RUN-DMC The Video Archives 2017-2020 Volume VI


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66. Marcia Clark Investigates 05/03/18: World famous prosecutor, Marcia Clark, dives deep into the world of hip hop to search for the truth of what really happened to legendary DJ, Jam Master Jay. Marcia will navigate the twists and turns of numerous theories that surround the mysterious death of this icon. Included is archival footage and photos of JMJ along with RUN-DMC. Was Jay shot because of a dangerous past? Was he killed by someone close to him? Was it a drug deal gone bad? Or was it something else entirely? With no one ever charged with the murder, Marcia will dissect the first 48 hours of the initial investigation, and attempt to get to the truth. Featuring the following who are exclusively interviewed for this documentary: Former NYPD Detectives Derek Parker and Richard Baluchi who was called to the scene the night of the murder. Also included author Matt Diehl, and journalist Frank Owen.

all commercials edited out 1 Hour 25 minutes

67. The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards 01/26/20: RUN-DMC and Aerosmith join together for the first time in many years and perform the classic “Walk This Way” live

68. Rock & Roll Trip with Sammy Hagar Season 2 Episode 12 08/06/17: Sammy is honored as a keynote speaker at the World’s Biggest Music Festival, South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. He then joins Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Pioneer of Hip Hop, Run-DMC Frontman Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, in a Rock-Rap jam with Blacktop Mojo as the house band.

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