Siouxsie and the Banshees Live Performances Video Archives 1979-1983 Volume I


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  1. (UKTV) Something Else 1979: Love In a Void (Live Performance with Robert Smith of The Cure) (Rebroadcast on BBC’s Peel’s Sounds of the 60’s and 70’s on 8/29/99)
  2. (UKTV) Something Else 12/15/80: Israel   (Live Performance)
  3. (Dutch TV) Live in Amsterdam, Holland at The Paradiso 2/20/82: Israel, Painted Bird, Arabian Knights and Spellbound (Shot in Black and White)
  4. (UKTV) Rock Goes To College Live in Warwick, England at Warwick University 1982:
    Israel , Pull to Bits, Arabian Knights, Sin In My Heart, Happy House, So Unreal, Eve-White-Eve-Black, Spellbound (this is a different appearance then the Warwick concert in 1981 on Volume III)
  5. (UKTV) Top of the Pops 9/83: Dear Prudence (Live with Robert Smith of The Cure)      (Rebroadcast on BBC’s Top of the Pops II on 9/22/99 )
  6. (UKTV) Top of the Pops 10/28/83 : Happy House (Half of the song only) (Performance)
  7. “Nocturne”: Live at the Royal Albert Hall 9/30 & 10/01/83 (with Robert Smith of The cure on Guitar): Includes Israel   , Melt, Painted Bird, Spellbound & Helter Skelter amoung others (58 Mins.) (UKTV) The Old Grey Whistle Test: Melt & Painted Bird (Live Performance including Robert Smith  form The Cure)


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