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1. Season 6, Episode 8 Robert Hays/14 Karat Soul, Joe ‘King’ Carrasco & The Crowns (24 Jan. 1981): Opening segment Weekend Update Segment Eddie Murphy discusses how the recent Iranian crisis has affected his drug purchases. For the Rocket Report, Charles examines President Reagan’s daily schedule. Eddie Murphy promises that he won’t let stardom go to his head now that he’s been hired as a full cast member. Closing Segment

2. Season 6, Episode 11 Charlene Tilton/Todd Rundgren/Prince (21 Feb. 1981): Opening, Mr. Robinson introduces the folks in his neighborhood and receives a package from Mr. Speedy. For the Rocket Report, Charles takes host Charlene Tilton for a ride on the New York subways. “Sugar Daddies” sketch. During the good-nights, Charles makes an unfortunate statement about the shooting, and Don Pardo admits to pulling the trigger in revenge for Charles’ sleeping with his wife.

3. Season 7, Episode 4 Donald Pleasance/Fear (31 Oct. 1981): Opening sketch with Donald and Eddie in the bathroom with a surprise cameo from John Belushi then opening. Jerry Lewis shows people his two completely different personas. Eddie’s Guardian Angels monologue. Weekend Update Raheem Abdul Mohammad with his News Break Film Critic about black people attending horror films. A repeat skit of “Pros and Cons” presents rising literary stars who are all ex-cons. The famous “Tyrone Green” monologue “Cill My Landlord”. Closing Segment

4. Season 7, Episode 9 Robert Conrad/The Allman Brothers Band (23 Jan. 1982): Opening sketch, Judge Wapner oversees a lawsuit against Velvet Jones in The People’s Court and opening segment. Velvet Jones and Jersey Guy Paulie Herman give their thoughts on whether some characters are becoming over-exposed.

5. Season 8, Episode 9 Eddie Murphy/Lionel Richie (11 Dec. 1982): Eddie hosts while still a cast member of SNL. this is a first as eddie replaces Nick Nolte (his “48 Hrs” co-star) for the duration of the program. He calls it “The Eddie Murphy Show”. Opening segment, Eddie’s opening monologue. Later in the show Eddie is part of a modern dance parody “Dance Theater For The Blind”. “Hairem Scarem” Hair damage program with “Dion Dion” played by Eddie. “Herpes” segment with cast members are in act the disease. Closing segment with Eddie and he is interrupted by Steve Martin. Closing segment

6. Season 8, Episode 15 Bruce Dern/Leon Redbone (12 Mar. 1983): Buh-Weet Story commercial. Saturday Night News Segment with Brad Hall “Buh Weet is Dead” report. “Jerry Lewis School of Manners”, GUMBY segment with Eddie and host Bruce Dern. Closing segment where Bruce mentions “a final goodbye to Buh-Weet”

7. Season 8, Episode 20 Ed Koch/Kevin Rowland & Dexy’s Midnight Runners (14 May 1983): Opening segment, Mr. Robinson introduces the new word for the day “ONTAPANURE”. Classic Joe Piscopo as David Letterman interviews GUMBY. Gumby shows his Blooper Reel “Pardon Me Dammit I Blew It”. Closing Segment

8. Season 9, Episode 1 Brandon Tartikoff/John Cougar Mellencamp (8 Oct. 1983): Gross, Kazurinsky and Murphy snoop in Brandon’s office. Opening, sketch with Murphy in with Brandon in his office discussing Primetime opportunities. Gumby sketch with a potential reunion with Pokey. Closing segment.

9. Season 9, Episode 2 Danny DeVito & Rhea Pearlman/Eddy Grant (15 Oct. 1983):Mr. Robinson talks about his neighbor “Anita”. Mr. Robinson teaches the views the new word “Bastard” closing segment



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