Soft Cell & Marc Almond The Video Archives 1999-2014 Volume II (1 Hour 42 Mins.)

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14. Showtime’s Rock Profile 1999: In-Depth Interview with Marc Almond (30 Mins.) R
15. BBC’s UK Channel 4 Top Ten TV Series 03/13/1999: This weekly series lists an imaginary top 10 artists from different musical genres. This episode , hosted by Boy George is a Top 10 of 1980’s Romantics. Included are all recent interviews in 1999 of the members of the bands that are featured in this special. Top Ten include #10 Visage, #9 Japan, #8 ABC, #7 Soft Cell, #6 Ultravox, #5 Human League, #4 Culture Club, #3 Spandau Ballet, #2 Adam and the Ants. And #1 Duran Duran. This segment is the part of the documentary just about Soft Cell (10 minutes approx.)
16. UKTV Young Guns Documentary 2000: Profile of Soft Cell and In-Depth interview with both members looking back on the very beginnings of their collaborations up to present day. Probably the very best documentary ever made about the band to date (39 Mins.)
17. Top of The Pops 2 7/5/01: Tainted Love (Soft Cell Reunion)
18. Top of The Pops 2 28/1/03: Torch and The Night
19. Fashion Rocks 2004 9/26/04: Marc Almond of Soft Cell and The Pussy Cat Dolls “Tainted Love”
20. The 80’s Rewind Tour Friday to Sunday the 16th to the 18th of August 2012: Marc Almond (Soft Cell), performs Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
21 The 80’s Rewind Tour August 2014: Marc Almond (Soft Cell): Interview and Tainted Love

Total Running Time 1 HOUR 42 Minutes

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