RUN-DMC Live Performances & Interviews 1985-1988 Volume I


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1.MTV’s Liner Notes March 1985: Interview & profile of RUN-DMC
2.RUN-DMC Live at The Ritz in New York City 6/12/85: Jam Master gets the party started right with some cuttin and then the raps include “It’s Like That”, “You Talk Too Much”, “King Of Rock”, “Rock Box” and “You’re Blind”
3.Live Aid 7/13/85: RUN-DMC perform (short segment)
4.MTV IRS The Cutting Edge 11/85: raps from RUN-DMC on a truck cruising Los Angeles
5.MTV News 2/86: The first ever MTV report on the collaboration of RUN-DMC with Aerosmith for “Walk This Way” single includes footage from the original recording sessions
6.MTV Music News 6/86: Raising Hell Tour Profile interviews include RUN-DMC, Beastie Boys and LL Cool J & Whodini
7.MTV World Premiere of “Walk This Way” (Music video) and comments from original VJ Alan Hunter about the making of the video
8.MTV’s Addicted to Style 6/86: RUN-DMC perform on the streets of NYC rapping about Fashion in New York City (RARE)
9.MTV Rock Influences 7/86: It’s Like That (LIVE)
10.MTV Commercial 1986: promo for RUN-DMC’s Guest VJ Hour. RUN-DMC perform a quick rap for the commercial
11.MTV’s Guest VJ Hour with RUN-DMC 7/86: RUN-DMC hosts one hour of programming on MTV. Rare as it only aired once. Music Videos include “Rock Box”. Whodini “Freaks Come Out at Night”, Beastie Boys “She’s On It” and “King of Rock” (All Commercials are edited out)
12.MTV Video Music Awards 9/86: Segment on hair styles. RUN-DMC are featured and tell a joke about there new hats
13.MTV Top 20 Video Countdown 10/86: Jam Master Jay stage dives into the audience at a Beastie Boys concert
14.MTV The Year In Rock 12/86: Profile on RUN-DMC includes behind the scenes of the recording of “Walk This Way” and “The Raising Hell Tour”
15.MTV News 12/86: Tougher Then Leather movie to released
16.MTV Hot Young Blood 11/86 :”Hot New Artists of 1986” segment is about RUN-DMC career in 1986
17.American Music Awards 2/87: Walk This Way (LIVE)
18.MTV’s Guest VJ Hour with Beastie Boys 3/87: Segment with Run making a quick rap on the “Beastie Cam”
19.MTV In-Studio Interview 4/87: This interview aired ONLY ONE TIME and is very RARE. RUN-DMC discuss the making of It’s Tricky and also included is the world premiere of “It’s Tricky” (Music Video)
20.The Morning Program 8/87: In-depth interview with RUN-DMC and discussion of new film “Tougher The Leather” interview by Dr. Ruth (classic)
21.CBS News Nightwatch 8/87: In-Depth Interview with RUN-DMC and the Beastie Boys about Together Forever Tour and the controversy surrounding it. (MEGARARE)
22.MTV Music News 10/87: RUN-DMC perform benefit anti-crack concert at Madison Square Garden. Included is footage from the concert
23.MTV Video Music Awards 9/88: Walk This Way LIVE with Aerosmith


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