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1. Cool Cats: 25 Years of Rock ‘n Roll” 1983: Documentary, discussion of the Punk Era with exclusive interview from Malcolm and early interview footage of John Lydon and early Pistols footage (12:38)
2. MTV’s Rock Influences 1985: Documentary, discussion of the punk era and interview with Malcom McClaren and Pistols footage (5:50)
3. Local Cable Access Show 9/18/78: Live TV Interview with Sid Vicious, Nancy Spungen and Stiv Bators (Part 1 of 2) (5:18)
4. The History of Rock ‘n Roll 1996: Documentary, discussion of the punk era. In-depth interviews with Malcolm McClaren, John Lydon, Steve Jones, Siouxsie Sioux with Pistols footage from late 70’s (18:55)
5. Rolling Stones 20th Anniversary 1987: Documentary, Covers the punk era discussed with footage of the Pistols (5:09)
6. Pretty Vacant (Original Music Video) (3:17)
7. Entertainment Tonight 8/8/84: PIL Profile and interview with John Lydon regarding new LP. Footage of In-store record signing and What You Want (Music Video) (1:45)
8. MTV Music News 1988: PIL Profile and in-depth interview with John Lydon comments on Sting, U2 and Guns ‘n Roses (scenes from DOA and PIL music videos) (3:03)
9. PIL: Public Image Ltd. (Music Video) (2:55)
10. PIL: This Is What You Want (Music Video) (4:36)
11. TIME ZONE: World Destruction (John Lydon and Afrika Bambatta) (Music Video) (3:36)
12. PIL: Rise (includes interview with Lydon) (Music Video) (4:54)
13. PIL: Seattle (Music Video) (3:09)
14. PIL: Disappointed (Music Video) (4:06)
15. PIL: Warrior (Music Video) (4:01)
16. PIL: Covered (Music Video) (4:10)
17. LEFTFIELD: Open Up (Lydon is Guest Vocalist-Music Video) (3:55)
18. Disneyland Summer Celebration 6/86: Steve Jones joins Adam Ant on stage to perform “Goody Two Shoes” RARE (3:32)
19. ANDY TAYLOR: When the Rain Comes Down (Steve Jones plays guitar-Music Video) (4:34)
20. IGGY POP: Cold Metal (Steve Jones plays guitar-Music Video) (3:24)
21. SEX PISTOLS: Anarchy in the UK (1994 re-issue for “Swindle” film Music Video) (2:58)
22. MTV Music News Spring 3/20/96: Sex Pistols Reunite! Profile with scenes from Press Conference at The 100 Club (3/18/96) and exclusive interview with the entire band after conference (also 3/18/96) (4:41)
23. Local Cable Access Show Spring 1996: Neurotic Outsiders Live Performance with Steve Jones on Guitar. Interview with John Taylor Bassist discusses the formation of the group (3:10)
24.MTV Music News Spring 2/96: Sex Pistols Reunite? Rumors abound about potential reunion. Interview with John Lydon as he neither confirms nor denies rumors (1:20)
25. The Efrom Allen Show (Local New York Cable Access Show) 9/18/78: Live TV Interview with Sid Vicious, Nancy Spungen and Stiv Bators (slightly better quality then previous Volumes) Part of not all of the episode (Part 2 of 2) (2:37) (See “Part 1” at end of Volume II)

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