STING / POLICE Video Archives 2007-2010 VOLUME XXIII


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1.    Live Earth 07/14/07: The Police reunite to perform Walking On The Moon, Roxanne, Message In A Bottle amongst others. Then separate interview with Sting and Trudie
2.    The Today Show 8/07: Sting interviewed regarding new book “Lyrics” and performing again with The Police
3.    The Golden Globes 01/09: Sting presents award for “Best Original Song”
4.    Late Show with David Letterman 2009: Performs new song “Soul Cake” from his new LP “If On A Winter’s Night”
5.    The 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert 10/29/09: Sting plays bass with Stevie Wonder on “Higher Ground” then Sting performs “Roxanne” with Stevie Wonder on keyboards. Later Sting performs with Jeff Beck on “People Get Ready”
6.    Hope For Haiti Now Benefit Concert 1//22/10: Sting performs Driven To Tears
7.    The Music Video Exposed Kevin Godley 02/19/10: Opening, Interview with Sting discussing the music videos for Every Breath You Take and Fields Of Gold directed by Kevin Godley
8.    Better Than Therapy Living The Police Reunion 2007: directed by Copeland’s son, Jordan, who the drummer calls “a much better filmmaker than me. “He totally gets right under our skins, the little bastard, and his analysis of the group is better than any I’ve seen,” says Copeland, who turned his home movies into his own film called “Everyone Stares: the Police Inside Out.” He adds that in the documentary, “it’s unbelievable to see the early rehearsals compared to where we’re at now. Some of them were so raw we had to take them out, some of the scenes. But he’s still got the nitty gritty there, with us each grappling with the reality of life in the band again.”

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