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1. Season 13, Episode 9 Robin Williams/James Taylor (23 Jan. 1988): Opening then full show of just the sketches that include Robin and closing segment.

2. Season 12, Episode 5 Robin Williams/Paul Simon (22 Nov. 1986): Opening then full show of just the sketches that include Robin and closing segment.

PLEASE NOTE: Segments above include (in part) segments with Robin that are NOT part of the “Robin Williams Video Archives Collection” available on this site.

Season 4, Episode 7 Walter Matthau (2 Dec. 1978) : The host for the episode is Walter Matthau, but there was no musical guest. The skits for this episode are as follows: NBC President Fred Silverman wonders aloud about what needs to be done to pick up the network’s failing ratings. An ad for Epoxy-Dent claims the denture adhesive is strong enough to let you hold onto a helicopter with your teeth. The coach of the Bad News Bees gives his team some advice on life after one of them is caught buzzing off. At the Olympia grill, a Coca-Cola sales rep tries to get the place to switch from Pepsi, while several customers are grossed out by the cook’s insect-killing technique. Nixon gets together with one of his old conspirators to talk about staging a comeback. Connie Carson interviews new teen idol Vanessa Lake. Garrett Morris sings “Della Sua Pace”. Spot gets set on fire while Mr. Bill is still trying to get ready for his show.




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