STAR WARS: Episode One: The Phantom Menace (Press Coverage, Interviews and Documentaries) 1 of 5 #2 Volume II


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All USA TV footage concerning the entire STAR WARS LEGACY from various TV appearances from the actors and directors of the films to in-depth interviews, award presentations, audition takes, outtakes to documentaries, raw footage. All of which are perfectly edited to contain only subject matter pertaining to the various films. In other words “no fluff” just content

1. MTV Music News 7/98: Phantom Menace Trailer (Version One) (3:03)
2. Entertainment Tonight 7/98: Merchandising hopes for Hasbro toys with interview of Elizabeth Gross of Hasbro (:58)
3. Entertainment 7/98: Interview with Samuel Jackson on action figures (1:13)
4. Access Hollywood 7/98: Phantom Menace Trailer News (:34)
5. In depth Interview with George Lucas 1997: This is a compilation of the documentary/interview segments that appeared EXCLUSIVELY at the beginning of each “Special Edition” Letterbox only release. Three separate interviews about each film with additional interviews of Producer of special edition Rick McCallum, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Visual Effects Supervisors Dennis Muren, Dave Carson, Joseph Letteri & Stephen Williams and John Williams total time (20:18)
6. Star Wars Special Edition Official Trailer (2:20)
7. The Empire Strikes Back Special Edition Official Trailer (2:04)
8. Return of the Jedi Special Edition Official Trailer (1:55)
9. Entertainment Tonight 1/98: Interview with Jake Lloyd (2:00)
10. Entertainment Tonight 2/98: Steven Spielberg comments on film and interview with George Lucas on secrecy on upcoming film (1:23)
11. CNN’s Entertainment Weekly 2/98: Lucas deal to release soundtrack on Sony Classical (:28)
12. E Entertainment News 2/98: Jake Lloyd’s being chosen out of hundreds of actors (:46)
13. The 1998 Grammy Awards 3/98: George Lucas introduces John Williams and his Orchestra for an absolutely outstanding performance of the Star Wars Main theme which includes a medley of musical pieces from the saga fantastic stuff (3:07)
14. Access Hollywood 3/98: George Lucas defends Jake’s performance (1:40)
15. E Entertainment News 3/98: Internet Interviews with Phantom Menace producer and report on Star Wars web site (2:17)
16. Access Hollywood 4/98: Phantom Menace Trailer (Version Three) and interview with George Lucas (2:28)
17. Good Day New York 4/98: Interview with Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone on the hype of Phantom Menace (4:42)
18. Entertainment Tonight 4/98: “Cover Story”: Behind the scenes of the making of The Phantom Menace with interviews of Producer, Rick McCallum Parts 1 of 2 (5:50)
19. E Coming Attractions 4/98: Phantom Trailer version two (2:54)
20. New York 1 News 4/98: FAO opens doors to Star Wars toy section at midnight (1:57)
21. MTV World Premiere 5/98: John Williams and The London Symphony Orchestra “Duel of Fates” (Music Video) (4:49)
22. VH1 World Premiere 5/98: Behind the scenes footage and then presentation of John Williams and The London Symphony Orchestra “Duel of Fates” (Music Video) (4:55)
23. Entertainment Tonight “Star Wars Week” 5/03/99: Teaser, opening with “Merchandising Madness” segment, Behind the scenes on wardrobe fashions for “Phantom” and interview with Trisha Biggar (Costume Designer) also included interviews with George Lucas Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor, Behind the scenes secrets and interview with Natalie Portman and George Lucas (8:34)
24. Access Hollywood 5/03/99: Premiere of key light saber battle scene with interviews of George Lucas and John Williams on scoring the soundtrack (2:17)
25. Access Hollywood 5/04/99: The unmasking of Star Wars characters Darth Vader, Chewbacca and R2-D2 at NYC Science Fiction Convention, Interviews with David Prowse, Peter Mayhew and Kenny Baker (1:36)
26. Saturday Night Live 5/08/99: Skit about Phantom Menace during Weekend News Update segment funny (2:32)
27. Access Hollywood 5/10/99: Actors strike back at critics about bad reviews includes interview with Samuel Jackson, Liam Neeson silences rumors of quitting the business, in-depth interview with Jake Lloyd on Star Wars video games (4:06)
28. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 5/10/99: Interview with Jake Lloyd (8:05) OPEN OPEN OPEN
29. TLC’s Ultimate Special Effects 11/30/99: Behind the scenes look at the digital side of effects

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