RUN-DMC Live Performances & Interviews 1997-2002 Volume III


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1.Channel 11 News at 11:00PM 10/31/02: Then full report on the shooting of JMJ at the studio working on LP for “Rusty Waters”. Interview with Police Commissioner and report of connection of another threat to another rapper. Russell Simmons quells rumors of another “East Coast, West Coast War.” Fans and recording industry react to the tragedy, report from JMJ vigil outside of studio. Beastie Boys Mike D releases a statement.
2. News 4 New York at 11 10/31/02: Report of connection of another threat to another rapper. Report from 103rd Prescient in Jamaica, Queens. Interview with Police Commissioner. Interview with fans and reaction from the recording industry and profile of JMJ
3. MTV VH1 and VH1Classic all have the same acknowledgment posting one is included in the segment.
4.Saturday Night Live 11/02/02: Jay Z performs in tribute to JMJ by wearing RUN-DMC’s recent tour shirt.
5. Channel 11 News at 10 11/05/02: “Heartbrealing Farewell” Report from the funeral of JMJ. Includes footage outisde church in queens, visuals of RUN and DMC, EPMD, Salt and Pepa are interviewed
6.Fox 5 News at 10 11/05/02: Teaser of report on JMJ’s funeral and then Report from the funeral of JMJ visual outside church.
7. VH1 Special Documentary “RUN-DMC & Jam Master Jay, The Last Interview” 11/03/02: All interviews were shot in August of 2002 during RUN-DMC’s Tour celebrating 20 years in rap music. Includes interviews with all members (from August 2002) and Russell Simmons. Footage from the tour in August. After first break there is a acknowledgment posting one new one is included in the segment a type of tribute. Mostly this is a profile/retrospective
8. VH1 Behind The Music 2001: In-depth profile of RUN-DMC with interviews from both past and present (2001). Also included are interviews from producer Rick Rubin, rappers Chuck D, LL Cool J, Biographer Bill Adler and Russell Simmons. Footage from the recording sessions for Crown Royal. A lot of clips of archive footage that are all seen (in their entirety) in the previous volumes above.
9.“RUN-DMC: THE KINGS OF RAP (1997 DOCUMENTARY): In-depth interview with all members of the group who explain in their June 1997 interview about coming up in the rap game.
10. VH1’s Big In 2002 12/2002: Tribute to JMJ of RUN-DMC


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