Saturday Night Live Archives Season 3, Episode 19 Richard Dreyfuss/Jimmy Buffett, Gary Tigerman (13 May 1978): COMPLETE SHOW NO COMMERCIALS


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The host for the episode is Richard Dreyfuss, and the musical guests are Jimmy Buffett and Gary Tigerman.

The skits for this episode are as follows: A presentation on Paraquat shows how the chemically treated marijuana makes its way into the U.S. Richard Dreyfuss performs Hamlet for his opening monologue after John Belushi taunts him over his Best Actor Oscar, but ends up in a fight with John instead. A man obsessed with a tower-like vision he had sees Beldar Conehead in a TV commercial and rushes to the Conehead household just as an emissary is arriving from Remulak. Dreyfuss tests viewers on their knowledge of sex.

During the Weekend Update, Bill Murray heckles Richard Dreyfuss during his review of the Oscar winners, and Jane Curtain snaps at Roseanne Roseannadanna for getting sidetracked about rude bodily functions. Nick the lounge singer entertains couples at a honeymoon resort. David Susskind interviews celebrities together with their mothers. Father Guido Sarducci gives the report on things at the Vatican. Jimmy Buffett performs “Son of a Son of a Sailor”, Gary Tigerman performs “White Oaxacan Moon”, and Richard Dreyfuss performs “I Want to Be Seduced”.



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