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1.MTV Week in Rock 8/10/96: Official Teaser for show featuring Sex pistols Interview (:35)
2.MTV Week in Rock 8/10/96: Opening, Filthy Lucre Reunion Tour hits New York City at Roseland (8/8/96). Concert footage in NYC and in-studio interview with the entire band regarding recent incident (8/7/96) (2:36)
3.MTV Music News Tease 8/17/96: Sex pistols 40 and still fierce and ripping up the road (:24)
4.MTV Music News 8/17/96: Scenes from Roseland in NYC (8/8/96) Interview with John Lydon, fans outside of Roseland and Steve Jones, Scene from Roseland “Seventeen” (LIVE) and Paul Cook Interview (3:37)
5.VH1 presents the 70’s 8/19/96: Documentary Series Part 1 clips of interviews with John Lydon and Joe Strummer, Iggy Pop and Deborah Harry discussing the Punk Era (4:38)
6.WIZ Commercial 8/20/96: Filthy Lucre LP (:30)
7.SEX PISTOLS: Pretty Vacant (LIVE) (Music Video) (3:31)
8.MTV’s 120 Minutes 8/19/96: Stabbing Westward comments on opening for the Pistols reunion tour and introduce two exclusive in-studio live performances from the Sex Pistols “Problem” and “Pretty Vacant” (shot during the Filthy Lucre Live Tour) (Recorded Live 8/7/96) (8:47)
9.VH1 presents the 70’s 8/20/96: Documentary Series Part 2 clips of interviews with John Lydon (1:26)
10.OFFICIAL ELECTRONIC PRESS KIT 7/2/96: “Sex Pistols Filthy Lucre E.P.K.” Exclusive in-depth interviews with The Sex Pistols about the reunion of the band plus extensive footage from the press conference at The 100 Club (19:34)
11.NEUROTIC OUTSIDERS Jerk 8/21/96: (Steve Jones plays guitar-Music Video) (4:35)
12.NEUROTIC OUTSIDERS: Commercial for New LP “on sale at Tower” (Steve Jones plays guitar) (:30)
13.(UK TV) BBC footage 1982: Photo Montage of the Sex Pistols with vintage photographs taken by Dennis Mom set to the music of “Pretty Vacant” (3:20)
14.(UK TV) BBC’s The Tube 10/28/83: Family Tree creator shows links between Sex Pistols and other bands then PIL LIVE: Love Song, Anarchy in the UK and Flowers (LIVE) (12:47)
15.PIL: Don’t Ask Me (Music Video) (4:30)
16.VH1 presents the 70’s 8/21/96: Documentary Series Part 3 clips of interviews with John Lydon (1:48)
17.TIME ZONE: World Destruction (John Lydon and Afrika Bambatta) (Full Version Music Video) (4:16)
18.MTV Commercial 4/13/97: “When Punk Finally Dies” a teasing hint of what was to come…Rotten TV RARE (:10)
19.Fashion Television 4/20/97: In-depth interview with Vivienne Westwood. Discusses Punk Days and vintage punk footage at World’s End Shop with Malcolm (5:25)
20.VH1’s Best of American Bandstand 1/1/97: Public Image Limited (1981) Johnny barely performs song as he encourages audience members to get on stage with him, total chaos, classic. Two songs and an attempt to interview John just doesn’t work (9:54)
21.Hard Rock Cafe Live 4/97: A letter from John Lydon is read (:24)
22.MTV Europe 9/96: Neurotic Outsiders Interview with Steve Jones and “Jerk” Music Video (6:11)
23.(GERMAN TV) “A Matter of Taste” 4/97: John Taylor of Neurotic Outsiders host an hour of his favorite music videos and plays the 1992 re-edited version of a music video for “Anarchy in the UK” (4:49)
24.MTV’s 120 Minutes 2/22/98: Mention of live CD “Filthy Lucre” and portion of Pretty Vacant Live from segment #8 (2:10)
25.VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of Rock ‘n Roll 4/98: Two teasers, Sex Pistols chart at #46. Profile on the band with comments from Joe Strummer and Bruce Springsteen (1:37)
1.Local Cable Access Show 9/18/78: Live TV Interview with Sid Vicious, Nancy Spungen and Stiv Bators (Part 1 and 2) (7:55)
2. (2:29)

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