SPANDAU BALLET Video Archives 2010-2015 VOLUME IV


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Includes a full page menu with chapter selections and thumbnail images for each and every segment on this DVD

1. Isle of Wight 2010 Festival 06/13/10: Spandau Ballet REUNION! True, The Freeze and Gold LIVE. This is the first broadcast of
Spandau performing live on US Television in more then ten years.

2. The 80’s Rewind Tour Friday to Sunday the 19th to the 21st of August 2010: Tony Hadley performs live solo set. Set list includes: “Rio” (Duran Duran Cover), True and Gold

3. The 80’s Rewind Tour August 2012: Tony Hadley performs live solo set includes: Gold and True

4. The 80’s Rewind Tour August 2014: Tony Hadley performs live solo set includes: Take Back Everything and Gold

5. Jimmy Kimmel Live 11/10/14: Opening introduction by Jimmy of the band. Spandau Ballet perform “True” and “This Is The Love”

6. The Today Show 01/20/15: Opening three teasers about the band appearing on the show then finally a short profile of the band followed by an introduction of the band performing “True”

7. BBC Sky News March 2009: Spandau announce their reunion via Press Conference on the HMS Belfast ship in London. Included are scenes and reactions from the band regarding their reformation.

8. Ireland TV RTE ONE Tubridy Tonight 05/23/09: 80’s legends Spandau Ballet flew in to chat to Ryan about living in Dublin in the 80s, lawsuits and getting back together. In one of their first performances since re-forming the band blew the audience away with a fantastic rendition of their classic hit “Gold”!

9. Face Culture 11/02/09: Video interview with the British pop group Spandau Ballet. FaceCulture spoke to Gary Kemp, John Keeble and Steve Norman about their first meeting, the start of Spandau Ballet, electronic music, their first synthesizer, youth culture, periods in their career, getting Commercial, albums, the break up and trial, reuniting, reinventing old songs, Once More, ballads and more.

10. STV on 12/08/2009: Interview with Tony Hadley

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