STING The Video Archives 2014-“The Last Ship” VOLUME XXVII


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1. The 3rd Annual Music For Change The Global Citizen’s Festival 09/27/14: Gwen introduces Norway’s Prime Minister. Then ND perform “Message In A Bottle” with Sting

2. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon 10/16/14: Opening then interview with Sting for two segments. Sting discusses his new Broadway Musical “The Last Ship”. Later during the second segment Sting records an audience members out going message on his cell phone. Funny segment. The end of the program includes a performance form the cast of “The Last Ship” perform “If You Ever See Me Talking To A Sailor”

3. Inside The Actors Studio 10/23/14:  Bravo Media’s Emmy Award-winning Inside the Actors Studio, hosted by James Lipton, welcomes world-renowned musician, actor, author and composer Sting to the stage. Lipton sits down with the singer-songwriter to discuss everything from his time with The Police to his forthcoming Broadway musical The Last Ship, which opens on October 26th at the Neil Simon Theatre. Sting has received sixteen Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, an Emmy Award and has earned three Academy Award nominations, along with a membership in both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Includes two live performances of “Message In A Bottle” and songs from the new Broadway play “The Last Ship”, “The Night The Pugilist Learned How To Dance” and “Dead Man’s Boots”. Also interviewed is Michael Esper and other cast members.

4. The Today Show 11/07/14: Opening, several teasers about Sting performing later in the program. Last two teasers features visuals of Sting with the cast in the studio. Sting is briefly interviewed and performs live with the Broadway cast of “The Last Ship” perform “When We Dance”. Later in the program Al Roker gets a exclusive tour back stage with Sting of the Broadway show “The Last Ship”. The back stage tour includes brief impromptu interviews with various cast members and musicians. Sting shows all the Orchestra pit at The Neil Simon Theater and the wardrobe and make-up departments. Also scenes from the play very funny profile with Al and Sting.
5. The View 11/10/14: Opening and teaser about Sting coming up later in the show and footage of Sting with the cast in front of the theater serenading the theater group across the street. Later in the show Sting is interviewed. Performing later in the program Sting introduces the cast of “The Last Ship” in the studio performing “When We Dance”. Afterwards Sting gives tickets to all the members to the studio audience.

6. PBS Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Season 2 11/11/14: Sting’s ancestry demonstrates the extraordinary influence of the British Empire during the 18th and early 19th century.Opening and in-depth interview with Sting discussing his family history and heritage. Sting discusses being rasied in New Castle whilst the host traces his genealogy. Fascinating discoveries are made about Sting’s Family tree.

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