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The 4-part documentary event “Secrets of the Chippendales Murders” gives a look beyond the bright lights into a dark world of drugs, arson, a love triangle and a murder.

Chippendales was a nightclub that aimed to allure and please women with its scantily clad male dancers and vivacious music, and quickly advanced toward a pop culture phenomenon, until it came crashing down. Through exclusive interviews, never-before-seen crime scene video and declassified FBI surveillance audio, the limited series unravels the hidden tale of how sex, jealousy, arson, hefty-bags filled with cash and mafia shakedowns all led up to one of the most outrageous murders in American history.

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Episode 1: “The Perfect Man” Air Date: March 14th  2022: In the 1980s, Chippendales was a worldwide phenomenon. At the center of its meteoric growth are Steve Banerjee, who left India to live the American dream, and Nick De Noia, a children’s television producer with a talent for turning beefcakes into Broadway-esque dancers. Their partnership built an empire but behind the bright lights and scantily clad dancers was a dark world of drugs, murder, and unbridled ambition.

Episode 2: “Strip the Layers” Air Date: March 21st 2022: The bigger Chippendales gets, the more problems it faces. Among them: mobsters, disgruntled dancers, churchgoers, and Nick De Noia and Steve Banerjee. The two masterminds behind the show grow obsessed with their fortunes before a shocking murder leaves NYPD detectives at a loss.

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Episode 3: “The Show Must Go On” Air Date: March 28th 2022:  The NYPD investigates multiple leads into the murder of Nick De Noia. Possible motives include a love triangle, insurance fraud, and an angry boss–all of which lead nowhere. Years later, the FBI gets a tip from a hitman named “Strawberry” who blows the case wide open.

Episode 4: “The Naked Truth” Air Date: April 4th 2022: The FBI teams up with down-and-out actor Ray Colon who leads federal agents on an international manhunt for the man behind Nick De Noia’s murder. However, even after the mystery is solved and the killer is behind bars, the show is far from over. Soon to follow is a shocking death and the discovery of tens of millions of dollars secretly hidden in Switzerland.

Total Running Time is 3 Hours (approximately)

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