Robert Palmer Music Video Anthology 1974-2000 (2 DVD 3 Hours) (Power Station Powerstation)

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Take a trip through the work of a true genius as you witness the progression, diversity and growth from 1974 to 2000. All music videos are official and nearly all are COMPLETE and UNINTERRUPTED. All music videos are in the order that they were originally released. Included are rare music videos from Robert in the 90’s. ALL of his music videos with The Powerstation (both in 1985 and their reunion in 1996) as well as a EXTENDED REMIX VERSION and two ALTERNATE VERSIONS. Incredibly FORTY THREE MUSIC VIDEOS in all totaling under THREE INCREDIBLE HOURS spanning twenty six years of Robert Palmer’s career on TWO separate VOLUMES. The most complete music video collection of Robert Palmer from start to finish in the world. Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not have ALL the music videos available in this unique offer.

Robert Palmer Music Video Anthology Volume I

1.      Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley  1974
2.      Which One Of Us Is The Fool?  1975
3.      Man Smart, Woman Smarter  1976
4.      Bad Case Of Loving You (Original Version 1)  March 1978
5.      Best of Both Worlds (1978)
6.      Johnny And Mary  July 1980
7.      Looking For Clues  November  1980
8.      Some Guys Have All The Luck  February  1982
9.      You Are In My System  April 1983
10.   Pride  September  1983
11.   All Around The World (The Explorers Soundtrack) July 1985

Robert Palmer with The Powerstation

12.   Some Like It Hot  March 1985
13.   Get It On (Bang A Gong)  May 1985
14.   Communication RARE  October 1985

Robert Palmer Continued

15.   Riptide (Original Color Version 1)  1986
16.   Discipline Of Love  November 1985
17.   Addicted To Love (Original Version 1)  February 1986
18.   I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On  July 1986
19.   Riptide (Black & White Version 2)
20.   Sweet Lies  March 1988
21.   Bad Case of Loving You (Video Montage Version 2)
22.   Simply Irresistible  June 1988

Robert Palmer Music Video Anthology Volume II

23.   Early In The Morning  October 1988
24.   Between Us  1989
25.   She Makes My Day  1989
26.   Change His Ways  May 1989
27.   Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming (Original Version 1)  July 1989
28.   It Could Happen To You  August 1989
29.   Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming (Remix Version 2)
30.   Some Like It Hot (Live Version 2)  1988
31.   You’re Amazing MEGARARE
32.   I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight MEGARARE  November 1990
33.   Mercy Mercy Me / I Want You (1900)
34.   Love Me Or Leave Me (1992)
35.   No, Not Much (1992)
36.   Ridin High (1992)
37.   Every Kinda People (1992 Remix)
38.   Girl U Want  1994
39.   Know By Now  1994
40.   You Blow Me Away MEGARARE
41.   Respect Yourself  1995

Robert Palmer with The Powerstation Reunion 1996

42.   She Can Rock It

Robert Palmer Continued

43.   True Love  1999

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3 reviews for Robert Palmer Music Video Anthology 1974-2000 (2 DVD 3 Hours) (Power Station Powerstation)

  1. Joe Balding (verified owner)

    I was thrilled to find this Robert Palmer Music video anthology. I really didnt know what to expect. In less than 24 hours, I have watched this twice…I love it! I cant express how well put together and great quality of a collection this is. If you are a Robert Palmer fan, this is a must have.

  2. Rene Havmand (verified owner)

    Very good DVD set with all of Robert Palmer’s Videos, plus lots of extras
    with some very rare materiel you probably have never have seen before

    I recommend The Robert Palmer Music Video Anthology…and not only for fans

    I give it 5 stars

  3. kathyrpappas (verified owner)

    I’m a returning customer, Loved it so much.

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