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1. Later with Jools Holland 09/28/12: Public Image Ltd.: Reggie Song, Deep Water and This Is Not  A Love Song (LIVE)

2. Later with Jools Holland (series 47 Episode 6) 10/20/15: Public Image Ltd.: Opening, “The One”, “Corporate”, “Double Trouble” and closing segment

3. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert 11/17/15: Opening and PIL perform “Double Trouble”

4. SiriusXM Interview with John Lydon 04/30/15: This interview with that aired originally on the radio SEE the actual interview here for the first time. John is Brutally Honest About Drugs, Music, Groupies & New Book “Anger Is An Energy”.  The self-proclaimed king of punks John Lydon paid us a visit on Sway in the Morning. The legendary Sex Pistols frontman gave us an insight in his world as the band first exploded, explaining it was because of their “bare faced honesty.” Similar to hip-hop, John talks about his love of the genre, especially being a fan of the Zulu Nation movement. John remains honest during our interview, talking about the unnecessary rules the system (or the “shitsym”) that we’re programmed to follow. “Rules are for fools,” he repeats. Stating that mantra is also why he created his new band, Public Image Limited. From drugs, to groupies, to his love of reggae, no stone is unturned. Watch as Johnny Rotten opens up below. Plus grab his new book in stores now, Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored, and keep an eye out for his upcoming album “What The World Needs Now…” which he explains is his ‘most excellent and most enjoyable work.’

5. Piers Morgan’s Life Stories with John Lydon 09/25/15: John Lydon – aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols – talks to Piers Morgan about his remarkable life and career. The punk icon looks back on his controversial rise to fame and notoriety in the band that sent shock waves through the music industry and beyond. He reveals how childhood meningitis affected his memory so severely he was left unable even to recognise his own parents and reflects on the death of bandmate Sid Vicious. Still performing with his band PiL and living in LA, John talks about life, love and whether he has mellowed as he is about to turn 60. John explains to Piers how he got is nickname Johnny Rotten:  “Bad teeth. In my childhood, the only time I saw a toothbrush used was my dad cleaning boots. There was bits missing (in my teeth), all cracked up, I’d avoid the dentist.” John reveals who gave him the name, saying: “Steve Jones (fellow Sex Pistol), almost immediately on our first meeting. ‘You’re rotten you are.’ I liked it a lot. It was not taking yourself too serious.” When talking about losing his memory, following a diagnosis of meningitis at the age of seven, John told Piers that he still lives with the fear that he might wake up and not remember who he is. “There’s nothing worse than that.  To absolutely not belong to anybody, that’s the ultimate pain.” John is clearly smitten with his partner Nora, who is 14 years his senior. “We are just made in heaven. We’re so awkwardly different, she’s the best person in the world I’ve ever known,” he told Piers. (All commercials edited out)

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