Roxy Music Total Recall: A History 1972-1982 (1990) (Remaster from LaserDisc to DVD)


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Released exclusively on the long since discontinued and deleted formats of VHS and exclusively on LaserDisc in Japan only, the following has NEVER been released on DVD until NOW!

This REMASTERED DVD is sourced directly from the original high quality Japanese LaserDisc to DVD for the first time ever! Quality is unmatched as it transferred from the long since deleted LaserDisc from OVER TWENTY NINE years ago. Another original offer from your team at MVR!

Description: Total Recall is a thorough, chronological audio-visual history of Roxy Music, including forays into the solo careers of prominent band members. The 90-minute DVD remaster from the original Japanese only LaserDisc features 41 videos/live performances that span approximately ten years, 1972-1982. It excels in its presentation of rarely seen clips from television broadcasts and concert footage, plus a plethora of stills from album-cover photo shoots and old concert flyers. Archive sources include BBC Television, American TV appearances, Live Aid, music videos, and more.

The documentary covers all of Roxy’s official album releases and also includes the following: a 1973 clip from Brian Eno’s recording session for Here Come the Warm Jets; a substantial number of video excerpts detailing Bryan Ferry’s solo career; excerpts from solo performances by Andy Mackay and Phil Manzanera; and a 1975 clip of Manzanera playing “Diamond Head.” The truly live performances hold much more interest than those in which the group lip syncs for commercial television shows; there’s an abundance of each here. Cameos include Gary Glitter, Abba, Eurythmics, and Elton John, all of whom were guest hosts on some of the TV programs that Roxy played over the years.

Highlights on Total Recall are many. In a mid-’70s video promoting Ferry’s “Let’s Stick Together” single, tigress Jerry Hall struts across the stage twirling her cat tail and growling as boyfriend Ferry croons. Roxy’s “Same Old Scene” (from 1980’s Flesh + Blood) makes an appearance in the form of a cool black-and-white video. Fans of this later, Avalon-era sound will gravitate toward Total Recall’s latter third, while glam rock, prog rock, and Eno fans will delight in the first two-thirds of the documentary.

Total Recall is as professional and polished a package as one will find, with an emphasis on creative and inventive editing techniques throughout. It’s a testament to Roxy Music’s unique sound and style, and confirms the group as an influential and inspiring force.

DVD Menu divides content as “Side 1” and “Side 2” to mimic the content style of the original LaserDisc

Side 1

1. Re-Make/Re-Model
2. The Bob (Medley)
3. Ladytron
4. If Thre Is Something
5. Virginia Plain
6. Would You Believe?
7. For Your Pleasure
8. In Every Dream Home A Heartache
9. Do The Strand
10. Editions of You
11. These Foolish Things
12. The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch
13. Wild Weekend
14. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
15. Streetlife
16. A Song For Europe
17. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
18. It Ain’t Me baby
19. A Really Good Time
20. All I Want Is You
21. Diamond Head
22. You Go To My Head
23. Whirlwind
24. Love Is The Drug
25. Both Ends Burning
26. Let’s Stick Together
27. Baby’s On Fire
28. The Price of Love
29. In Your Mind

Side 2

30. Trash
31. Dance Away
32. Angel Eyes
33. Ain’t That So
34. Same Old Scene
35. Oh Yean
36. Jealous Guy
37. Avalon
38. The Main Thing
39. Can’t Let Go
40. Slave To Love
41. Do The Strand

Total Running Time 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Line-up / Musicians

– Bryan Ferry
– Phil Manzanera
– Andrew Mackay
– Brian Eno
– Paul Thompson
– Paul Garrack
– John Gustafson
– Neil Hubbard
– Eddie Jobson
– Rik Kenton
– Andy Newmark
– John Porter
– Graham Simpson
– Dae Skinner
– Alan Spenser
– Gary Tibbs
– John Wetton

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