Saturday Night Live Archives Season 3, Episode 11 Chevy Chase/Billy Joel (18 Feb. 1978): COMPLETE SHOW NO COMMERCIALS


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The host for the episode is Chevy Chase, and the musical guest is Billy Joel. The skits for this episode are as follows: President Ford returns to give a rebuttal to Ronald Reagan’s comments on the Suez Canal. Chevy Chase uses his opening monologue to milk the audience for applause. An ad pitches a new way to preserve moths by mashing them. A couple discusses what just happened after their one-night stand. During the Weekend Update,

Chevy tricks Dan Aykroyd into giving him the anchor spot, and John Belushi gives a commentary on boxing that gets him so wound up he attacks Jane Curtain. A trainee customs inspector misses a pair of smugglers carrying cocaine. A priest of the Church of Confusion gives a sermon that rambles in circles. Two German soldiers behind enemy lines answer a series of baseball questions to prove they’re actually American. For the final skit, several different endings are tried out. Billy Joel performs “Only the Good Die Young” and “Just the Way You Are”.



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