RUN-DMC Live Performances & Interviews 1987-2002 Volume II


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1.MTV Music News 9/87: Together Forever Tour ends in NYC includes interview with RUN-DMC
2.MTV News Week In Rock 9/87: RUN-DMC comment on the tours finale
3.60th Annual Grammy Awards 2/88: RUN-DMC perform “Tougher The Leather”
4.Video Music Box Commercial 1991: featuring RUN-DMC
5.Late Night with David Letterman 1991: Beats To The Rhyme/Rock Box (LIVE)
6.The History of Rock ‘n Roll 1997: Episode Ten “The Perfect Beat” Teaser with RUN-DMC, Opening, RUN-DMC are interviewed and profiled. Also interviewed are Rick Ruben and Russell Simmons
7.The 1999 MTV Video Music Awards 9/99: Opening, Kid Rock performs Ling of Rock/Rock Box/Walk This Way with RUN-DMC and Aerosmith
8.Profile Records Mini Documentary 2000: featuring a in-depth profile of RUN-DMC with an interview with RUN
9.MTV 20 Almost Legal (the 20th Anniversary of MTV) 8/31/2001: Opening, RUN DMC perform a Hip Hop Medley with Salt & Pepa, Naught by Nature, Busta Rhymes and Puff Daddy then the entire cast comes out for a tribute to TuPac and B.I.G.
10.VH1’s Say It Loud: Black Music In America 6/23/02: Profile on RUN-DMC
11. VH1’s Ultimate Albums 6/23/02: Full length documentary on RUN-DMC and the creation of the LP Raising Hell
12.VH1’s presents “The Eighties” (A Five Part Series) 12/2001: Part 3: Profile of RUN-DMC and new interviews from 2001
13.VH1’s Top Eighty of the 80’s 2001: Profile on “Walk This Way” with interviews from RUN and the members of Aerosmith
14.VH1’s Behind The Music 2002: Aerosmith Special, segment about Aerosmith’s collaboration with RUN-DMC on Walk This Way
15. The 2002 MTV Video Music awards 8/29/02: RUN-DMC introduce P. Diddy
16.MTV’s documentary series “Ultrasound” 1998: “Back In The Day” Documentary. Opening with comments from RUN. After each commercial break are individual comments from RUN-DMC. Also included is a full profile on RUN-DMC as they came up in the scene including in the segment are comments from Salt ‘N Pepa, Russell Simmons and interviews from ALL members of RUN-DMC

The following segments are all local news reports that aired only in New York City and all aired only once. None of them are national so you can witness the local reporting on this tragedy in these segemnts and the ones that begin Volume III.

17. Fox 5 News at Noon 10/31/02: Profile of RUN-DMC, Interview with Vibe Magazine. Report on JMJ influences many of today’s rappers, Interview with JMJ from March 2002.
18. Eyewitness News at Noon 10/31/02: Report from Hollis, Queens reaction from fans and mention of official website and mini profile on JMJ.
19. News 4 New York at Noon 10/31/02: Profile on JMJ, report from Hollis, visuals of fans praying outside studio were it happened on Merrick Boulevard, interview with friends and fans of JMJ and radio DJ’s.
20.News 4 New York at 5 10/31/02: Report of connection of another threat to another rapper. Also included are past reports about JMJ in shooting incident. Visual of vigil outside of studio.
21.Channel 2 News at 6:00PM: Report from JMJ vigil outside of studio
22. Fox 5 News at 6:00 PM 10/30/02: Report from JMJ vigil outside of studio, profile of JMJ, interview with childhood friends and former Body Guard. Profile of RUN-DMC including the “firsts” of any rap band. Quotes from radio listeners as they discuss the tragedy.


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