Saturday Night Live Archives Season 1, Episode 7 Richard Pryor/Gil Scott-Heron (13 Dec. 1975):COMPLETE SHOW NO COMMERCIALS


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1..The host for the episode is Richard Pryor, and the musical guest is Gil Scott-Heron. The skits for this episode are as follows: Garrett Morris tricks Chevy Chase into taking a bad fall during a skit. Richard Pryor does an opening monologue about why he doesn’t drink or take LSD. A man checks into a hotel managed by a samurai who speaks no English. A black author talks about his latest book in which he disguises himself as white. A woman tries to identify her attacker from a series of stacked line-ups. An interview for a job using word association turns racially tense. Two men discuss a hockey game while playing Pong. A father complaining that blacks are taking over is oblivious to the fact that his entire family has turned black. A major accidentally uses a piece of new equipment that was intended for emergencies. In a sequel to The Exorcist, Regan manages to push both priests over the edge. Albert Brooks tries to make another film while sick in bed. Richard Pryor witnesses a conspiracy theorist get gunned down just before announcing the truth about the JFK assassination. Shelly Pryor sings a song about carousel horses. During the Weekend Update, Chevy Chase comments on homosexuality in sports, Kissinger’s accent, and Franco’s continuing death. Emily Litella delivers an impassioned speech on busting children. Gil Scott-Heron performs “Johannesburg” and “A Lovely Day”.



2. Season 1, Episode 24 Kris Kristofferson/Rita Coolidge (31 Jul. 1976): John Belusihi Sketch as the Samurai general practitioner. Kris is one of his patients.


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