STING Video Archives 2003-2007 VOLUME XXI


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STING Video Archives 2003-2007    VOLUME XXI

1. VH1 The 2003 Rock’N Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony: Opening, various teasers with the Police. Then Gwen Stefani presents the HOF award to the Police and acceptance speech. Following is a live performance publically since Amnesty International performance in 1986 (not acknowledging the brief reunion at Sting’s wedding circa 1993). Performance includes Roxanne and Every Breath You Take
2. VH1’s Best Album Covers 2004: The cover of Ghost In The Machine art work was created
3. Official Commercial for Sting’s new LP “Song From The Labyrinth” 10/08/06
4. CBS Sunday Morning 10/08/06: Preview of interview of Sting to be aired next week
5. Studio 60 Live On The Sunset Strip 10/09/06: Preview of next weeks episode featuring Sting
6. Today 10/10/06: Interview with Sting and then performs Come Again
7. CBS Sunday Morning 10/15/06: Opening, Commercial for “Songs From The Labyrinth”, two teasers, In-depth profile and interview with Sting regarding the new LP “Songs From The Labyrinth”. Performance of Come Again
8. Studio 60 Live On The Sunset Strip 10/16/06: Opening, Sting performs Come Again during reherasal and during live telecast performs Fields Of Gold
9. BBC Crown Jewels: “Rock Goes To College” 2/21/79: The Police perform live days prior to there first American tour at the Polytechnic College in Hatfield, England. A Historic Concert as it is the FIRST time “Message In A Bottle” is performed live publicly. Song list: Can’t Stand Losing You, So Lonely, Fall Out, There’s A Hole In My Life, Truth Hits Everybody, I Hope That Someone Gets My Message In A Bottle, Peanuts, Roxanne and Next To You.
10. VH1’s Top 100 Songs of The 80’s 10/2006: Every Breath You Take at #46. Includes interview with The Police and Sting as a solo artist
11. NBC’s Christmas In Rockerfeller 11/29/06: Sting performs a new songs “So Sweet Is She” and “Come Again” from the new LP “Songs From The Labyrinth” 
12. PBS Tribute to James Taylor 12/11/06: Sting performs a cover of a James Taylor classic
13. The 49th Annual GRAMMY AWARDS 02/11/07: THE POLICE REUNITE! The band performs Roxanne Live
14. Official Commercial for Sting’s new CD/DVD release “Song From The Labyrinth” 02/11/07

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