Split Enz, Lloyd Cole and The Commotions, Tim Finn, Crowded House, Neil Finn The Music Video Anthology 1975-1998 (2 DVD Set)


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This EXCLUSIVE collection has been produced to not only to demonstrate the musical evolution of Split Enz and later Crowded House but also to include ALL other musical projects created by ALL the other members Lloyd Cole and The Commotions, Tim Finn and Neil Finn as solo artists. All the music videos are in the order that they were originally released to better demonstrate the progression of the bands and solo projects and its historical significance as well. This two volume DVD set includes FORTY EIGHT MUSIC VIDEOS.


Split Enz / Lloyd Cole and The Commotions / Tim Finn
The Music Video Anthology 1975-1988 Volume I of II

(Contains Full Menu and Chapter Settings)

Split Enz Music Videos 1975-1986

1.    Last Last Night
2.    Sweet Dreams
3.    Lovey Dovey
4.    Bold as Brass
5.    My Mistake
6.    I See Red
7.    Give It A Whirl
8.    I Hope I Never
9.    I Got You
10.    One Step Ahead
11.    History Never Repeats
12.    I Don’t Wanna Dance
13.    Six Months In A Leaky Boat
14.    Dirty Creature
15.    Never Ceases To Amaze Me
16.    Next Exit
17.    Message To My Girl
18.    Straight Old Line
19.    I Walk Away

Lloyd and The Commotions Music Videos 1986-1987

20.    Perfect Skin (RARE)
21.    Lost Weekend (RARE)
22.    Brand New Friend (RARE)
23.    Jennifer She Said (RARE)

Tim Finn (Solo) Music Video 1988

24.    How’m I Gonna Sleep (RARE)

Crowded House / Neil Finn The Music Video Anthology
1986-1998 Volume II of II

(Contains Full Menu and Chapter Settings)

Crowded House Music Videos 1986-1996

25.    Mean To Me
26.    Now We’re Getting Somewhere
27.    Don’t Dream It’s Over
28.    Something So Strong
29.    World Where You Live
30.    Better Be Home Soon
31.    Sister Madly (Live At The State Theatre)
32.    When You Come
33.    Into Temptation
34.    I Feel Possessed
35.    It’s Only Natural
36.    Chocolate Cake
37.    Fall At Your Feet
38.    Weather With You
39.    Four Seasons In One Day
40.    Distant Sun
41.    Nails In My Feet
42.    Locked Out
43.    Private Universe
44.    Not The Girl You Think You Are
45.    Everything Is Good For You
46.    Instinct (from “Recurring Dream” Best of LP) (RARE)

Neil Finn (Solo) Music Videos

47.    She Will Have Her Way (RARE)
48.    Take A Walk with Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam (RARE)


Funny Interview from Alaska TV Show “Catch 22”  circa 1986 (25 Minutes) (RARE)

Total Running Time Volumes I & II: (Approx. 3.8 Hours)

This two volume DVD set totals FORTY EIGHT FIVE MUSIC VIDEOS and nearly FOUR HOURS LONG HOURS LONG!!! This is truly a one of a kind item. No one else in the world is presenting a collection that’s as complete and inclusive of ALL THE MUSIC VIDEOS of all band members. Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not anywhere near ALL the music videos in this unique offer and it’s only available here, at MVR. A fantastic must have DVD set for any Split Enz, Crowded House, Lloyd Cole and The Commotions, Tim Finn or Neil Finn devotee.

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