Sting The World Wide Video Archives 1987-2017 (32 DVD Set 64 Hours)


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 Sting Video Archives 1987-2017 (32 DVD Set 64 Hours): The Special group rate price breaks down to less than $6.60 per DVD

The following Worldwide Video Archives consists of footage from all around the world including but not limited to UK, Mexico and USA. Probably the most complete and thorough look at Sting through out the years via in-depth interviews, profile, live performances and documentaries that exists in the world

For complete details of the 32 DVD set, see the track listings of the Archive Collection when you search under “STING Video Archives” at the home page on the right hand side or simply scroll down to review entire collection.

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STING Video Archives Volume I (2 DVD Set)

1. Nothing Like The Sun (Commercial for release of LP)
2.   The Week In Rock – 10/11/87 (Album Spotlight)
3.   Saturday Night Live – 10/17/87: Opening Skit with Steve Martin, then    Sting Performs “We’ll Be Together” and “Little Wing”
4.   “We’ll Be Together” – 10/14 (World Premiere)
5.    Music News – 10/15 (World Tour Plans for Nothing Like The Sun)
6.    Music News – 10/19 (Auditions for World Tour)
7.    Music News – 10/24 (Explains the difference between the Police     and solo career)
8.    Music News – 10/24 (Explains his global philosophy on music)
9.    Top of The Pops – 10/31 (Live performance of “We’ll Be Together”)
10.    Music News 11/03 – (Sting replaced by David Bowie for new film “The )
11.    Music News 11/20 – (Sting’s involvement with Bangia Records)
12. Rolling Stone’s 20 Years of Rock ‘N’ Roll – 11/24 (interview)
13.    CBS Morning News – 12/10 (announcement of Human Rights Now tour)
14. Good Morning America – 12/10 & 11 (Parts 1&2 profile on Sting and tour)
15.    Entertainment Tonight – 12/11 (Human Rights Now tour)
16.    New Video Music Hour – 12/14 (new video file)
17.    Be Still My Beating Heart
18.    Sting tour dates
19.    Music News (Human Rights Now tour)
20.    The Week in Rock (plans for the Christmas Holidays)
21.    A Very Special Christmas (Commercial for release of LP)
22.    A Very Special Christmas (Commercial for documentary special)
23.    A Very Special Christmas (Interview/discusses “Gabriel’s Message”)
24.    Gabriel’s Message
25.    Top of The Pops – 12/26 “Gabriel’s Message”
26.    Music News – 1/14/88 (Set and song arrangement during touring)
27.    The Week in Rock – 1/17 (Interview/profile)
28.    Eyewitness News – 1/15  5pm WABC (Interview during the making of One     World
29.    Music News – 1/20 (discusses working with a band on a ship before the     Police)
30.    The Top 20 Video Countdown (Interview clip) 1/24
31.    Be Still My Beating Heart & (Interview clip at end of video)
32.    The Week in Rock 1/24 (Tour profile)
33.    Entertainment Tonight 1/20 & 22 (2 part interview & tour profile)
34.    Music News – 1/29 (Interview with Branford Marsalis)
35.    New Video Music Hour (The New Video Music file “One World”)
36.    Eyewitness News 2/3 (Sting hits Madison Square Garden)
37.    Showbiz Today 2/4 CNN  6pm (Live footage of show at M.S.G.)
38.    Eyewitness News 2/4  11pm (Review of Julia & Julia)
39.    Today 2/5 (Interview w/Kathleen Turner of Julia & Julia discusses working     with Sting
40.    Live At Five (Review of Julia & Julia)
41.    Music News 2/15 (The 2nd Annual Celebrity Auction to benefit “A Very     Special Christmas” LP)
42.    Music News 2/18 (Sting to release Spanish version of Nothing Like The     Sun)
43.    CBS Morning News 2/22 & 23 (2 part interview & career profile)
44.    The 30th Annual Grammy Awards 3/2 (Sting wins Best Male Solo      Performance)
45.    The Week in Rock 3/6 (The Grammy’s come to NY clip interview)
46. The Week in Rock 3/12 (Sting tells a joke)
47.    Music News 2/26 (Interview with Quentin Crisp & Sting)
48.    Englishman in New York – 2/27
49.    Coast to Coast (Sting jams with Branford Marsalis & Herbie Hancock)
50.    The Week in Rock – 4/16 (Amnesty International Press Conference)
51.    Today – 4/21 (Interview discusses new film Stormy Monday)
52.    The Week in Rock – 4/23 (Interview discusses Stormy Monday)        Fragile
53. M-TV’s Sting Weekend commercial
54.  M-TV’s Sting Weekend Bumpers:
A) Sting embarrassed about weekend
B) Interview Sting on Street
C) Nothing Like The Sun tour clip
55.    The Montreux Rock Festival – 6/8:Be Still My Beating Heart, We’ll Be Together and One World (performs w/Ziggy Marley)    10:17


STING Video Archives   Volume II

1. Freedom Fest – 6/11: If You Love Someone Set Them Free, Message In A Bottle, Every Breath You Take They Dance Alone (24:00)
2. Secret Police Men File – Sychronicity Today – 7/12 (Interview tour profile/7th month into tour
3. Police: The Synchronicity Concert (Part 1 of 2)


STING Video Archives   Volume III

56. Police: The Synchronicity Concert (Part 2 of 2)
57. The Today Show 7/88: Interview
58.    Good Morning America – 7/13/88 (Interview w/Sting concerning Rain Forest)
59.    Good Day New York – 8/24/88  (Interview concerning Bangia’s first release)
60.    They Dance Alone (Cireco Solo)
61.    Music News – 8/25/88  (Human Rights Now, problem selling tickets)
62.    Now Hear This – 8/29/88  (Interview discusses Human Rights Now tour)
63.    Music News – 8/28/88  (Springsteen joins Sting during show at M.S.G.)
64.    Channel 2 News at 6pm – 9/1/88  (Amnesty International Human Rights Now tour begins.
65.    Entertainment Tonight – 9/1/88  (Amnesty International Human Rights Now tour begins
66.    CBS This Morning – 9/1/88  (Amnesty International Human Rights Now tour begins
67. Showbiz Today – 9/2/88  (Amnesty International Human Rights Now tour begins.
68.    Eyewitness News at 11pm – 9/3/88  (Amnesty International Human Rights Now tour begins.
69.    Today – 9/5 (Amnesty International Human Rights Now tour begins.
70.    VH-1 Entertainment Report – 9/6/88  (Amnesty International Human Rights Now tour begins.
71.    Sting commercial for Vote – 10/88/88  (Amnesty International Human Rights Now tour begins.
72.    Music News – 11/24/88  (Reebok’s Human Rights Now Award)
The Human Rights Now tour finale in Argentina 1988: Incredible closing to the six continent tour with They Dance Alone and the mothers of the disappeared amongst other songs live


STING Video Archives   Volume IV

75. HBO Sting in Tokyo – 12/87: This Live Concert from Japan is an edited down/shorter version of what is offered later in this archive collection
76. Music News – 5/8/89: Sting in NY to promote Rain Forest anti destructive campaign   V. Public
Service Announcement
77. Donahue – 5/12/89: Interview w/Sting regarding the Rain Forest
78. News at Night – 9/13/89 (Sting, preview – performs “Three Penny Opera” in Washington,
79.   Commercial: “Three Penny Opera” w/Sting at Lunt Fortanne Theatre (previews shows starting
Oct. 19)
80.   The Week in Rock – 12/10/89: Sting presents Reebok’s Human Rights Award
81.   Three Penny Opera (2 performances by Sting)
82.   News at Night: Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame
83.   The 32nd Annual Grammy Awards – 2/21/90 (Sting Presents)
84.   60 Minutes – 12/16/90: Profile on Sting


STING Video Archives (The Police)  Volume V

The Police: The Music Video Anthology

2. “Roxanne” (Original Conceptual Version 1),
3. “Can’t Stand Losing You” (Original Conceptual Version 1),
4. “Message In A Bottle”,
5. “Walking on the Moon”,
6. “So Lonely”,
7. “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” (Original Version 1),
8. “De, Do Do Do, De, Da Da Da”,
9. “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” (Shortened Ending Version 2),
10. “Invisible Sun”,
11. “Spirits in the Material World”,
12. “Demolition Man” (Conceptual Version) RARE,
13. “Every Breath You Take” (Original Black and White Version 1),
14. “Wrapped Around Your Finger”,
15. “Synchronicity II” (Conceptual Version 1),
16. “Don’t Stand So Close to Me ’86” (Version 2),
17. “Synchronicity I” (Live Version 2),
18. “Roxanne” (Red Room Version 2), RARE
19. “Can’t Stand Losing You” (Red Room Version 2), RARE
20. “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” (Original Extended Ending Version 1),
21. “Every Breath You Take” (Blue Version 2),
22. “Can’t Stand Losing You” (Conceptual / Live Version 3), RARE
23. “Every Breath You Take” (Yellow Version 3), RARE
24. Sting featuring Pras: “Roxanne ’97”, RARE
25. Dance Floor Virus featuring Sting: Message In A Bottle,
26. George Michael: “Roxanne”,
27. Godley & Crème: “World Mix” (Contains scenes from Police music videos that were directed by Godley & Crème),
28. “Roxanne” (Performance in Germany),
29. “Can’t Stand Losing You” (Live-OGWT),
30. “Next To You” (Live-OGWT),
31. “So Lonely” (Performance in Germany),
32. “Spirits in the Material World” (TOTP),


STING Video Archives    Volume VI

85.   The Week in Rock – 1/12/91   I. Sting Profile
86.   All This Time – 1/14/91 (World Premiere)
87.   Saturday Night Live – 1/19/91 (Host & Musical Guest)
88.   Entertainment Tonight – 2/05 (Playing small venues to introduce tour)
89.   Week in Rock – 2/17 (Profile on Sting and intro to tour)
90.   33rd Annual Grammy Awards – 2/20 (Sting presents award)
91.   All This Time – 1/14/91
92.   Soul Cages
93.   Commercial M-TV’s Unplugged – 4/05/91
94.   M-TV’s Unplugged – 4/10/91
95.   The 3rd Annual International Rock Awards – 6/12/91 (Live performance)


STING Video Archives   Volume VII

96.  The Simple Truth – 5/12/91: Performs with Peter Gabriel, Sinead and Band
97.  Why Should I Cry For You? – 5/91
98.  The 3rd Annual International Rock Awards – 6/12/91
99. In Concert ’91 – 6/14/91: Live performances of Jeremiah Blues Part 1 and Message In A Bottle
100. M-TV Rockumentary – 6/29/91: Career profile
101. People This Week E! – 9/24/91: Interview discusses 40th birthday
102. Commercial E! – 9/24/91: Extreme Close-Up
103. Extreme Close-Up – 9/27/91: Interview at house in New York
104. Fan Club – 10/16/91: Sting discusses fans
105. Day In Rock – 10/23/91: Sting discusses involvement in Walden Woods book
106. Tribute to Elton John & Bernie Taupin – 12/21/91: (Interview & rendition of Elton’s song, “Come Down In Time)
107. Simpsons – 12/09/92: (Guest appearance by Sting)
108. In Concert – 8/16/91: Sting live “They Dance Alone” (includes duet w/Rueben Blades) Live in Chile


STING Video Archives   Volume VIII

STING’s 40th Birthday Celebration: Live from the Hollywood Bowl Hollywood California      October 2, 1991
Total Length: 133 Minutes
“Soul Cages World Tour” 1991-1992 (Part 1 of 2 See Volume IX for Part 2)

This was a ONE TIME ONLY airing on Pay-Per-View of Sting’s 40th Birthday Concert. Pro Shot Video Multi Cameras, Extremely High Quality video and in HiFi Stereo Sound. The SVHS (NTSC) recorded master is in SUPER VHS for best possible quality to make duplications to your VHS (NTSC) dub. ALL VIDEOS WILL BE PROVIDED ON SPECIAL LENGTH TAPES (T-135) SO THAT ALL DUBS ARE PROVIDED IN THE “SP” MODE (aka “TWO Hour Speed”). This very RARE Live Concert aired only once and was never released as a home video and again is very RARE for this level of quality. An incredible 2 Hours and 13 Minutes long. It also features former Police guitarist ANDY SUMMERS on three songs. This is the first time Andy has appeared publicly on stage with Sting since the historic 1986 Amnesty International finale performance of The Police. Personal note there is an incredible version of “Message in A Bottle” which includes Andy along with The Special Beat (opening act for this tour) in a rendition of this song that will knock you off your chair. A true must for any Sting fan.

EXCLUSIVE candid interview with Sting in 1991 about turning forty and the touring band wishing well on turning forty. Also is a assortment of interviews over the years from Sting (Solo) as well as The Police.

Featuring the songs:
1. All This Time
2. Jeremiah Blues (Part 1)
3. Mad About You
4. Driven To Tears
5. Anytime She Goes Away
6. Why Should I Cry For You?
7. Be Still My Beating Heart
8. Roxanna
9. Bring On The Night
10. King of Pain
11. Fortress Around Your Heart
12. The Wild Wild Sea
13. The Soul Cages
14. Purple Haze
15. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
16. We’ll Be Together
17. Walking on the Moon        Andy Summers joins Sting on stage for songs 17, 18 & 19
18. Every Breath You Take
(Part 2 is continued on Volume IX)


STING Video Archives    Volume IX

1.    Sting’s 40th Birthday Celebration Live from The Hollywood Bowl 10/02/91:      Part Two of Two continues with Message In A Bottle joined by Andy Somers and The Special Beat and then closes with Fragile
2.    Montreux Rock Festival – 5/92: Every Breath You Take & Message In A   Bottle (13:42)
4.    Late Night w/David Letterman – 9/04/91: Live “Mad About You”
5.    M-TV Classic – 12/01/92: Classic interview bite (1982)
6.    M-TV Classic Weekend – 12/27/91: Classic interview bite (1983)
7.    M-TV Classic – 1/27/93: Classic interview bite (School teaching and songwriting)
8.    M-TV News – 2/09/93: To release new disc “10 Sumners Tales” and to    tour w/Grateful Dead
9.    M-TV News – 2/10/93: Legalize marijuana
10.    If I Ever Lose My Faith – 2/10/93: Video
11.    Saturday Night Live – 2/20/93: Clinton sketch w/Sting cameo; Live “If I Ever Lose My Faith” hosted by Bill Murray
12.    M-TV News – 2/25/92: New disc profile
13.    M-TV News – 3/03/92: Sting discusses opening for Grateful Dead in May 8
14.    VH-1 commercial w/Sting – 3/04/93
15.    Today – 3/09/93: Bryant Gumbel interviews Sting on day of disc release
16.    Week In Rock – 3/6/93: Sting, Bryan Adams & Tina Turner perform at Rainforest benefit at Carnegie Hall
17.    Later w/ Bob Costas – 3/30/9 : In –depth interview (2 parts from separate days – air date part 2 -3/31)


STING  Video Archives Volume XI (2 DVD Set)

1. VH-1 Commercial – 5/09/93: One to One Interview
2. VH-1 One to One – 5/09/93: Profile & Interview
3. Tonight Show w/Jay Leno – 5/13/93: Sting interview, Field of Gold, Opening, If I Ever Lose My Faith (Live) featuring Branford Marsalis (27:16)
4. Entertainment Tonight – 5/17/93: Sting opens for Grateful Dead
5. 1993 M-TV Video Music Awards Opening Act – 9/02/93: Interview
6. 1993 M-TV Video Music Awards – 9/02/93: Performance
7. The Week In Rock – 9/03/93: Backstage w/Cindy & Sting (1:04)
8. Fields of Gold – 7/5/93: Music Video w/slate (3:54)
9. Showbiz Today – 9/07/93: Labor Day Walden Woods Benefit (1:27)
10. Demolition Man – 10/93: (From the Soundtrack) (4:25)
11. F.M.T.V. WWOR – 12/85: Billy Crystal’s “You Look Marvelous” (Sting cameo) (4:16)
12. All For Love – 12/93: Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting video (4:39)
13. Commercial for Police Box Set (:30)
14. Year In Rock – 12/93: Tours of ’93 – Sting touring with Grateful Dead (1:00)
15. Grammy’s Greatest Moments 35th Anniversary – 1/05/94: Sting ’86  (:45)
16. Commercial – 2/23/94: Ten Summoners Tales (0:30)
17. Late Show w/David Letterman – 2/28/94: Seven Days (5:10)
18. E! Live Grammy Awards Pre-Show – 3/01/94: Best Male Pop Performance Grammy (4:01)
19. The 36th Annual Grammy Awards – 3/01/94: Sting receives Best Male Award & If I Ever Lose My Faith (live) (9:08)
20. Music Videos of Ten Summoner’s Tales (Complete video, no titles)
(Original record company videos w/slate, countdown & credits)
A. If I Ever Lose My Faith           1/27/93    (5:23)
B. Fields of Gold                          5/07/93    (3:58)
C.        Nothing ‘Bout Me                    8/20/93    (3:32)

21. HBO Feature Story   /94: Interview discusses making of Ten Summoners Tales and benefit
projects (3:30)
21. Late Night with Conan O’Brien – 2/23/96: Interview (16:19)

Total Running Time (2 hours, 13 mins., 31 secs)


STING Video Archives  Volume XI

1. Sting: The Soul Cages 1991: Full length concert (pre-recorded release on home video) (1:25:09)
2. PBS In The Spotlight: STING (Full length concert):  “Sting Summoner’s Travels” Live from Villa Manin, Udine Italy – air date: 7/25/94  (length 56:30)
3. VH-1 All Access – 12/02/94: Sting preps for release greatest hits “Fields of Gold” & Interview
4. VH-1 Artist of The Month – 12/02/94: Interview

Total Running Time (2 hours, 25 mins)


STING Video Archives  Volume XII

1. VH-1 Commercial – 12/12/94: “Englishman in New York”
2. Sting: An Englishman in New York – 12/15/94
3. VH-1 News – 1/12/95: Sting collaborates w/Chieftains
4. VH-1 Commercial: Stings Road Weekend 1/17
5. VH-1 The Last Word – 1/21/95: On set of new video
6. VH-1 Naked Café – 2/22/5: Interview
7. VH-1 2/21/95: Interview “This Cowboy’s Song”
8. VH-1 2/27/95: Top 10 Countdown: Police interview
9. VH-1 7/12/95: Backstage Live Aid – Sting & Phil Collins interview
10. VH-1 ’95: Commercial (Lose My Faith)
11. M-TV ’83: Commercial (Police)
12. VH-1: Sting and Friends – April 1995: Rainforest documentary
13. VH-1 – 10/14/95: The Police: Outlandos to Sychronicities: The History of The Police Live
14. Saturday Night Live – 2/24/96: Sting Live “Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot” & sketch w/Elle McPherson and Sting; ending segment
15. Week In Rock – 3/24/96: Interview w/profile
16. VH-1 Tickets First commercial – 3/26/96: Sting
17. VH-1 Tickets First commercial – 4/01/96: Sting


STING Video Archives  Volume XIII

1. VH-1 Storytellers – Sept. 96: Sting performs & explains ideas behind his songs

A. Message In A Bottle
B. Every Breath You Take
C. Fields of Gold
D. King of Pain
E. Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot
F. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
G. Laughing Through My Tears
H. Roxanne
I. Lithium Sunset
J. Mercury Falling

2. VH-1 Spotlight Specials of The Week – 9/96: 1800 Music Now commercial
3. Saturday Night Live – 3/15/97: Sting hosts with musical guest Veruca Salt (whole show)
4. On Tour – 6/6/97: Sting in Vancouver, British Columbia (Aug. 11, 1996): “If You Love Someone Set Them Free” (live), interview, “I Hung My Head”, “Demolition Man”


STING Video Archives  Volume XIV

1. The Gary Shandling Show – 11/96: Cameo by Sting as one of the guests on the show (4:17)
2. (Mexico TV) Acapulco ’93: If I Ever Lose My Faith, Seven Days & Fields of Gold
3. The 1997 MTV Video Music Awards 9/97: Sting performs with Puff Daddy on “I’ll Be Missing You”
4. The 1997 Country Music Awards 9/97: Sting performs “I’m so happy, I Can’t Stop Crying” live with various country award nominees
5. On Tour 9/30/97: Sting in Vancouver, British Columbia (8/11/96) Interview, “I’m So Happy, I Can’t Stop Crying” (Fan joins Sting on stage to sing song) (8:14)
6. The 1997 Grammy Awards: Sting presents “Life Time Achievement Award” to Paul Robeson and Luciano Pavorotti (2:56)
7. VH-1’s Before They Were Rock Stars 1997: BBC’s Old Grey Whistle Test 1976: The Police (scenes with Sting and clip of interview) & “Name That Star” segment w/interview (1:42)
8. VH-1 The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time 1998: Sting enters at #63 profile and comments from other artists about Sting (2:12)
9. VH-1 “Save The Music” 1998: Commercial features Sting (:15)
10. Real TV 2/98: Report on fans joining Sting on stage for one song.  Footage from Sting in Vancouver, British Columbia (8/11/96) Interview with Ross Viner (fan who joined Sting on stage) (2:09)
11. Sting featuring Award “Invisible Sun” 6/04/98: Music video with original slate (4:29)
12. The 41st Annual Grammy Awards 1998: Opening, Sting & Whitney Houston present “Album of The Year” Award (3:51)
13. Extra 8/98: Sting comments on Tantric Sex methods (:30)
14. BBC America The Parkinson Show 10/19/2002: : (Originallly recorded in November of  2001) In-depth Interview with Sting and Full on band for all songs except where noted. Songs include: “(If You Love Someone) Set Them Free”, “When We Dance” (Acoustic Version), “Fragile”, “Brand New Day”, “Every Breath you Take” (44:00 Minutes)
15. The Rosie O’Donnell Show – 9/30/99: Opening, Brand New Day (Live), Interview & Fields of Gold (live)  (13:00)
16. The 25th Anniversary of Saturday Night Live – 9/26/99: Sting and Steven Tyler introduce the best of the 90’s music (1:04)


STING Video Archives Volume XV

1. Today – 9/24/99: Interview, If You Love Someone Set Them Free, Brand New Day & Desert Rose
2. Later Today – 9/24/99: Fields of Gold (ending of song only), Band introduction, If I Ever Lose My Faith, & Every Breath You Take (Segments #1 & 2 are part of the same live broadcast) (1 & 2 = 24 mins)
3. E! News Weekend – 9/25/99: In-depth interview in Paris recording studio during final mixing of new LP (First recorded Interview for TV in three years) (4:07)
4. VH-1’s Behind The Music – 9/25/99: Sting in-depth profile/documentary commercial (:30)
5. VH-1’s Behind The Music – 9/26/99: In-depth profile/documentary includes new interviews with Sting and members of The Police and archive interview footage.  All commercials edited out (1hr., 8 mins.)
6. Late Show with David Letterman – 10/08/99: Introduction & Brand New Day (live) (4:12)
7. Net Aid – 10/09/99: Opening, If You Love Someone Set Them Free, Brand New Day, (Sting joined on stage by Cheb Mami) title

unknown, Desert Rose


STING Video Archives Volume XVI

1. CBS Sunday Morning 11/7/99: Opening, Sting is part of the “Sunday Gold” segment: In-depth
Interview Sting, Sting teaser, Behind The Scenes of “Desert Rose” music video in Las Vegas, Nevada, scenes from rehearsal of “Three Penny Opera” play on Broadway, Sting with Stevie Wonder Live with “Brand New Day” and ending credits (13:47)
2. E!’s Live Pre-show coverage of The Grammy Awards 2/00: Interview with Sting and Trudie (1:04)
3. CBS “Live at The Grammy’s” LIVE Pre-show coverage of The Grammy Awards 2/00: Interview with Sting and Trudie (1:06)
4. VH-1’ LIVE Pre-show coverage of The Grammy Awards 2/00: Interview with Sting and Trudie (1:49)
5. The 42nd Annual Grammy Awards 2/00: Opening, Sting presents the award for “Best Male Pop Vocal”. Live performance of “Brand New Day” and “Desert Rose” featuring Cheb Mami (7:07)
6. MTV News 2/00: Sting receives “Patrick Lippert Award” and acceptance speech (:27)
7. VH-1’s Men Strike Back 4/17/00: Opening, Sting performs live with Branford Marsalis on an acoustic version of “Roxanne”, “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” (Duet with Backstreet Boys), Commercial “In The Limo” (:20).  Backstreet Boys “I Want It That Way” (Sti performs duet with BSB). Commercial “In The Limo” (:30), Every Breath You Take (Finale of entire cast including Backstreet Boys and Tom Jones).
8. VH-1’s Behind The Music Commercial 4/18/00: The Police “This Sunday” (:30)
9. VH-1’s Behind The Music 4/23/00: The Police (All commercials edited out) (45:00)
10. Jaguar S-Type Commercial 5/00: Sting “Desert Rose” (:30)
11. Miramax Television 1995: “Poetry, Passion, The Postman – The Poetic Return of Pablo Neruda” poetry quotes from Sting VERY RARE (2:07)
12. Miramax Televsion 1995: “Soundtrack Featurette” for film “El Postino” two poetry quotes from Sting VERY RARE (4:02)
13. Late Show with David Letterman 5/00: “Desert Rose” (LIVE) featuring Cheb Mami (5:03)
14. The 2000 MTV Video Music Awards 9/00: Opening, Sting presents award for “Best R&B Video” (3:37)
15. The Tonight Show 10/00: Sting Live with “After The Rain Has Fallen” and interview (7:52)
16. SuperBowl XXXV 1/01: Sting performs live “Desert Rose” (featuring Cheb Mami) and “Roxanne” (4:18)
17. The Academy Awards 03/25/01: Introduction by Halle Berry and Sting performs live “My Funny Friend and Me” from the soundtrack of the film “The Emperor’s New Groove” (3:52)


STING Video Archives Volume XVII

1. Late Night with Conan O’Brian 4/01: Sting joins Conan on comedy skit and interview with Sting (10:21)
2. VH-1 News 9/12/01: Report on Sting’s performance in Tuscany on 9/11 and performance of “Fragile” (3:34)
3. AMERICA: A Tribute to Heroes 10/2001: Sting performs Fragile (acoustic version) with a dedication (2:59)
4. VH-1 Fanclub 11/2001: Interview with Sting: Profiles of different fans and how Sting as a musician and performer has influenced their lives.  (All commercials edited out) (43:37)
5. CNN Larry King Live 10/2001: Opening, interview about Tuscany performance on 9/11 and live performance of “Fragile” (acoustic version) in studio (5:14)
6. The 2001 Billboard Music Awards 12/2001: Opening, Sting profile of new LP “All This Time…” and Sting presents “Artist of The Year Award” to Destiny’s Child (4:51)
7. My VH-1 Music Awards 12/01: Opening, If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (LIVE with Mary J. Blidge) (7:52)
8. The Tonight Show 12/13/01: Opening, If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (LIVE) interview, Sting tries new invention from another guest on the show along with Russell Crowe (very funny stuff) and an acoustic performance of “Until” (acoustic version) from new film “Kate & Leopold” (8:56)
9. ABC’s Monday Night Football 12/2001: Profile and interview with Sting also a re-working of “Every Breath You Take” set to scenes of Monday Night Football (odd) (2:39)
10. VH-1’s Cast Party “Kate & Leopold” 1/2002: Teaser with Sting, interview/profile of Sting discussing new song “Until” for soundtrack: Cast members comment personal experiences with Sting (2:32)
11. VH-1 Music First 1/2002: “Sting’s Resolution” interview clip (:12)
12. Live with Regis and Kelly 1/2002: Opening, in-depth interview with Sting and live performance of “Until” (13:27)
13. The Winter Olympics 2/2002: Sting performs “Fragile” with Yo Yo Ma (4:49)

1 Hour 51 Minutes


STING Video Archives Volume XVIII

1. TRIO Network Superstar Volcanic Rock (“Music for Montseratt Benefit Concert”) 3/2/2002: Sting performs a duet with Mark Knofler on “Money for Nothing” Sting reworks yet again in a totally new approach a live performance of “Message in A Bottle” and “Every Thing She Does Is Magic”.  All Star Finale featuring Paul McCartney on “Hey Jude” with Sting on lead and backing vocals, Elton John, Mark Knofler and Phil Collins on drums (incredible performance) and final All Star Jam with Sting on bass for “I’m Going to Kansas City” (29:40)
2. The 74th Annual Academy Awards 3/24/02:  Sting performs “Until” from the “Kate & Leopold” soundtrack.
3. Ovation Network Sting Special 2002: In-depth profile on The Police and Sting’s solo career featuring interviews with Sting (during recording sessions for Mercury Falling), Andy Sommers and Stewart Copeland, Kenny Kirkland and Bob Geldolf (46:00)
4. BBC America’s “Sting Forever Weekend” Top Of The Pops 2 Sting Special 10/19/02: (Originallly recorded in November of  2001) An all live  performance from Sting on TOTP 2. Full on band for all songs except where noted. Songs include: (If You Love Someone) Set Them Free, Don’t Stand so Close To Me, When We Dance, All This Time, Fragile (Acoustic Version in the “Sky Bar”), Fields Of Gold, Roxanne, If I Ever Lose My Faith In You, Every Breath You Take



STING Video Archives Volume XIX

1. Saturday Night Live 2000: Opening, Sting performs “Brand New Day” and closing segment with Sting
2. The NFL Superbowl XXXVIII Halftime Show 1/2003 No Doubt performs “Message In A Butte” with Sting (LIVE)
3. VH1 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons 7/21/03: Profile on Sting and The Police
4. CBS 60 Minutes II 10/01/03: In-Depth interview with Sting discussing his new LP Interview with Sting at his estate in England recording and footage of sting mixing Secret Love in Paris
5. The Late Show with David Letterman 10/01/03: Two teasers mentioning Sting, introduction by Letterman of Sting and then Send Your Love (Live) following is an interview.
6. NBC’s Today Show LIVE 10/02/03: Sting joins the Today Show series called “Backstage Pass”. Opening, Teaser 1 mention of Sting, visual of Sting during sound check (before actual performance appearance live). Teaser 2 mention of Sting and visual of fans, Teaser 3 mention of Sting and visual of fans, Introduction of profile of Sting and exclusive interview with Sting. Teaser 4 mention of Sting, Teaser 5 mention of Sting and visual of fans, Teaser 6 mention of Sting whilst visual of Sting signing autographs for fans. Introduction to sting and Send Your Love (LIVE), interview with Sting and Sting is presented with Birthday cake for his birthday (10/02/03) and Desert Rose (LIVE). Closing of Whenever I Say Your Name (LIVE) that is shown later in it’s entirety before show ends. Englishman In New York (LIVE) and the Today shows is interrupted to continue Sting’s performance of Every Breath You Take (LIVE). Reporters comment on Sting’s performance calling it a historical “TV Moment.” Teaser 7 mention of Sting, Teaser 8 mention of Sting, Teaser 9 mention of Sting’s performance to come from earlier in the program. Introduction and Sting with Whenever I Say Your Name (LIVE)
7. Access Hollywood 10/02/03: Interview with Sting after sound check and before performance on the Today show from earlier that same morning. This show aired later the same day.
The Today Show 11/04/03: Interview with Sting on new auto-biography “Broken Music” in Central Park
9.   MTV Europe 2003: Sting and Craig David are interviewed regarding there collaboration on Rise &  Fall
10. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 11/19/02: Opening, visual of Sting taking photos and speaking  with one of the models and dressing her a bit (funny). Also some back stage footage of Sting. Sting  performs Englishman In New York and Send Your Love (LIVE). Other back stage footage with  sting. Later in the program Sting performs Whenever I Say Your Name (LIVE) with Mary J.  Blidge
11. The 2003 Billboard Music Awards 12/10/03: Opening, one Sting mention and “Triumph the comic  dog” makes a joke about Sting  then Mandy Moore introduces Stevie wonder who presents Sting  with the “Century Award.” Sting is the twelfth recipient but the first to perform for this ceremony  with “Send Your Love” LIVE and then acceptance speech.
12. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 12/11/03: Opening, Sting performs Whenever I Say Your  Name (LIVE) with Mary J. Blidge and interview with Mary & Sting
13. The Ellen De Generous Show 12/15/03: Sting interviewed about new book and performs Send Your  Love LIVE


STING Video Archives VOLUME XX

1. The 46th Annual Grammy Awards 02/04: Opening, Acknowledgement of the 40th Anniversary of The Beatles on Ed Sullivan with tribute performance by Sting, Dave Matthews and Vince Gill Amongst others sing I Saw Her Standing There. Madonna introduces Sting and Sean Paul perform Roxanne
2. The Late Show with David Letterman 03/04/04: Opening, Sting performs Stolen Car (Take Me  Dancing)
3. Commercial 2004: Blue From American Express Sting appears during tour rehearsal for Sacred Love to encourage donations for the save the music foundation.
4. The Late Show with David Letterman 05/13/05: Opening Sting performs Walking On The Moon and Interview
5. LIVE 8 07/02/05: Driven To Tears, Every Breath You Take (VH1 Classic Coverage) Message In A Bottle LIVE
6. Everyone Stares: The Story of The Police 2000: Stewart Copland uses his Super 8 film footage to show the early days and rise of The Police. A Classic documentary (1 Hour 15 Minutes)
7. All We Are Saying (Documentary) 2004: Interview with Sting back stage during the Sacred Love Tour in Vancouver. BC


STING Video Archives    VOLUME XXI

1. VH1 The 2003 Rock’N Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony: Opening, various teasers with the Police. Then Gwen Stefani presents the HOF award to the Police and acceptance speech. Following is a live performance publically since Amnesty International performance in 1986 (not acknowledging the brief reunion at Sting’s wedding circa 1993). Performance includes Roxanne and Every Breath You Take



STING: Live at The Tokyo Dome-Tokyo Japan December 1987
Total Length:   106 Minutes
“Nothing Like The Sun World Tour”  December 1987

Pro Shot Video Multi Cameras, Extremely High Quality in video and Dolby 2.0 Stereo Sound.  The DVD I have is from THE video master of a concert from Japan.  This is very RARE Live Concert aired only once in Japan and was never released as a home video nor was it released in the U.S. and again is very RARE for this level of quality.  An incredible 1 hour and 46 minutes of the only full length concert on video in the world of Sting during the “Nothing Like The Sun World Tour”.    It also features musicians Branford Marsalis on sax and the late Kenny Kirkland on keyboards.  A true must for any Sting fan.

Featuring the songs:

1. We’ll Be Together
2. Lazarus Heart
3. Too Much Information
4. Englishman in New York
5. Sister Moon
6. Rock Steady
7. One World
8. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
9. King of Pain
10. Bring on The Night
11. Be Still My Beating Heart
12. Little Wing
13. Don’t Stand So Close to Me
14. Every Breath You Take
15. Message in A Bottle



1.     VH1 The 2003 Rock’N Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony: Opening, various teasers with the Police. Then Gwen Stefani presents the HOF award to the Police and acceptance speech. Following is a live performance publically since Amnesty International performance in 1986 (not acknowledging the brief reunion at Sting’s wedding circa 1993). Performance includes Roxanne and Every Breath You Take
2.     VH1’sd Best Album Covers 2004: The cover of Ghost In The Machine art work was created
3.     Official Commercial for Sting’s new LP “Song From The Labyrinth” 10/08/06
4.     CBS Sunday Morning 10/08/06: Preview of interview of Sting to be aired next week
5.     Studio 60 Live On The Sunset Strip 10/09/06: Preview of next weeks episode featuring Sting
6.     Today 10/10/06: Interview with Sting and then performs Come Again
7.     CBS Sunday Morning 10/15/06: Opening, Commercial for “Songs From The Labyrinth”, two teasers, In-depth profile and interview with Sting regarding the new LP “Songs >From The Labyrinth”. Performance of Come Again
8.     Studio 60 Live On The Sunset Strip 10/16/06: Opening, Sting performs Come Again during reherasal and during live telecast performs Fields Of Gold
9.     BBC Crown Jewels: “Rock Goes To College” 2/21/79: The Police perform live days prior to there first American tour at the Polytechnic College in Hatfield, England. A Historic Concert as it is the FIRST time “Message In A Bottle” is performed live publicly. Song list: Can’t Stand Losing You, So Lonely, Fall Out, There’s A Hole In My Life, Truth Hits Everybody, I Hope That Someone Gets My Message In A Bottle, Peanuts, Roxanne and Next To You.
10.     VH1’s Top 100 Songs of The 80’s 10/2006: Every Breath You Take at #46. Includes interview with The Police and Sting as a solo artist
11.     NBC’s Christmas In Rockerfeller 11/29/06: Sting performs a new songs “So Sweet Is She” and “Come Again” from the new LP “Songs From The Labyrinth”
12.     PBS Tribute to James Taylor 12/11/06: Sting performs a cover a a James Taylor classic



STING: Live at The Tokyo Dome-Tokyo Japan December 1987
Total Length: 106 Minutes
“Nothing Like The Sun World Tour” December 1987

Pro Shot Video Multi Cameras, Extremely High Quality in video and Dolby 2.0 Stereo Sound. The DVD I have is from THE video master of a concert from Japan. This is very RARE Live Concert aired only once in Japan and was never released as a home video nor was it released in the U.S. and again is very RARE for this level of quality. An incredible 1 hour and 46 minutes of the only full length concert on video in the world of Sting during the “Nothing Like The Sun World Tour”. It also features musicians Branford Marsalis on sax and the late Kenny Kirkland on keyboards. A true must for any Sting fan.

Featuring the songs:

1.We’ll Be Together
2.Lazarus Heart
3.Too Much Information
4.Englishman in New York
5.Sister Moon
6.Rock Steady
7.One World
8.If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
9.King of Pain
10.Bring on The Night
11.Be Still My Beating Heart
12.Little Wing
13.Don’t Stand So Close to Me
14.Every Breath You Take
15.Message in A Bottle


STING / POLICE Video Archives 2007-2010 VOLUME XXIII

1. Live Earth 07/14/07: The Police reunite to perform Walking On The Moon, Roxanne, Message In A Bottle amongst others. Then separate interview with Sting and Trudie

2. The Today Show 8/07: Sting interviewed regarding new book “Lyrics” and performing again with The Police

3. The Golden Globes 01/09: Sting presents award for “Best Original Song”

4. Late Show with David Letterman 2009: Performs new song “Soul Cake” from his new LP “If On A Winter’s Night”

5. The 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert 10/29/09: Sting plays bass with Stevie Wonder on “Higher Ground” then Sting performs “Roxanne” with Stevie Wonder on keyboards.

6. Hope For Haiti Now Benefit Concert 1//22/10: Sting performs Driven To Tears

7. The Music Video Exposed Kevin Godley 02/19/10: Opening, Interview with Sting discussing the music videos for Every Breath You Take and Fields Of Gold directed by Kevin Godley

8. Better Than Therapy Living The Police Reunion 2008: directed by Copeland’s son, Jordan, who the drummer calls “a much better filmmaker than me. “He totally gets right under our skins, the little bastard, and his analysis of the group is better than any I’ve seen,” says Copeland, who turned his home movies into his own film called “Everyone Stares: the Police Inside Out.” He adds that in the documentary, “it’s unbelievable to see the early rehearsals compared to where we’re at now. Some of them were so raw we had to take them out, some of the scenes. But he’s still got the nitty gritty there, with us each grappling with the reality of life in the band again.”


STING / POLICE Reunion Video Archives VOLUME XXIV

1. UKTV BBC Rock Goes To College 1979: Classic early live performance from the Police at Hatfield Polytechnic. This is a historic concert from The Police as it is the first performance of Message in a Bottle. Complete track listing includes Can’t Stand Losing You, So Lonely, Fallout, Hole In My Life, Truth Hits Everybody, Message In A Bottle, Peanuts, Roxanne and Next To You.

2. Police Reunion 2007: Can’t Stand Losing You (LIVE-Venue Unknown)

3. Sundance Spectacle with Elvis Costello 10/01/09: Performance and interview with the POLICE along with Elvis joining them on stage for a few songs. Later all members of The Police are interviewed. The day before their supposed Final Show Ever at Madison Square Garden on August 7, 2008 (a hyped-up moment to cap the already hyped-up Improbable Reunion Tour), the Police recorded an appearance on Spectacle: Elvis Costello With…Costello strives to get at the crux of the group’s musical chemistry through individual interviews with Andy Summers, Stuart Copeland, and Sting, but the episode ultimately revolves around their tenuous relationship, breakup, reformation, and second breakup.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing—in fact, it allows for a bit of Sting’s ego humor to elicit some laughs (when Costello asks him if he could hear the “kind things” his bandmates had been saying about him, Sting replies, “Yes, my lawyer and I were listening to it”), not to mention Copeland’s own ego humor, which is aggressive where Sting is mock-hurt (“I have the biggest gong in the world,” Copeland brags, “but I don’t need it!”). Once the three Police are brought on-stage together at the episode’s half-way point, however, any sort of engaging discussion is overridden by half-serious oneupmanship and catty digs.

Before things get entertainingly out of control, Costello is able to talk about Charles Mingus with Summers, Arabic music with Copeland, and the origins of “Roxanne” with Sting. (There just happens to be a guitar nearby, which Sting picks up to demonstrate the song’s languid beginnings.) Costello and Sting perform John Dowland’s 16th-century ballad “Flow My Tears”, with Sting on lute, which will undoubtedly provide more firepower for those looking to chastise the duo’s willingness to make themselves targets for chastisement.

The episode wraps up with a somewhat-awkward-but-mostly-cool jam that combines the Police and Costello’s Imposters into a double trio of sorts. They merge Costello’s “Watching the Detectives” with the Police’s “Walking on the Moon” (which caused me to imagine Sting as the Imposters’ bassist in a moment of drool-inducing fantasy), and close with Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love”, which boils all talents down to the most elemental of forces. (Approx 50 Minutes with ALL Commercial edited out professionally) A Must have for all Police / Sting collectors.

4. CBS The Early Show 07/16/10: Sting and his orchestra on the show today. Interview with Sting outside the CBS Studios then live performance of Next To You, interview continues and Sting finishes of with Roxanne LIVE with his orchestra.

5. The Dailey Show with John Stewart 12/01/10: Interview with Sting promoting his new “Live In Berlin” DVD.


STING Video Archives 2008-2011    VOLUME XXV

1. The Today Show 05/14/10: Opening teaser and mention of Sting cross dressing the night before. Photo of Sting from Thursday, funny. Then Sting opens the 2010 Summer Concert Series live at the Plaza with The World Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. First performance, Everything She Does Is Magic, Interview about the tour starting in June, Englishman In New York, Walking On The Moon, end of Roxanne (to be broadcast in it’s entirety later in the show), Interview again with Sting on stage. Finally Roxanne performed live in it’s entirety about an hour later in the program. (4 Hour Show All commercials edited out-Total Running Time: 22 Minutes 40 Seconds)

2. All Access, Backstage, Front Row, Live April 6, 2001 (Release Date): This documentary is edited down to only the segments including Sting. This exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of putting on a mega-concert combines candid moments backstage with electrifying musical performances. Opening is an interview with Sting talks about meeting the late Miles Davis for the first time who once told him he had the biggest head. Turns out Miles had seen the singer in a movie, on the big screen., Sting’s rehearsal take of “Desert Rose” with guest Cheb Mami then a clip of the the song live later in  the evening.with Cheb Mami. Later sting makes a few comments about music. (11 Minutes)

3. Isle of Wight Festival June 13 and 15 2008: The Isle Of Wight Festival 2008 was the seventh revived Isle of Wight Festival held at Seaclose Park in Newport on the Isle Of Wight. Performed Message In A Bottle, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic and So Lonely.

4. Hard Rock Calling 06/28/09: Police perform Live in Hyde Park London, England. First up teaser with Sting discussing reuniting. Then interview with both Andy Summers and Sting as they discusses playing in Hyde Park. Songs include: : Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic and Can’t Stand Losing You,

5. Good Morning America 12/07/10: GMA’s Fall Concert Serries Sting’s segment starts with a visual of Sting donating one of his personal coats for the coat drive. Later various teasers of Sting. The Sting with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra performs in studio the live songs “Every Breath You Take” and “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You”

6. BBC UKTV Later with Jools Holland 11/06/09: Christmas at Sea LIVE

7. The Late Show with David Letterman 11/03/11: Sting interviewed. Sting discusses his new box set and a start studded concert he held at New York City’s Beacon Thaetre the weekend prior with Stevie Wonder and Lady Gaga amongst others. Later Sting sing “Demolition Man” LIVE


STING Video Archives 2011-2013    VOLUME XXVI

1. The Ellen Generous Show 12/02/11: Desert Rose Live

2. Sting: “25 Years Reflections” 03/30/12: In this exclusive MSG interview shot specifically for this TV special Sting discusses “living in the moment” and becoming 60. The show focus on nearly every LP Sting’s released and what the emotional and psychological inspiration was fo each LP.

3. CMT’s Crossroads 11/25/2011: Sting & Vince Gill. Live concert duet. It’s a match made in heaven, as Vince and Sting proceeded to demonstrate. The unlikely pair bounded onto the stage, a bespectacled Vince in unpretentious plaid shirt and jeans, Sting dressing down in a gray t-shirt. The band is basically Vince’s all-star lineup, complemented by Sting’s long-time sideman and collaborator Dominic Miller on guitar and vocals. Vince plays his usual variety of Telecasters and Gibsons; Sting plays bass, his mini-Martin guitar and, occasionally, harmonica. The show, a tightly paced hour-long set, follows Crossroads’ usual practice of alternating songs from each artist’s repertoire. Among the highlights: Gill sings an angelic rendition of Sting’s “Fields of Gold” (“I always wanted to sing this song, especially after hearing the beautiful version of the late Eva Cassidy,” Gill says). Not to be outdone, Sting takes the lead on an exceptionally moving version of Vince’s “Whenever You Come Around.” “It’s one of my favorite Vince Gill songs,” Sting says. “When I first heard it, I felt as if he was writing it for me.” Introducing Sting’s classic “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You,” Vince jokes that “I always wanted to be a rock star, I just couldn’t fit into the spandex.” He then proceeds to tear it up with a blistering guitar solo that leaves the crowd cheering.- The one cover is the Everly Brothers classic, “Let It Be Me.” In this one, as on several of the other tunes, Vince takes the high harmony – in his usual peerless fashion.“We enjoyed playing together so much, we’ve decided to go out on the road. We’ll call ourselves “The Self-Righteous Brothers,” Sting jokes.

Here’s the complete set list:
Liza Jane, Interview with Sting turning 60 and Vince at 54
Fields of Gold
Whenever You Come Around
If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
These Days
Shape of My Heart
Don’t Let Our Love Start Slippin’ Away
Let It Be Me
Every Breath You Take

4. Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together 11/02/12: Whoopi Goldberg introduces Sting and Sting performs  “Message In A Bottle”  acoustic version

5. The 55th Grammy Awards 02/10/13: Tribute To Bob Marley Featuring Sting
6. Later with Jools Holland 09/20/13: Opening celebrating the programs 300th Episode. Sting performs off his new LP ”The Last Ship”. Live performances of “As Yet”, “The Last Ship” and “Jock The Singing Welder”

7. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 11/04/13: Opening, Sting Teaser, introduction to interview. Then later in the show Sting performs “Practical Arrangement” live from his new LP “The Last Ship”

8. Ellen 11/06/13: Episode Preview

9. Ellen 11/06/13: Opening, Sting is interviewed and later in the show Sting performs “As Yet” live from his new LP “The Last Ship”

STING Video Archives 2014-The Last Ship VOLUME XXVII

1. The 3rd Annual Music For Change The Global Citizen’s Festival 09/27/14: Gwen introduces Norway’s Prime Minister. Then ND perform “Message In A Bottle” with Sting

2. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon 10/16/14: Opening then interview with Sting for two segments. Sting discusses his new Broadway Musical “The Last Ship”. Later during the second segment Sting records an audience members out going message on his cell phone. Funny segment. The end of the program includes a performance form the cast of “The Last Ship” perform “If You Ever See Me Talking To A Sailor”

3. Inside The Actors Studio 10/23/14:  Bravo Media’s Emmy Award-winning Inside the Actors Studio, hosted by James Lipton, welcomes world-renowned musician, actor, author and composer Sting to the stage. Lipton sits down with the singer-songwriter to discuss everything from his time with The Police to his forthcoming Broadway musical The Last Ship, which opens on October 26th at the Neil Simon Theatre. Sting has received sixteen Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, an Emmy Award and has earned three Academy Award nominations, along with a membership in both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Includes two live performances of “Message In A Bottle” and songs from the new Broadway play “The Last Ship”, “The Night The Pugilist Learned How To Dance” and “Dead Man’s Boots”. Also interviewed is Michael Esper and other cast members.

4. The Today Show 11/07/14: Opening, several teasers about Sting performing later in the program. Last two teasers features visuals of Sting with the cast in the studio. Sting is briefly interviewed and performs live with the Broadway cast of “The Last Ship” perform “When We Dance”. Later in the program Al Roker gets a exclusive tour back stage with Sting of the Broadway show “The Last Ship”. The back stage tour includes brief impromptu interviews with various cast members and musicians. Sting shows all the Orchestra pit at The Neil Simon Theater and the wardrobe and make-up departments. Also scenes from the play very funny profile with Al and Sting.

5. The View 11/10/14: Opening and teaser about Sting coming up later in the show and footage of Sting with the cast in front of the theater serenading the theater group across the street. Later in the show Sting is interviewed. Performing later in the program Sting introduces the cast of “The Last Ship” in the studio performing “When We Dance”. Afterwards Sting gives tickets to all the members to the studio audience.

6. PBS Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Season 2 11/11/14: Sting’s ancestry demonstrates the extraordinary influence of the British Empire during the 18th and early 19th century.Opening and in-depth interview with Sting discussing his family history and heritage. Sting discusses being rasied in New Castle whilst the host traces his genealogy. Fascinating discoveries are made about Sting’s Family tree.


STING Video Archives 2014-2015 VOLUME XXVIII

  1. Today 11/24/14: Opening, interview with Sting as he makes his “big announcment” that he will join the cast of “The Last Ship” for a limited 6 week run.
  2. The 2014 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 11/27/14: Opening then Sting along with the cast of the Broadway show “The Last Ship” perform the song “Show Some Respect” the introduction includes that Sting will join the cast of the show as of December 9th 2014.
  3. The Late Show with David Letterman 12/11/14: Opening mentioning Sting, later in the show Chris Rock is interviewed and makes a joke about meeting Sting backstage. Introduction by Dave and then an interview with Sting discussing the new play. The following segment has Sting performing “What Say You Meg” live during his limited run as a cast member of the Broadway show “The Last Ship”. This would be the last appearance of Sting on “Late Night with David Letterman” after well over twenty appearances over the years.
  4. The 37th Annual Kennedy Center Honors 12/30/14: Opening, Sting’s reaction to the homage, which took place earlier this month in Washington, D.C., is captured in a brief video interview posted on CBS’ official YouTube Channel. “I don’t think of myself as an icon, I think of myself as a very fortunate human being who has a job that he would do for nothing,” says Sting in the clip. “You know, singing, entertaining people is what I would do anyway. The fact is, I get paid extravagant amounts of money for doing it, but I would do it for nothing — just for applause.”The singer admits that with regard to the tribute, “I feel very overcome, very overwhelmed,” adding, “I wasn’t able to take it, actually. I think I kept very English but inside I was feeling a lot of emotion.” Sting also points out that he was “delighted and surprised” that Meryl Streep was on hand to deliver her own tribute to him and to introduce the performances. In addition, he says he was “moved greatly” by the fact that the cast of his Broadway show The Last Ship gave an unexpected performance as part of the salute. As previously reported, during the tribute, Lady Gaga performs Sting’s 1993 hit “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You;” Springsteen delivers a rendition of “I Hung My Head,” and Bruno Mars sings a medley of Police songs: “So Lonely,” “Roxanne” and “Message in a Bottle.” Bruno also performs with the cast of The Last Ship.
  5. The Late Late Show with James Corden 05/20/15: Sting opens the show exactly across the street from the Ed Sullivan Theater on the day of the series finale of The Late Show with David Letterman. Sting sings “Every Breath You Take” (Acoustic version). In this version Sting rephrases the lyrics “I’ve been watching you” as a tribute to Dave
    The 69th Annual Tony Awards 06/08/15: Opening with mention of Sting. Much later in the program Sting presents a segment on American Theater Wing’s 100 years.
  6. A&E ’Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in America.’ 11/20/15: From the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, this two-hour event aired on Friday, November 20th at 8PM ET . Sting performs “”, “Fragile” and one other song



STING Video Archives 2015-2016 VOLUME XXIX

  1. A&E ’Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in America.’ 11/20/15: From the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, this two-hour event aired on Friday, November 20th at 8PM ET . Sting performs “”, “Fragile” and one other
  2. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon 12/09/15 Sting and Mylene perform
  3. The American Music Awards 11/20/16: Sting was recognized for his contributions to the music industry with the “Merit Award” The modern-day Renaissance man also took to the stage to perform a medley of hits, including his latest single, “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You.” “Sting is more than a man or his music. He is one of the most talented and giving human beings on the face ever to walk the face of the earth. Love this guy,” said Robert Downey Jr., who presented the former Police frontman with his award. He also mentioned things people can learn from the singer: “Sexual obsession and ego, love and devotion, the futility of violence, to care about the fate of mankind.”
  4. The Howard Stern Show 11/09/16: “Message in a Bottle”. Every Breath You Take, Origins of Roxanne”, “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You” LIVE
  5. Today 11/11/16: Grammy-winner Sting tells TODAY that he’s been asked to perform at the reopening of the Bataclan theatre on the one-year anniversary of the Paris attack, during which 89 people were killed there. Regarding the release of his first rock solo album, he says he likes “to surprise people.” then Sting performs One Fine Day and a Police classic “Next To You”
  6. The 89th Academy Award 2017 Oscars “On The Red Carpet” 02/26/17: Interview with Sting regarding the song up for nomination “The Empty Chair”
  7. The 89th Academy Award 2017 Oscars 02/26/17: Sting is mentioned during the acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress. Later in the show Sting performs “The Empty Chair” LIVE
  8. BBC UKTV Later with Jools Holland 09/16/15: Opening, I Can’t Stop Thinking About You, 50,000 and Next To You
  9. BBC UKTV The Graham Norton Show 11/04/16: Interview with Sting and later in the program “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You” and Sting joins the other guest for a few laughs
  10. Grammy’s Greatest Stories: A 60th Anniversary Special 11/24/17: Opening and Sting is interviewed about performing with The Police and surprising everyone. Interesting perspective he shares as it’s now 10 years ago

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