, you’re the best!,’ you become like a little god.” Midway through that comment, the screen splits and suddenly we’re watching Ricky Martin ca. 2021 start to get emotional as he watches Ricky Martin ca. 2011 reflect on the experience of being Ricky Martin in the mid-’80s. (53 Minutes)

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