ROBIN WILLIAMS The ULTIMATE Video Archives Collection 1977-2018 20 DVD Set (37 HOURS LONG!!)

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Please note: Photo shows only 17 DVDs but 20 DVDs are included in this offer

“Don’t be afraid” Robin once said. Take a journey through the odyssey that is Robin Williams.  Watch this historical archives of a true genius as you witness the progression, diversity and evolution of a man and his artistry from 1977 to 2018.

All segments in this collection comprised of OVER 40 years of rare footage and are in chronological order. Meaning all segments are in the order that they were originally released. Volume I starts at 1977 and the last few volumes conclude with documentaries about his life including the latest 2018 release “Come Inside My Mind” on Volume XX. Includes Full Menu with chapter stops and thumb nails for each and every video segment on EACH “Volume” (DVD) in The Video Archives Collection. Some Volumes include “Multi Page Menu” where indicated.

The Video Archives 1977-2018 includes an extremely rare assortment of selections. A wide span of interviews, documentaries, various monologues, guest appearances and full length comedy concerts spanning the years. Much of these segments are EXTREMELY RARE and are seen here on DVD for the first time. Incredibly nearly ONE HUNDRED features in all totaling just OVER THIRTY FIVE INCREDIBLE HOURS spanning FOURTY YEARS of the history of Robin Williams on NINETEEN VOLUMES.  An especially RARE COLLECTION for ANY Robin Williams fan living outside of the USA as all features in the “Video Archives” Collection are from the USA.

The most complete Historical Video Archives of Robin Williams from start to finish anywhere in the world. Even if you own ALL prior releases you still would not have anywhere near ALL the content available in this one of a kind unique offer. PLEASE NOTE: Photos provided show a 17 DVD Set but ALL 20 DVDs are INCLUDED in the auction.


ROBIN WILLIAMS Video Archives 1978-1979 Volume I

1. HBO On Location Special Robin Williams: “Off The Wall” 10/27/78: (aka “Live At The Roxy”) ORIGINAL BROADCAST. Williams heads out into the audience, and then — just like that — pops himself up onto the balcony’s railing. It’s pretty fucking awesome, deserving of its placement in my memory. And then you realize this was his first televised solo showcase, a place where, to this day, stand-ups usually trot out their best, most polished stuff. Not Robin. He essentially spends the first nine minutes of the hour performing amid the audience, at one point even stopping planned material before he starts it just so he can go play in the crowd some more.My favorite parts of his specials are his intros, where he just riffs on the space he’s in. You see him look around, take in the venue and the crowd, and then quickly filter it all into a hilarious joke about what he’s looking at, so we can see the moment through his eyes. About 45 minutes in, it appears as if Williams has finished his set. He leaves the stage and a solo piano plays what can only be described as music to close down a bar to. But the audience is still clapping, so Williams comes back onstage to oblige. He points at someone in the audience. “I want to improvise with this motherfucker right here,” he says, and up walks a young John Ritter. Before the two do a couple of pretty funny improv games, they just play around onstage like two young kids, dancing, touching each other, and doing particularly dumb bits. No one has ever had more fun filming an hour of comedy for television, and no one ever will. You can feel how Robin just wants to live in this moment forever. For me, he will.

2. Mork & Mindy First Season’s Blooper Reel 1979: “1st Bleam” UNRELEASED

1 Hour 11 Minutes

ROBIN WILLIAMS Video Archives 1982-1983 Volume II

3. HBO Special An Evening with Robin Williams 01/01/82: Stand-up comic Robin Williams performs his act in San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall. Although he does do some of his more well known routines, much of the footage is devoted to Williams’ frenetic, completely off the wall improvisation.

4. Catch  A Rising Star’s 10th Anniversary 09/30/82: Comedy special commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the famed New York City club. Featuring performances by many of the era’s most successful comics. Robin does a stand-up routine with Richard Belzer and continues his performance solo. First time we see the “Elmer Fudd sings Bruce Springsteen” routine.

5. HBO’s On Location: Comedy Store’s 11th Anniversary 03/83: Richard Pryor introduces Robin. Robin performs a great Stand Up routine. Some material featured here was never seen again. Includes closing segment with Robin. RARE

1 Hour 56 Minutes

ROBIN WILLIAMS Video Archives 1984-1986 Volume III

6. Saturday Night Live 02/11/84: Robin Williams host with Musical Guest Adam Ant. Segment includes: Opening, partial monologue and then various sketches with Robin. First up is a parody commercial for ‘Budweiser’, “Wild Kingdom of Heaven”, “Rene the Mime”, “William F Buckley character hosting “Firing Line”, “Saturday Night News with Robin as “Guest Anchor”, Robin Williams introduces Paula Poundstone, “”. edited sketches with Robin only.

7. The Annual Academy Award 1985 & 1987: Two sketches with Robin. First is the opening of the program in 1985 and the second a joke about Jack Nicholson later in the same broadcast. Later Marlee Matlin makes Robin laugh as she announces the nominees for “Best Actor In A Film”

8. Amnesty International Commercial 1985

9. The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson 02/06/86: Robin calls his outfit a “Texas Pimp”. Kills as usual and Johnny’s just dying. A great example of Robin owning the show during his performance. Robin talks about Ronald Reagan, his short stint playing football in school. Later Robin then promotes “The Best of Times; with Kurt Russell that was released with in that same week.

10. The Young Comedians All-Star Reunion March 1986: Opening of the program with Robin in San Francisco, CA at The Punchline. Later Robin does a stand-up routine and shows of clip of himself at The Improvisation in New York from 1977. Later after the routine introduces a young comedian Jake Johansen then cut to Robin closing the program.

11. Comic Relief  (Original Broadcast) 04/25/86: Opening sketches with Robin, Billy and Whoopi. Later Robin and Billy introduce Gilda’s segment. Later in the show Robin and billy do their Sketch “Betty’s Boys” Edited scenes with Robin only (Whole Show Available)

1 Hour 51 Minutes

ROBIN WILLIAMS Video Archives 1986 Volume IV

12. Voices Across America: “Hands Across America” (Music Video) 05/25/86: Includes loads of both singers, actors and visuals of Robin dancing with C-3PO from ‘Star Wars’

13. HBO Interview with Robin Williams 09/86: In-Depth interview with Robin just before the recording of “An Evening At The Met”. Despite this fact the interview airs on HBO AFTER the stand-ups specials broadcast Robin discusses his films “World According To Garp” and “The Best of Times”. He also mentions that he hasn’t found a movie that will allow him to match what he does on stage in a movie. Little did we all know that “Good Morning Vietnam” would be a little over a year later. 8:24

14. HBO Special Robin Williams: An Evening at the Met 08/09/86:Robin Williams is flat-out insane on stage, and “A Night …” does a fairly good job of catching his insanity. From riffs on Tom Landry directing “Swan Lake” (“take Giselle, throw her downfield ten, fifteen yards!”) to getting busted with cocaine (“I’m okay, I’m okay, red, blue, red, blue–OH, …) to fatherhood (“I expected three nomads to come into the delivery room–‘we saw a star, dude?'”), only the most humor-resistant won’t crack up. The only disappointment is that this wasn’t a double CD, since Robin did about 2.5 hours at our show, a lot of which was even funnier than what appears here! Believe it or not, Robin only made three comedy albums–his first two, “Reality … what a concept” and “Throbbing Python of Love” are long out of print. “Reality” is his funniest, but “A Night …” isn’t far behind. Yeah, he’s now an Oscar-winning actor, but “A Night …” reminds us that Robin Williams wasn’t always so earnest …

15. The MTV Video Music Awards 09/86: Robin presents the “Special Recognition Award” to Bill Graham

16. Saturday Night Live 11/22/86: Opening sketch with Robin playing Ronald Reagan then intro to opening of SNL. Robin does his stand-up routine for the monologue section of the show. The following sketches are included “The Glove Theatre London, 1602”, Whoopi Goldberg makes a cameo during her honeymoon to be on the show for a quick introduction of Paul Simon with Robin. “Sweeney Sister perform at a retirement home” and closing segment with Robin and the cast.  “” Edited down to segments with Robin only.

1 Hour 47 Minutes

ROBIN WILLIAMS Video Archives 1986-1988 Volume V

17. 60 Minutes Special “The Entertainers” 10/04/91: Features 1986 in-depth profile and interview of Robin by Ed Bradley. Scenes with Robin back stage at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles then a clip of his routine from that evening. Also in Robin segment is him riffing with Jonathan Winters. Both of them put on an impromptu show for Ed Bradley and the 60 Minutes crew. Later a sit down interview with Robin. Original interview was from 1986

18. Comic Relief Backstage Pass 12/03/86: In-depth behind the scenes of the very first Comic Relief. Includes exclusive interviews with Robin Williams. Footage of Robin at the press conferences as well as the recording of the HBO commercial for the comic Relief broadcast. Also included is very candid footage of Robin working out the sketches on stage. Later in the program Watch Billy Crystal as he works on his scene and you hear Robin off camera making funny comments. Really rare footage here as it never repeated after 1987 on HBO. Segments are edited down to include scenes only with Robin. (Whole Show is available)

19. Carol, Carl, Whoopi and Robin 02/10/87: Opening with entire cast. First we get Carol, Carl, Whoopi and Robin singing a rather amusing, gentle song about laughter. Then we get a remarkable skit about Robin being an outlandish guest at the funeral of Carol’s husband. When the skit was over, there was the fade, then it came back, with Carol announcing that Robin wanted to do it again, ad-libbing. Hey, Carol was no slouch to that. Robin met his match.

Carl and Robin would do a quick bit spoofing Shakespeare acting, barely four minutes long. Whoopi and Robin would likewise do an unspoken skit where they are two people on a park bench.

Robin won an Emmy for this program and this show for what ever reason has never been released since it;s one and only broadcast back in 1987. Since then of course, Robin and Whoopi have each won an Oscar. Includes segments with Robin only. To have had such sincere humor from 1987, this was it, the document 27 years ago. How can we ever let them go?

20. Good Morning America 06/27/87: GMA spends a few days in Thailand on the set of Good Morning Vietnam. Profile of Robin Williams whist on location shooting “Good Morning Vietnam”. Included are behind the scenes moments from the shooting of the film. This in-depth exclusive interview is shot on set whist shooting the film to be released the following year. Also included is a interview with Barry Levinson

21. Comic Relief ’87 aka Comic Relief II 10/15/87: Opening sketch with Robin and Billy. Various introductions by Robin. Later in the show Robin does his stand-Up routine some material is seen here for the first time. Edited all scenes include Robin only. (Whole Show Available)

22. Good Morning America 01/88: Interview with Robin promoting Good Morning Vietnam. He discusses the improvisation in the film and working with Barry Levinson.

1 Hour 45 Minutes

ROBIN WILLIAMS Video Archives 1988 Volume VI

23. Saturday Night Live 01/23/88: Robin Williams host at the height of the success of “Good Morning Vietnam” a real moment in his career. Show opening then Robin  bursts on the stage with a great opening monologue and destroys the crowd. Includes the sketches “The Birth of Matthew Greene” (over zealous father/videographer shooting the birth of his child) and Robin plays himself as a 60 year old man dealing with his grown son

24. The Oprah Winfrey Show 01/13/88: This is the FIRST of ever appearance of Robin on Oprah so it is historic. In-depth interview with Robin. Many subjects are covered such as ….as well as promotion/discussion about the then new film “Good Morning Vietnam”

25. The 2nd Annual American Comedy Awards 05/17/88: Robin receives from Paula Poundstone awards for “Funniest Stand-Up Comic” and “Funniest Actor In A Comedy Movie”

26. Late Night with David Letterman 05/17/88: Interview to promote film  “Cadillac Man” Robin discusses shoot “Awakenings” for the first time here. He also talk about breaking Robert DeNiro’s nose during filming.

27. ABC Presents A Royal Gala 05/25/88: Performance from the Palladium in London, England in front of Charles and Diana. Opening with footage of Robin along with Elton John. Later John Ritter introduces Robin for a Stand-Up routine in front of the Royal Family

1 Hour 50 Minutes

ROBIN WILLIAMS Video Archives 1989-1991 Volume VII

28. Saturday Night Live 15th Anniversary 09/24/89: Robin takes  the stage and introduces nearly all the stars in the audience even the crew of SNL.

29. Comic Relief ’90 aka IV 03/15/90: The fourth annual “Comic Relief” fundraiser to help homeless Americans. The five-hour presentation is broadcast live from Radio City Music Hall in New York. Quick plea from Robin and Billy to donate money. (Part 1 of 2)

30. Comic Relief ’90 aka IV 03/15/90: Robin’s stand-Up routine and Finale (Part 2 of 2)

31 The Earth Day Special 04/22/90: The Earth Day Special is a television special revolving around Earth Day that aired on ABC on April 22, 1990. Sponsored by Time Warner, the two hour special featured an all-star cast addressing concerns about global warming, deforestation, and other environmental ills. The episodic narrative, consisting of several individual skits threaded together, focused on an ailing Mother Earth (played by Bette Midler), who falls from the sky and faints, and is rushed to the hospital (attended by Neil Patrick Harris as Doogie Hawser). Several cut-aways are made to famous fictional characters watching events unfold, and discussing what can be done to save the planet. This segment includes only the scenes featuring Robin Williams. Robin plays the character of “Every Man” address the crowd about the environment. This scene includes Better Midler. Dustin Hoffman does a scene with Robin afterwards about global warming. EXTREMELY RARE

32. The Barbara Walters Special 11/90: In-Depth profile. Mentions and visuals of Dead Poets Society and his first appearance on Happy Days. Interview with Robin Williams shot in August of 1990 first in Central Park and later in his then home in Manhattan. Footage of Robin improvising in Central Park.

33. The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson 01/10/91: Introduction by Johnny. Robin is interviewed and promotes the then new film Awakenings

34. The Oprah Winfrey Show 09/26/91: In-depth interview with Robin. Many subjects are covered such as drug abuse, marriage, fatherhood, aging, and working on the feature films The Fisher King and Dead Poets Society.

1 Hour 49 Minutes

ROBIN WILLIAMS Video Archives 1991-1992 Volume VIII

35. Late Night with David Letterman 09/26/91: Interview to promote “The Fisher KIng” and working with Jeff Bridges

36. Comic Relief V 03/13/92: Opening & Monologue

37. The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. 05/21/92: This is the second to last show of the series for Johnny. Robin comes in as one of his very last guest on the historic late night program. Segment includes: Opening, short monologue, Johnny introduces Robin, full 2 segments with Robin and short clip of Robin reacting to Better Midler’s comments

38. The David Frost Interview 08/20/92: In-Depth Interview with Robin

39. Rock The Vote 09/23/92: All commercials spots of Robin William’s are tied together that are extracted from a one hour long TV Special. Here you’ll see a series of quick clips of Robin talking about Voting that were shown in short spurts through out the duration of the hour long original program.

40. The Comedy Store’s 20th Birthday Party 09/24/92: Opening, then Robin amongst his peers like David Letterman and Damon Wayans are interviewed about their experience working at The Comedy Store in the early days.

41. Toys Trailer September 1992

42. The Whoopi Goldberg Show 09/18/92: In-Depth Interview Part 1 of 2. Robin discusses his childhood and growing up. Robin talks about his relationship with his Father and how funny his Mother is. Talks about giving away his toy solders at the age of eleven. Robin talks about the other artists he’s worked with like DeNiro and Hoffman and then twists the question and asks Robin what is it like to work with himself. Interesting answer.  Funny how Robin says he’ll end up in an “old folks home snorting Maalox” pretty funny.

43. The Whoopi Goldberg Show 10/28/92: In-Depth Interview Part 2 of 2 This interview is from the same time as Part 1. Robin opens the segment with some improvisation. Whoopi shows and then discusses the controversy over the Trailer for his new film “Toys”.

1 Hour 49 Minutes

ROBIN WILLIAMS Video Archives 1993-1998 Volume IX

44. HBO’s 20th Anniversary 01/93: Funny improv with Robin and Billy with Marc Shaman on Piano. Really funny improv here. Classic stuff where Billy Pantomimes to Robin’s voice like it’s a Japanese 1960’s film. VERY RARE and wasn’t shown again after initial broadcast.

45. Late Show with David Letterman 08/31/93: Its important to note that this is the SECOND episode of the series AFTER Dave changes networks so it’s quite special. Opening with mention of Robin. Later in the show Dave introduces Robin. What an entrance with Paul Schafer’s band playing 2001 Space odyssey theme music and Robin arrive on a fork lift back stage. Very funny. He doesn’t sit down for the first two minutes after his introduction. Robin finally settles down and discusses just finishing the principal photography on “Mrs. Doubtfire”.

46. Comic Relief VI 01/15/94: Introductions by Robin Williams only

47. HBO’s 20 Years of Comedy on HBO 08/12/95: Robin Williams is profiled. Scenes from rare appearances on HBO including Robin on The 2nd Annual Young Comedians Show in 1977 amongst others. Richard Pryor, Alan King and Billy Crystal comment on Robin’s talent.

48. The Oprah Winfrey Show 03/96: Interview with Robin where they surprise him with a former class mate from the 4th grade. Later Nathan Lane joins Robin to discuss the film “The Birdcage”.

49. ”Catch  A Rising Star’s 50th Anniversary — Give or take 26 Years” 04/24/96: Host Rosie O’Donnell introduces performers who got their breaks at the New York comedy club with Robin and Billy Crystal. Both reminisce about their start at the famous club including archive footage of their performances.

50. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 05/06/97: Billy Crystal and Robin are interviewed. Billy Pantomimes to Robin’s voice like it’s a Japanese 1960’s film. Very Funny. They promote and show scene from the movie “Father’s Day”

51. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 01/08/98: Interview with Robin promoting “Good Will Hunting” Later Tracy Ullman comes on and talks with Robin along with Jay. Robin randomly interjects some jokes during Tracy’s interview. Robin helps Tracy promote some of her projects in a very funny spontaneous nature. Funny Improv here.

52. Late Show with David Letterman 01/12/98: Interview with Robin discussing meeting the president at his own home in San Francisco. Dave mentions that there is more then one film out by Robin. Robin discusses Flubber and later promotes “Good Will Hunting” Robin shows a scene from the film and talks about being Directed by Gus Van Zant.

53. Comic Relief VIII 06/14/98: Robin makes an introduction with Billy. Only segment from the final installment of the charity fund raiser series.

54. The First Annual Kennedy Center’s Mark Twain Prize 10/20/98: Opening then Robin’s contribution to the evening. He riffs about being a friend of Richard Pryor. Robin retells (in part) some of Richard’s jokes in honor of him. Then Robin breaks into song. Then closing finally tribute which includes Robin.

1 Hour 56 Minutes

ROBIN WILLIAMS Video Archives 1998-2001 Volume X

55. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 12/98: Interview with Robin. Jay congratulated Robin for his star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame”. Robin also promotes his new film “Patch Adams”

56. The Late Show with David Letterman 09/21/99: Interview with Robin promoting Jakob The Liar

57. Bravo’s Inside The Actor’s Studio 06/10/01: Host James Lipton asks Robin a series of wide-ranging questions about his work, life, philosophy, and the film debut of Mr. Happy. During Robin Williams’s legendary appearance on the show (January 29, 2001 – more on that later), he used the question as an opportunity to do what he did best: Riff.

“There’s seating at the front,” is his immediate answer. “The concert begins at five. It’ll be Mozart, Elvis and one of your choosing.” But then he lapses into sincerity. “If heaven exists, to know that there’s laughter, that would be a great thing.” He gives the tiniest of pauses to set up the punchline: “Just to hear God go, ‘Two Jews walk into a bar…'” As Lipton reveals, Williams’s installment of the series was the first-ever two-hour episode: The actor actually spoke and performed for the audience for over five hours, but Lipton and the producers simply couldn’t bear to edit the performance any shorter than two hours, according to the DVD extras. Lipton was unable to even ask his first question for the first nine minutes of Williams’s appearance, and it took seven minutes for him to get to his follow-up. Finally, the part of his appearance that’s passed into legend: Lipton confirms on the DVD commentary that one member of the audience was actually taken away in an ambulance after the show, having developed a hernia from laughing so hard at Williams.

1 Hour 17 Minutes

ROBIN WILLIAMS Video Archives 2002 Volume XI

58. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 01/23/02: Interview with Robin for two segments and stays on whilst Jay interviews James Carville. Robin makes some funny comments during this segment

59. VH1’s Late World with Zach 03/04/02: Interview with Robin at the official Press Junket for “Death To Smoochy”. Robin also discusses his current Stand-Up tour.

60. Late Show with David Letterman 03/28/02: Dave introduces Robin. As in other episodes Paul and the band play “Rockin’ Robin”. Then Interview with Robin goes on with more jokes and improvisation along with talks about his recent stand-up tour after not having performed in many years. Eventually they show a clip of “Death To Smoochy” at the end of this segment the commercial for the film “Death To Smoochy follows the program.

61. Comedy Central Re-Broadcast for the first time ever the classic HBO Special “Robin Williams: Off The Wall” 1978 in 2002: This performance is also known as “Live At The Roxy”. This concert has been edited down here for television. Like with Network TV programs, this cable station bleeps out any profanities that Robin utters. Having said that it was the first time many people had seen this classic performance and is included here in this collection due to it’s superior quality then seen on “Volume I” of these archives. Original Broadcast on Volume I is however complete and uncensored.

1 Hour 23 Minutes

ROBIN WILLIAMS Video Archives 2002-2003 Volume XII

62. HBO Special Robin Williams: Live On Broadway 07/14/02: Sharper and deeper than Robin Williams’s previous road material, Live on Broadway is a mature comedian’s view of all things to do with power, prejudice, and paranoia in the 21st century. On the anthrax scare of 2001: “The Senate cleared out of their building but told the rest of us, ‘Get on with your normal lives!'” On his solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict over Jerusalem: “Time share!” On the pitfalls of America’s deepening alliance with Britain: “The House of Commons is like Congress with a two-drink minimum.” A viewer may have to slog through Williams’s tedious breast fetishism, but patience is quickly rewarded with bitchy takes on Martha Stewart facing prison, solid satire about French existentialist judges at the Olympics, and subversive op-eds about the Bush administration’s inability to clarify terrorist threats to the public (“Has the CIA become the Central Intuitive Agency?”)

63. Richard Pryor: I Ain’t Dead Yet, #*%$#@!! 11/30/03: This documentary praises comedian Richard Pryor by showing segments of various stand-up performances and interviews. Robin discusses the importance and greatness of Pryor’s influence. Different themes are reviewed this way. Among others, they are the use of the word nigger, the way Pryor talked about racism, the fact Pryor talked openly about his own faults on-stage and the fact he didn’t mince matters no matter what the subject was.

1 Hour 53 Minutes

ROBIN WILLIAMS Video Archives 2009 Volume XIII

64. HBO Special Robin Williams Weapons of Self Destruction 12/06/09:  In this comedy special taped at DAR Constitution Hall, his first solo special on the network in seven years, Williams covers such topics as global warming, sex and politics, the state of health care in the country (suggesting a cash for clunkers program for elderly relatives, among other things), drugs – recreational and otherwise – and more personal topics, including his recent heart surgery. This would be the last full length concert he performed for HBO and sadly the last for all of television.


“Local Highlights”: A collection of segments of Robin practicing his stand up routine in various parts of the country including Austin, Texas amongst others

“Past Show Highlights”: A collection odf segments taken from Robin’s HBO Specials over the years. All of these clips/segments can be seen in their entirety with in The Video Archives Collection

ROBIN WILLIAMS Video Archives 2010-2011 Volume XIV

65. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 04/04/10: Discusses the DVD release of “Weapons of Self Destruction” Stand-Up Performance

66. A&E’s Biography 04/08/10: Includes interviews with Cheryl Hines Whoopi Goldberg, Bobcat Goldthwait, Pam Dawber, Matt Damon, Penny Marshall and more. All of which discuss their personal experiences with Robin along with working with him. Also included are some archival footage like what appears to be a Public Access show from San Francisco in 1977 along with Good Morning America from 1982, footage from The Improv in 1978 and Laugh-In 1977. The original broadcast of this episode was 07/07/06. This version of the episode includes a 2009 update and aired in 2010

67. ABC’s Nightline 02/25/10: “Seriously Funny” segment. Profile and exclusive interview with Robin in San Francisco. Jokes about the film The King’s Speech and says if Hitler had a stutter we would have never heard of him. Talks about his recent comedy tour and “using” five years earlier in 2010. Exclusive footage of the rehearsal of “Bengal Tiger” on Broadway.

68. The Late Show with David Letterman 03/03/11: Dave introduces Robin. As in other episodes Paul and the band play “Rockin’ Robin”. Interview discusses his Broadway acting debut. This interview takes place just before the beginning of the Broadway previews of “Bengal tiger” the following March 11th,

69. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 11/16/11: Robin is interviewed about the new film “Happy Feet II” and Jay congratulates him on his recent marriage. Robin jokes about the wedding and his honeymoon in Paris.

70. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 11/17/11: Opening of program, scene from Happy Feet II then Craig introduces Robin. Like Jay, Craig congratulates him on his recent marriage. Robin discusses the new film “Happy Feet II” and his international promotion of the film in the UK. Robin jokes about why he doesn’t smoke marijuana

1 Hour 54 Minutes

ROBIN WILLIAMS Video Archives 2010-2013 Volume XV

71. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 10/27/10: Jay discusses the first game of the World Series and Robin talks about being a huge Giants fan. Discusses his kids and the fact that Zelda is now acting and some of the things he’s seen her in. Jokes about his GPS navigator having a English accent and how it ought to be a Scottish accent. New green car ideas and THC party, Robin is on as per his usual two segments.

72. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 11/21/10: “Who’s That At The Door” segment. Robin is on again for Thanksgiving Week. However this is the second appearance on the program in less then a week. Last appearance was on 11/17/11. It’s actually from the same day (11/17/11). and both Craig and Robin joke about the fact that they have o the same clothes. Takes questions from Twitter that both Robin and Craig answer, pretty funny improvisation here.

73. Second City TV Special (SCTV) 1982: Robin Williams Guest Stars on this episode that ran for a couple of years in the early 80s. This sketch is called “An Evening with John Houseman November 28th Melonville Art Dome”: John Houseman eloquently reading the Melonville telephone book. RARE

74. The Late Show with David Letterman 04/26/12: Dave introduces Robin. As in other episodes Paul and the band play “Rockin’ Robin”. Robin riffs for a while and then discusses his children, one a NYU graduate, one a DJ and Zelda is acting. Dave mentions the American Comedy Awards on May 6th and how Robin will receive the “Stand-Up Icon Award” on the show Comedy Central. Robin mentions how Eddie Murphy received the award the year before and how he worked on a photo shoot with him. Jokes about his new heart valve.

75. Showtime’s Inside Comedy with David Steinberg Season 1 Episode 10 03/30/12: In the Season 1 finale, series host David Steinberg interviews icons of improvisation. Robin Williams, whose wildly manic standup comedy style was greatly influenced by his mentor Jonathan Winters, off-the-cuff creator of delightfully eccentric characters.

76. PBS Sesame Street 07/16/12: Robin Williams and the Two-headed Monster demonstrate the word “Conflict.” Those of us who grew up watching Robin Williams movies no doubt took away a life lesson or two. Aside from perhaps Dead Poets Society, Williams was never more in teaching mode than he was during his guest appearances on Sesame Street. At this moment, it feels especially heartening to look back on what the actor helped us learn.

77. The Late Show with David Letterman 11/09/12: Dave introduces Robin. As in other episodes Paul and the band play “Rockin’ Robin”. Discusses his presentation “Talking About Nothing That Important” at the 92nd Street Y as part of The New York Comedy Festival later that week on Sunday. Robin talks about the content to be expected at the “Talking About Nothing That Important” presentation. Talks about the hurricane whilst shooting The Butler. Angriest Man In Brooklyn is discussed. A photo of Robin in the East River with Mila Kunis is shown. Robin brings up the legalization of Marijuana in Colorado.

78. The Late Show with David Letterman 09/25/13: Promo for “The Crazy Ones” Television series. Program opening with mention of Robin Williams. Dave introduces Robin. As in other episodes Paul and the band play “Rockin’ Robin”. Robin starts to improvise immediately with a Italian sounding song. Robin reminisces about shooting “An Evening At The Met”, 25th Anniversary of Mrs. Doubtfire that concludes with a funny story. Dave expresses his happiness that CBS is where the NEW TV Series “The Crazy Ones” is broadcast. Dave asks Robin to tell the story he told at The Emmy Awards Tribute to Jonathan Winters. It was a story about him as a child with his Father watching Jonathan on TV. Robin also mention that Winters had very few “one liners” but shares his favorite with the audience. This unfortunately would be the LAST appearance for Robin with Dave on this program.

79. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 10/16/13: Segment starts off with a clip from the “Crazy Ones”. Robin and Craig yell at each other in a Scottish accent. Really funny opening all improvised by both of them. Robin discusses his NEW TV Series “The Crazy Ones” but mostly improvisation. Funny bit about dueling therapists, then they both get up and dance to this shlock blues music and Robin starts singing like a Blues Man. “Christopher Walken Scottish Chinese Gangster”….yes Robin actually makes an attempt to do the accent. This unfortunately would be the LAST appearance for Robin on this program.

1 Hour 53 Minutes

ROBIN WILLIAMS Video Archives 2014 Volume XVI

80. The Today Show Special Edition “Remembering Robin Williams” 08/12/14: Today Show pays respect to the artist with dedicating nearly 45 minutes through out their four hour broadcast. This section of the DVD like others has been edited down to include only the footage of or about Robin Williams. Visual of memorial on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Neighbor discuss Robin in San Francisco. Short clips of Robin in 2006 discussing addiction. Comments from Leonard Maltin. Memorials at the house where TV Series “Mork & Mindy” took place. Twitter responses from Ellen DeGenerous, Zelda, Steve Martin, Billy Crystal and the President of The United States. Sound bite of what he thinks God will say at the Pearly Gates as per Inside The Actor’s Studio. Visual of marquee at The Laugh Factory paying tribute with “Rest In Peace Make God Laugh”

Charles Lipton of “Inside The Actor’s Studio” is interviewed about Robin’s now legendary appearance on the series which can be seen in this collection on Volume X. Dr. Nancy Snyderman discusses Depression and how it may pertain to Robin’s death. Footage of Robin performing at a USO Show in 2007 where the entire audience did an about face to response of a bugle playing. Robin jumped all over it and turn it into something funny. Report on the fact that Robert was #1 trending topic WORLD WIDE the day he passes (day before on the 11th of August). Twitter comments from Steve Carell and henry Winkler. Later in the program Matt introduces a edited compilation of quotes/sound bites from various interviews ALL of which are exclusive to the Today show. Some very funny footage here. Visual of black and white 8×10 on the wall at NBC for an SNL appearance in 1986 that can be seen in this collection is seen here autographed. Jerry Lewis comments on his death along with Meryl Streep who’s in studio.

81. 20/20 Special Edition: The Life and Death of Robin Williams 08/12/14: Visual of the front of the San Francisco home where Mrs. Doubtfire was shot. ABC News’ “20/20” will celebrate the life of Robin Williams, the comedic genius whose death yesterday stunned a nation. “The Life and Death of Robin Williams” will update viewers with the latest news on his untimely death, delve into the unanswered questions, and celebrate the many faces and voices that entertained us all. Anchored by David Muir, the hour special will feature reporting from Juju Chang and Chris Connelly, as well as Barbara Walters’ memories of the man she interviewed several times over the years. Included among many celebrities, Henry Winkler comments over the phone about who he thinks Robin’s gift was to the world.

82. Conan 08/12/14: O’Brien paid more personal tribute with the story of how, in the wake of the host’s departure from The Tonight Show in 2010, Williams bought him the strange gift of a bicycle. The tribute concluded with an old clip from Late Night with Conan O’Brien, in which O’Brien called Williams ‘the best talk show guest in the world,’ a sentiment the host still agreed with years later.

83. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon 08/12/14: Jimmy Fallon gave an emotional salute to Robin Williams on Tuesday night’s Tonight Show, celebrating the late actor-comedian’s improvisational genius and his “Shakespearean” ability to weave in and out of characters. “He was one of a kind,” Fallon said. “He was one in a million. He was unbelievable.” Fallon introduced the segment with a heartfelt tribute to Williams’ talents. “You would watch him, and you would cry laughing,” the host said, overcome with emotion. “And you would think, ‘I’m never going to see anyone like this human ever.’ It’s just amazing. His brain was always thinking 10 steps ahead of what he was saying. He was like the Muhammad Ali of comedy.” After offering a quick, spot-on impression of Williams’ shape-shifting character improv, Fallon then offered fans a prime example of Williams’ “divine madness” with a flashback to his first Tonight Show appearance with Johnny Carson. That clip found the comic venturing into the audience, offering a number of theatrical impressions and cracking up everyone around him. At the end of the segment, Fallon gave one final tribute, standing on his desk and saying, “O Captain, My Captain: You will be missed,” a reference to Williams’ iconic performance in the 1989 film Dead Poets Society.

84. Late Night with Seth Myers 08/12/14: Acknowledges his passing mentioning that he connected emotionally with some of Robin’s films and how the timing was really good in his life.

85. The Insider 08/13/14: The best part of this report is the interview with Rick Overton described as Robins’s “Longtime Friend & Comic” of 37 years comments about Robin being depressed since the heart surgery which has been documented in some interviews prior to his passing. Report of Zelda pulling out of social media. San Francisco’s Giants Fans at the Stadium take their hats off in tribute the night before. Another segment later in the show “The Dark Side of Comedy” is a little over the top but points out the valid connection between comedians and drug abuse. Naturally they they report on the fact that Robin was friends with the late John Belushi.

1 Hour 47 Minutes

ROBIN WILLIAMS Video Archives 2014 Volume XVII

86. Entertainment Tonight 08/13/14:  Hollywood Walk of Fame footage. Clip of late night hosts paying tribute. Visuals outside his home, covers of Time, People and Hollywood Reporter magazine. Behind the scenes footage from June where Robin was doing voice overs for the independent film “Absolutely Anything” just a few weeks before entering into Rehab. Interview with the Director of the film Gavin Scott. Report of Zelda pulling out of social media. Sound bites about the subject of suicide from Marc Maron Podcast from April 26th 2010. Forensic Pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht comments that he think it was good that the coroner was explicit is his reporting of Robin’s suicide because thee will be no kind of conspiracy theories after the fact. Various comedians (including David Letterman) discuss depression from various years. Robin’s odd relationship with the Gorilla named KOKO. Footage of Robin with KOKO from 2001. Robins relationship with Christopher Reeves including rare footage of them together on the streets of new York city in the early 80s. Interview clips from a Press Junket are included.

87. The Today Show 08/13/14: Marquees of “The Great White Way” New York’s Broadway are dimmed in honor of Robin. Interview with Robin’s friend Steven Pearl. Family denies allegations of financial troubles. Sound bites about the subject of suicide from Marc Maron Podcast from April 26th 2010. Report of Zelda pulling out of social media.

88. CBS Sunday Morning 08/17/14: Opening with mention of segment on remembering Robin later in the show. Two different teaser about Robin are included prior to their tribute segment. Segment opens with introduction for the “Remembrance” segment. Lots of quick moments from Mork & Mindy. Scenes with Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes interviewing Robin in 1986 and footage of Robin from the Improv at that time. Comments from Budd Friedman and Lewis Black are seen here for the first time. Various scenes from his films along with his charitable works. Also included is an interview from 2011 with Robin from CBS.

89. Reelz OK TV presents Remembering Robin Williams 08/17/14: Beloved comic and actor Robin’s career spans nearly four decades and includes work with Comic Relief and countless other charities. Impromptu memorials across the country are shown. Clips from Mork & Mindy. Various scenes from his films. Comments from celebrities who knew him on Twitter from Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and lots more later in the program.  Interview with Robin at “The Paley Center For Media” in New York. George Wallace pays tribute. NY Daily News Film Critic Joe Neumaier discusses his film career. Visual of the lights dimming on Broadway in honor of Robin. Exclusive footage from the play “Bengal Tiger”. Footage of Robin performing at the USO Shows. Later Leonard Maltin discuses Robin’s impact on TV.

90. Reelz presents Robin Williams ScreenLife 08/17/14: A look back at Robin’s on-screen career includes his early work as “Mork,” his Oscar-nominated performance in “Good Morning Vietnam” and his Oscar-winning performance in “Good Will Hunting” Interview with Robin at “The Paley Center For Media” in New York start off the program. Footage from the Improvisation in 1977. Critics Leonard Maltin and Sam Rubin discuses Robin’s impact in films. Images of Robin signing autographs Footage of Robin accepting the award for “Best Actor” Oscar and the COMPLETE acceptance speech. Interview footage from backstage at The Oscars. Footage of Robin performing at the USO Shows and mention of Comic Relief.

91. Entertainment Tonight Weekend Edition “Robin In His Own Words” 08/17/14: Before the show starts a rare clip is shown during the credited of “The Insider”. The rare segment is Robin on camera with his Mother in 1984. It’s a scene from the 1984 TV Special entitled “Superstars and their Moms” endearing/funny stuff here. Then ET Weekend begins with opening. The entire episode is shot on location from The Laugh Factory in Hollywood. This “weekend edition” is valuable for the fact that they have (through out the program) pulled from ET’s vault a myriad of interviews that they did with Robin over the last 30 years. There’s probably scenes from over 15 different interviews here ALL of which are exclusive to the program. Segments include “Robin’s Career”. This segment includes a recent sit down reunion interview in April of 2014 with Pam Dawber where they reminisce about working together. Looks like its on the set of “The Crazy Ones” Television series. Then  “ET’s Last Interview with Robin”, “Robin’s Final Role” Behind the scenes footage from June where Robin was doing voice overs for the independent film “Absolutely Anything” just a few weeks before entering into Rehab. “Robin’s Special Bond” This is obviously Robins relationship with Christopher Reeves including rare footage of them together on the streets of new York city in the early 80s. Interview clips from a Press Junket are included. “Robin, with Whoopi & Billy” Robin’s history with Comic relief is profiled including backstage footage. ET closes the show with a barrage of funny sound bites from various interviews over the year. I dare you not to laugh!

1 Hour 58 Minutes


ROBIN WILLIAMS Video Archives 2014 Volume XVIII

93. Bravo’s Inside The Actor’s Studio FULL VERSION 06/10/01: THIS REISSUE IS A FULL LENGTH VERSION from the original broadcast. A LONGER 99 Minute Version of the original 1 Hour and 14 Minutes version that aired on Bravo. This longer version of 99 Minutes also includes an additional 20 plus minutes of moments that never aired anywhere. Totaling just under two hours. ”Are you thinking faster than the rest of us?” host James Lipton asks Robin Williams, who proceeds to improvise for four breakneck minutes with a pink shawl donated by an audience member. Williams brings it “on” throughout this exhilarating and exhausting 2001 interview (it’s about five minutes before Lipton can even get in a question), the first two-hour episode in Inside the Actor’s Studio’s august history. In the “thrilling pandemonium” of this master class, the Oscar and Golden Globe award-winning actor and comedian not only crosses the line, but also hurtles himself off the cliff, and he takes his wildly appreciative audience with him. Lipton makes no attempts to reign in Williams, sticking to his signature blue cards that take Williams through his life and phenomenal career, while Williams heads into the ether with digressionary riffs, embodying a dizzying array of characters. Along the way, there are fun biographical bits (Williams was voted least most likely to succeed in high school) and nuggets of comedy wisdom (stand up comedy, he says, makes one fearless and tough as an actor). One wishes Williams dug a little deeper, especially in discussing his addiction battle (Lipton elicits no dramatic revelations or breakdown moments), but this essential episode is a tour de force that is a marvel to behold for any Williams fan or aspiring actor or comedian. A highlight of the disc are deleted interview segments from the five-hour taping, which reveal a more thoughtful side of Williams as he discusses lifting a paralyzed Christopher Reeve’s spirits with a hospital room visit, the classic play Waiting for Godot, in which he costarred on Broadway opposite Steve Martin, and calling Steven Spielberg to give him much-needed comic relief during the filming of Schindler’s List. As Lipton notes in his introduction, Williams here is unleashed, uncut, and uncensored. He is also, in accordance with broadcast standards, very heavily bleeped, especially when discussing his favorite profanity


ROBIN WILLIAMS Video Archives 2014-2017 Volume XIX

94. PBS Pioneers of Television 9/9/14: This tribute to actor and comedian Robin Williams features one of his last full-length interviews for the PIONEERS OF TELEVISION series, including never-before-seen comments on his life and comedic and dramatic work, as well as tributes to Williams by those who knew and worked with him, and clips from his career. All interviews exclusive to this broadcast

When Robin Williams died in August every network rushed to create a “special” to air that night or a day later. PBS took a bit more time – though not much. Documentary Director Steven J. Boettcher had apparently already started a documentary about Williams or had footage of one of William’s last interviews in preparation of another episode of PBS’ “Pioneers of Television” series. Boettcher gathered the interview footage and contacted show business folks close to Williams and compiled this loving – and often hilarious (thanks to Williams amazing comic talents) 55 minute show. It aired a few weeks after his death as a one-off, but thanks to PBS Home Video it will now be on home DVD for those who missed it (like me). I was provided with an advance copy to compile this review.

I’d say that nearly half of the time is spent on Williams’ role on TV’s “Mork and Mindy” (which ran four seasons. But that is some of the funniest material here. It was an offshoot from “Happy Days” and so Henry Winkler (The Fonz) gets to discuss working with Williams. And “Mindy”. Pam Dawber, tells some great on the set stories, especially about the fourth season when Jonathan Winters (seen her in interviews before his death) and Williams would improvise (the script just said “Williams and Winters do shtick”). Then the tribute moves on to his feature film career with clips from “Good Will Hunting”, “Popeye”, “Mrs. Doubtfire” and of course “Good Morning Vietnam”. We learn that Williams recorded nearly 10 hours of material as the deejay in Vietnam and only some was used. (Boy, would an “outtakes DVD be wonderful!).

There are also brief comments from stand-up comics Paul Rodriguez, Louis Anderson and Pauly Shore.
It’s a loving tribute and one that will make you laugh out loud (and hit the repeat button to catch some of the lightning- speed jokes) and then, when it is over, say to yourself : “Why is this comic genius gone”.

95. REELZ Robin Williams Remembered with Nancy O’Dell 04/24/17: From the comedy clubs in San Francisco to his meteoric rise to stardom as the adorable alien on the hit TV series “Mork and Mindy,” Robin Williams’ comic genius was only rivaled by his reputation as one of the kindest actors in show business. Host and entertainment reporter Nancy O’Dell presents her intimate first-hand accounts of monumental celebrity stories including the passing of Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. With more than 20 years of reporting on celebrities and Hollywood, O’Dell will share her personal stories, photos and archive footage as well as her own interviews.


ROBIN WILLIAMS Video Archives 2018 Volume XX

96. Today 07/10/18: An exclusive preview of “Come Inside My Mind” to air later that week. The segment includes a profile of Robin along with scenes form the upcoming documentary. This profile of the film includes an exclusive interview with the Director Marina Zenovich. Commentators comment on their opinion of Robin as both a comedian and actor.

97. “Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind” January 2018: A funny, intimate and heartbreaking portrait of one of the world’s most beloved and inventive comedians, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind is told largely through Williams’ own words, and celebrates what he brought to comedy and to the culture at large, from the wild days of late-1970s L.A. to his death in 2014. 

The film explores his extraordinary life and career, revealing what drove him to give voice to the characters in his mind. With previously unheard and unseen glimpses into his creative process through interviews with Williams, as well as home movies and onstage footage, this insightful tribute features in-depth interviews with those who knew and loved him, including Billy Crystal, Eric Idle, Whoopi Goldberg, David Letterman, Steve Martin, Pam Dawber and his son, Zak Williams. 

The documentary underscores what made Williams so unique, ranging from his youthful days in the San Francisco Bay area, to his time in New York at The Juilliard School, to his rocket-propelled fame on TV’s Mork & Mindy, to his profound impact on the American cultural landscape. Such career high points as his landmark comedy show at the Metropolitan Opera, his Broadway debut in “Waiting for Godot,” his Academy Award-winning performance in Good Will Hunting and his classic confessional bits about his alcohol and drug issues and 2009 heart surgery capture the spark that made him stand out across four decades in entertainment. Williams’ tragic death in 2014, which revealed he had been suffering from the disease Lewy Body Dementia, left fans around the world heartbroken.

The genius of Robin Williams lay in his ability to make a room, a comedy club, a concert hall or the whole world laugh. Family, friends and film crews often saw a man who wasn’t happy unless everyone else was having a good time — but the dualities Williams embodied were present inside him at all times.

20 DVD Set – Total Running Time Approximately OVER 37 Hours Long

PLEASE READ: Please note this archival footage is considered pre-DVD quality. This is especially pertaining (but not completely) to the years covered from 1977- 1987. Pre DVD quality is considered watchable visual footage, some footage being monaural (Mono) sound that has been given a basic up conversion to D o l b y 2 . 0 stereo sound. As the collection progresses so does the quality both visually as well as stereo sound that gets an upgrade to D o l b y 2 . 0 stereo sound after this period. If  by chance you are considering bidding because of ONE segment you happen to want PLEASE send a message first about the condition as there are no refunds.

A simple must have for any fan/collector of ROBIN WILLIAMS. There‘s nothing else out there like this in the world and IT MAKES A UNIQUE ONE OF A KIND GIFT for your special loved one. An especially RARE COLLECTION for ANY Robin Williams fan living outside of the USA as all features in the “Video Archives” Collection are from the USA. The Entire 20 DVD Collection boasts OVER 37 HOURS of RARE appearances!  The most complete Video Archive Collection of ROBIN WILLIAMS from start to finish in the world spanning OVER 40 YEARS! Even if you own ALL prior video releases you still would not have anywhere near ALL of the just under ONE HUNDRED video segments available in this unique one of a kind offer. PLEASE NOTE: Photos provided show a 17 DVD Set but ALL 20 DVDs are INCLUDED with this offer.


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    Well after watching all 17 volumes I have to say, I totally enjoyed them thoroughly!!!! It was wonderful watching Robin Williams in videos, interviews and television episodes. It made me realize how much he will be and is missed!!! There lived a talent that no one will ever be able to duplicate. I’ve tried desperately to find these types of videos of Robin and always have been unsuccessful. Being able to purchase them and watch all of them mastered to DVD thanks to MVR is a real treat!!! The package, delivery and quality of the DVDs are very good, even the older ones. Yes, some of the earlier footage may be a little garbled, but good quality so you can enjoy watching Robin Williams in all his glory!!! The compilation is well worth the cost. Delivery was prompt and didn’t have a problem with anything!!! Would definitely recommend the purchase to a friend. I strongly suggest, if you are a true Robin Williams fan, this is a collectors set you cannot do without!!!

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