SPANDAU BALLET Video Archives 1981-2000 VOLUME VII


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Includes a full page menu with chapter selections and thumbnail images for each and every segment on this DVD

Please note all footage below is available here on DVD in Region 1 (for USA & Canada DVD Players) for the very first time as these segments were NOT released in America except in the Blu-Ray format. This is standard DVD format.

1. (UK TV) BBC Segment 02/25/81: Behind The scenes of the photo shoot For “Axiom” Magazine

2. (UK TV) BBC Segment 02/81: In-Depth Interview

3. In-Depth Interview 05/5/81: by Pat Wardsley at The Underground Night Club in New York City, NY, U.S.A. This is more than likely the first in-depth interview the band ever did for American television and includes also an interview with then Spandau Producer Richard James Burgess MEGA RARE

4. Spandau Ballet Live In New York City, NY USA 05/06/81: Recorded at The Underground Night Club, this is probably the very first video of Spandau Ballet LIVE in America. Songs include: The Freeze, Mandolin, Reformation, Chant No. 1, Toys, Age of Blows (Instrumental), Musclebound, Confused, To Cut A Long Story Short and Glow MEGA RARE    

5. To Cut A Long Story Short (Time Machine Edit)  

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