Soft Cell Marc and Almond Music Video Anthology 1981-2019 4 DVD Set 83 Videos

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All music videos are  offered here in chronological order (with the natural exception of “Non-Stop Exotic Video Show”) the way they were originally released. Totaling OVER SEVEN SOLID HOURS consisting of  83 Music Videos including rare alternate versions in addition to REMIX music videos and naturally all the solo music videos from Mr. Marc Almond as a solo artist. In this 4 DVD Set you’ll find beautifully displayed multi page menus with thumbnail pictures and chapters stops for EACH AND EVERY MUSIC VIDEO so you can get to your favorite video right away. See enclosed photos! Easily the most complete music video collection of  not only the legendary Soft Cell but also all solo efforts from Mr. Almond. Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not have anywhere near ALL the music videos available in this one-of-a-kind unique offering. The most complete music video collection from start to finish in the world on a 4 DVD Set!

Soft Cell & Marc Almond Music Video Anthology 1981-2019 4 DVD Set TRACK LISTING:

Soft Cell Music Video Anthology Volume I

(Tracks 1-13) “Non-Stop Exotic Video Show”
1. Entertain Me
2. Bedsitter
3. Frustration
4. Torch
5. Seedy Films
6. Secret Life
7. Tainted Love
8. Youth
9. Memorabilia
10. Sex Dwarf (Intro)
11. Sex Dwarf (Edited)
12. What
13. Say Hello Wave GoodbyeTainted Love (Top of the Pops Version 2-RARE)August1981

  1. Where the Heart Is  December 1982
  2. Soul Inside  September 1983
  3. Down in The Subway  February 1984

Marc Almond Music Video Anthology Volume II

  1. The Boy Who Came Back  June 1984
    19. You Have  August 1984
    20. Tenderness is a Weakness (RARE) November 1984
    21. I Feel Love (Johnnie Remember Me) Marc Almond with Bronski Beat April 1985 (Conceptual Version 1)
    22. Stories of Johnny (RARE) August 1985
    23. Love Letter October 1985
    24. I Feel Love (Medley) with Jimmy Somerville 1985 (Performance Version 2)
    25. The House is Haunted by the Echo of Your Last Goodbye
    26. A Woman’s Story  June 1986
    27. Ruby Red October 1986
    28. Melancholy Rose (RARE) February 1987
    29. Mother Fist
    30. Tears Run Rings (Original Conceptual European Version 1)
    31. Bitter Sweet
    32. Something’s Gotten Hold of My Heart  January 1989
    33. The Stars We Are
    34. Only the Moment  April 1989
    35. Tears Run Rings (US Conceptual Version 2)
    36. A Lover Spurned February 1990
    37. The Desperate Hours  May 1990
    38. Waifs and Strays November 1990
    39. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (’91 Conceptual Version 2) March 1991
    40. Tainted Love (’91 Conceptual Version 3) May 1991
    41. Jacky (Original 7” Version 1) September 1991
    42. My Hand Over My Heart  January 1992
    43. The Days of Pearly Spencer  April 1992
    44. Jacky (12’’ Remix Version 2)RARE

Soft Cell & Marc Almond Music Video Anthology Volume III

  1. Adored and Explored  May 1995
    46. The Idol
    47. Child Star  1996
    48. Out There  February 1996
    49. Tragedy (Take a Look and See)
    50. My Love (RARE)
    51. Lonely Go Go Dancer
    52. Amo Vitam – Rosenstolz feat. Marc Almond  2001
    53. Please Stay 2001
    54. Glorious 2001
    55. Soul on soul – Marc Almond & System  February 2001
    56. Total Eclipse / Die schwarze – Witwe Rosenstolz & Marc Almond March 2001

Soft Cell Reunion

  1. Monoculture  September 2002 RARE

Marc Almond continued

  1. The Storks  2003
    59. So Long the Path
    60. Way You Walk – Marc Almond & So 2005
    61. Total Baby’s On Fire – Marc Almond and T-Total August 2005
    62. Saint Now 2009
    63. Beggar (RARE)
    64. Friendship
    65. I Love So Much to Look Into Your Eyes  2009
    66. The Exhibitionist  2010
    67. Varieté (Variety)  2010
    68. Lavender 2010
    69. Be Still  July 2013
    70. Burn Bright November 2013
    71. Worship Me Now March 2014
    72. Scar  mar, 1  2015
    73. The Velvet Trail  March, 7 2015
    74. The Pain of Never March, 19 2015

Soft Cell & Marc Almond Music Video Anthology Volume IV

  1. Cobra Coral feat. Marc Almond Othon September, 6 2016
    76. Blue Spirit Blues feat. Marc Almond Professor Purblind  September 7, 2016
    77. Life In My Own Way February 2017
    78. A Kind Of Love February 2017
    79. How Can I Be Sure September 2017
    80. Embers  December 2017

Soft Cell Reunion

  1. Martin (Hallowe’en Mix) 2018
    82. Northern Lights 2018
    83. Tainted Love (Conceptual Version 4 Lyric Video)

This is the most complete music video collection of Soft Cell and related solo projects anywhere worldwide!!! An incredible EIGHTY THREE music videos in all TOTALING OVER SEVEN HOURS ON FOUR SEPARATE DVD’s that span nearly FOURTY years of music. This is a natural addition for any avid collector of Soft Cell devotee. You will NOT find this particular type of collectable offered elsewhere. The most complete collection available of Soft Cell’s and Marc Almond’s music video discography totaling OVER EIGHTY music videos in all spanning FOUR DVDs. Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not have anywhere near ALL the music videos available in this unique collection.

Another unique collection brought to you by the team at MVR

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3 reviews for Soft Cell Marc and Almond Music Video Anthology 1981-2019 4 DVD Set 83 Videos

  1. John Leatham (verified owner)

    I’m actually quite amazed and pleased with this collection. All the video segments play properly on l/r stereo with good to higher fidelity quality. Overall this is an admirable collection of Soft Cell and Marc Almond solo videos that serves both historical reference and nostalgic interests quite well indeed. Too bad the record labels don’t have the sense to better serve the artists, their fans or the general public. Thank you MVR for all your efforts and professionalism in picking up where they left off and making this Anthology available to us serious collectors.

  2. Wendy clayton (verified owner)

    Wow what can I say! Fantastic collection of music videos.
    Again the recordings are of excellent quality. So wonderful to actually have The idol, out there, adored and explored on DVD!
    I can’t believe there was never an official DVD or video released by Marc Almond of these music videos. I could mention numerous other official Marc music videos that he never released on DVD as a compilation… To mention a few “hand over my heart”, “child star”, “yesterday has gone”, “days of pearly spencer”. The list goes on…
    I can’t stress enough how much content you get for your money with this 4 DVD Set. A MUST HAVEfor any Marc Almond fan or those just discovering Marc / Soft Cell for the first time. A fantastic collection here including some of his lesser known tracks/music videos. Great to see “cobra coral” on here! I love that song!
    Anyone interested in Marc Almond or Soft Cell ORDER these now! You will NOT be disappointed.
    Excellent DVDs. Excellent seller communication
    Very fast dispatch. I’m over the moon with these. Thanks so much!

  3. Dennis Jinks (verified owner)

    I am really pleased by the quality and quantity of the tracks in this collection. Many of them I had not seen before even though I’ve been a fan since the start, 1981. I can’t recommend it highly enough! The DVDs arrived surprisingly quickly, considering they had to come here to England from the U.S.A. Overall I am very happy with the order and will be ordering more relating to other artists.
    Dennis Jinks

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