STAR WARS: Episode One: The Phantom Menace (Press Coverage, Interviews and Documentaries) 2 of 5 #3 Volume III


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All USA TV footage concerning the entire STAR WARS LEGACY from various TV appearances from the actors and directors of the films to in-depth interviews, award presentations, audition takes, outtakes to documentaries, raw footage. All of which are perfectly edited to contain only subject matter pertaining to the various films. In other words “no fluff” just content

1.    Lucasfilm Ltd. “Box Lunch” Trailer A 1.85 Letterbox Stereo Mix 11/12/98: AKA Phantom Menace trailer Version two with slate (2:12)

2. Access Hollywood 4/98: Phantom Menace Trailer (Version three) (2:20)

3. Entertainment Tonight Weekend Edition 5/98: “Full Force Coverage” Teaser, opening, Full length show includes: report on audience reaction to sneak preview,  Celebrities comment on new film, the making of the look of “Phantom Menace” with interview of George Lucas and Natalie Portman, Mark Hamill’s “ET Hollywood History” with interview with Mark Hamill (1991), Opening of FAO Schwartz Star Wars Toys section and Star Wars Convention, Behind the scenes on wardrobe fashions for “Phantom”, Candid moments behind the scenes with Interviews of Jake Lloyd, Pernilla August, Ahmed Best, Natalie Portman, Samuel Jackson and Liam Neeson, Interview with Ewan McGregor, Interview with films producer Rick McCallum, In-depth Interview with George Lucas (fans ask questions & personal life), Cover Story: Merchandising of “Phantom Menace” and toy collectors (39:16)

4. MSNBC’s Time & Again 5/99: A classic collection of rare interviews from older episodes of NBC’s Today Show regarding the original Star Wars trilogy actors, 7/11/77: Interview with Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, 5/2/81: Interview with Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill, 6/13/83: Behind the Scenes of Jedi report includes interview with Phil Tipett, 5/18/83: Behind the Scenes of Jedi report, 5/20/83: Report on future films to complete the saga includes interview with Jedi producer Howard Kazanjian, 5/26/87: 10th Anniversary of Star Wars Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill,  Sir Alec Guiness and Harrison Ford reflect on the impact of the Star Wars saga ten years later,  6/24/87 Space Balls movie profile and interview with Mel Brookes on comparisons to Star Wars, Classic black & white video of the screen tests for Star Wars with Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill, 5/17/83: In depth Interview/profile with Mark Hamill, 2/14/96: Interview with Mark Hamill, 7/11/77: Interview with Carrie Fish (also interview from Greg Kinnear show in the 90’s), 6/22/82: In-depth interview with Harrison Ford, 6/17/80: Interview with Billy Dee Williams, 10/22/91: Interview with James Earl Jones, 7/23/80: Interview with Anthony Daniels,  6/13/80: Interview with Frank Oz, 7/28/83: Interview with Rev. John Boyles discusses the religious impact of the Star Wars saga, 2/1/97: Report on 20th Anniversary of Star Wars re-release with Interviews of Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and footage of Anniversary Premiere, (37:00)

5. Access Hollywood 5/99: Opening “All Star Wars Special” includes, profile on impact of original Star Wars with interviews of Harrison Ford (1977), Interviews with Mel Gibson, Adam Sandler and Robert Townsend and Mark Hamill, Ricky Schroder (1997) on Star Wars, Star Wars Spoofs: Austin Power’s: The Spy Who Shagged Me” (Trailer is a take off of Star Wars), “South Park” and “Muppets from Space”, Critics bash Phantom Menace includes interview with Samuel Jackson and critics David Ansen & Peter Travers, Interview with Jake Lloyd interview and suits up for premiere, In-depth Interview with Samuel Jackson, In-depth Interview with Ewan McGregor, In-depth Interview with Liam Neeson, In-depth Interview with George Lucas, Report on fans standing in line for months from March to May with fan speaking to George Lucas over the phone, Report on Star Wars convention in Colorado, In-depth Interview with Natalie Portman, Report on the fashions and wardrobe of Phantom Menace with interview of George Lucas and Trisha Biggar Costumer,  Report on Merchandising of Phantom Menace with classic Star Wars Commercial (1977) for the landspeeder by Kenner, Music behind Star Wars with interviews with John Williams and George Lucas, Star Wars spoof “Thumb Wars” profile (41:44)

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