Spandau Ballet & Tony Hadley The Music Video Anthology 1981-2015 Volumes I & II (2 DVD Set) (includes FOURTY-TWO music videos in all spanning the years from 1981 to 2015 including a rare selection of Tony Hadley’s solo efforts spanning from 1993 to 2011)


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All music videos are complete, uninterrupted and in the original chronological order that they were created. This collection is comprised of only conceptual music videos and only a small fraction are stated as live (where indicated) due to the fact that there was no conceptual music video made for that particular single found on Volume II.  Also included in the Two DVD Set are RARE “Alternate Versions” to existing music videos including extended and re-edited versions along with (in one case) a partially different conceptual version. 

This DVD Set includes an astounding FOURTY-TWO music videos in all spanning the years from 1981 to 2015 including a rare selection of Tony Hadley’s solo efforts spanning from 1993 to 2011. Also included in the “Bonus Materials” on Volume II is a 2010 interview with Gary Kemp discussing the making of the music video for the massive hit “True”. This is without question; hands down the most complete Spandau Ballet & Tony Hadley Music Video Collection that has ever existed in the world! TOTALING NEARLY FOUR HOURS LONG on Two separate DVDs!!!

Spandau Ballet The Music Video Anthology 1981-1989 Volume I

Journeys To Glory LP (October 30, 1981)

To Cut A Long Story Short
The Freeze

Diamond LP (May 25, 1982)

4. Chant No. 1 (I Don’t Need This Pressure On)
5. Paint Me Down (Original Version-Banned by the BBC)
6. She Loved Like Diamond
7. Instinction (7” Remix by Trevor Horn)

True LP (March 4, 1983)

8. Lifeline
9. Communication (Original Conceptual European Version 1)
10. True
11. Gold (Original Conceptual Version 1)
12. Communication (Conceptual Re-Edit USA Version 2) -RARE-
13. Gold (Extended Dance remix Version 2) –ULTRA RARE-

Parade LP (May 25, 1984)

14. Only When You Leave
15. I’ll Fly For You
16. Highly Strung (Original Long Version 1)
17. Round and Round

Band-Aid Single Release (November 29, 1984)

18. Band Aid (Featuring Tony Hadley & Martin Kemp) Do They Know It’s Christmas? (Final Edit Revised Version 2)

Through The Barricades LP (July 15, 1986)

19. Fight For Ourselves
20. Through The Barricades
21. How Many Lies? (Live)

Heart Like A Sky LP (September 24, 1989)

22 .Raw
23. Be Free With Your Love

Tony Hadley:

P.M. Dawn: Of the Heart, of the Soul and of the Cross:
The Utopian Experience LP (August 6, 1991)

24. P.M. Dawn featuring Tony Hadley: Set Adrift On Memory Bliss RARE

Spandau Ballet & Tony Hadley (Solo) The Music Video Anthology 1998-2015 Volume II

Tony Hadley Continued:

“Tony Hadley” LP (December 15, 1998)

25. Save A Prayer (Duet with Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran)
26. Dance with Me
27. First of May
28. Wonderful Life
29. She
30. Maybe You and I

“Tony Hadley” Solo Efforts (1992-2011)

31. Game of Love (1992) RARE
32. Lost In Your Love (1992)
33. Absolution (1993)
34. Tin Tin Out Featuring Tony Hadley: Dance With Me 1993
35. Marc Et Claude Featuring Tony Hadley: Feel You 2002
36. Caparezza Featuring Tony Hadley: Goodbye Malinconia Feb. 30, 2011

Spandau Ballet Continued:

37. Once More (Video Montage Version 1) Feb. 16, 2010
38. Once More (Official Conceptual Video Version 2) Dec 9, 2010
39. This Is The Love (Live Version 1) Oct 29, 2014
40. Steal Feb 28, 2015
41. Soul Boys Jun 30, 2015
42. This Is The Love (Live Version 2)


43. The Music Video Exposed Episode #2 02/06/10: Director Russell Mulcahy, discusses his directing history of music videos. Included is a discussion about the music video he created for Spandau Ballet’s True with a special 2009 interview with Gary Kemp about the production of the music video.

This DVD totals just under FOUR HOURS LONG!!! Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not have ALL the music videos from both Spandau Balet and Tony Hadley as a solo artist that are available in this unique Collection. This DVD Set is a fantastic must have collection for any Spandau Ballet, Tony Hadley or New Romantic collector. ALL the music videos and remixes are all available exclusively in this collection.

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