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Salt-N-Pepa Original Air Date January 23rd 2021: details the journey of Queensborough Community College students Cheryl “Salt” James and Sandra “Pepa” Denton as they enter the world of rap and hip hop, after recording a song for their friend Hurby Azor. Salt-N-Pepa made a huge impact as one of the first all-female rap groups, changing the look of hip hop and being unafraid to talk about sex and share their thoughts on men. The movie follows the group as they become the first female rap act to go platinum and experience ground-breaking success with multiple awards, including a Grammy award – paving the way for all female rappers to follow. The film features performances of Salt-N-Pepa’s greatest hits, including: “Let’s Talk About Sex”, “What a Man”, “Shoop” and “Push It”. The movie stars GG Townson as Cheryl “Salt” James, Laila Odom as Sandra “Pepa” Denton, Cleveland Berto as music producer “Hurby Azor,” Jermel Howard as rapper “Treach” and Monique Paul as “DJ Spinderella.”

It’s based on not just the music and the legacy of Salt-N-Pepa — it’s also based on the friendship,” Salt told Yahoo! Entertainment. “We were friends before we became a group. So, it’s the ups and downs, the highs and the lows, of being a female in music in a male-dominated, not just genre, but world, and how we navigated through that and how we survived, and we didn’t become a tragic story. We’re still here. We’re still thriving. It’s inspirational for women, I think, to see us just be vulnerable about how wonderful but also how difficult it was.”

The biopic is interspersed throughout the duration of the film with segments from Let’s Talk About Salt-N-Pepa, that featured Salt and Pepa on a Zoom call discussing the details of the film through an overview of their career.

As one of the most intriguing stories in hip-hop history, you would need more than three hours to catch every detail of Salt-N-Pepa’s career. But the film Salt-N-Pepa paired with the segments from the edocumentary Let’s Talk About Salt-N-Pepa manages to fit in all the best parts.

2 Hours 10 Minutes | 2021 | TV-14

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Directed by Mario Van Peebles


Laila Odom…Sandra ‘Pepa’ Denton
G.G. Townson…Cheryl ‘Salt’ James
Arnold Pinnock…John P. Edmunds
Monique Jasmine Paul…Dee Dee ‘DJ Spinderella’
Jermel Howard…Treach
Cleveland Berto…Hurby Azor / Steve Azor
Mandela Van Peebles…Sweet Tooth
Dorrett White…Strip Club Patron
Sierra Wignall…Kim (Salt’s younger sister)
Eddie G….Louis Burrell
Molly Lewis…Young Girl
Jennifer Hui…Hurby’s Girlfriend
Daniel Keith Morrison…MC Hammer
Bronson Phillip Lake…Christopher ‘Kid’ Reid
Isys Alexis…Latoya Hanson (Dj Spinderella)
Tiara Johnny…Trina
Albert Marks…mob boss
Denver Taylor…Martin Lawrence
Catherine Thomas…Judge
Warren Belle…Tah Tah
Devante Goulbourne…College Guy
C.J. Byrd-Vassell…Fresh Gordon
Devante Senior…Christopher ‘Play’ Martin
Carlos Albornoz…Prince Markie Dee
Ainara Marin-Alleyne…Young Cheryl
Al McFoster…Lamont
Colin Glazer…Eddie O’Laughlin
Kimone English…Jean
Jaime Lauren…Choir Singer
Tonjha Richardson…Barbara James
Karina Grzella…Dancer
Tyra Pryce…Teen Sandy
Levi Dombokah…Tyran
Blaine McKenzie…Musician
Kristopher Grzella…Dancer
Richard Raybourne Richard Raybourne
Dionne b Warren…Choir Member
Jamie Cavanagh…Al Machero
Ryan Ramcharran…Club Patron

Sonya Côté…Betty Kane (uncredited)

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