SPANDAU BALLET Video Archives 2009-2010 VOLUME V


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Includes a full page menu with chapter selections and thumbnail images for each and every segment on this DVD

1. Friday Night with Jonathan Ross 04/24/09: The very first TV appearance of the band after their announcement of reuniting (historical) In-Depth Interview with the entire band discussing their career and a funny “True” or False segment followed by “Chant No. 1” and “Gold” LIVE

2. Top 2000 In Concert 12/10/09: Gold and Through The Barricades LIVE

3. “SPANDAU : THE RETURN”  10/9-13/09: Documentary about the 2010 Reformation Tour. Spandau at Elstree Studios 9th & 11 of October and Dublin 02 14th of October

4. Isle of Wight 2010 Festival 06/13/10: Spandau Ballet REUNION! To Cut A Long Story Short, The Freeze, Highly Strung, Only When You Leave, I’ll Fly For You, Through The Barricades, Communication, Lifeline, Chant No. 1, True and Gold LIVE. This is the first broadcast of Spandau performing live on US Television in more then ten years.

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